3 hours ago

First rainy day of the season. Perfect day for a long family walk. My personal favorite form of self-care: nature and family. Don't know what I'd do without this bunch. (Julian taps out around 2 miles so we made sure to be prepared with an extra carrier 😂)

4 hours ago

稲藁の煙が明るい空に上がり、すすきが太陽で光っている瞬間をそのまま保存したい。 Хочу остановить время на том моменте, где к небу поднимается дым от рисовой соломы, а под солнцем сверкают метёлки травы сусуки.

3 hours ago

The very high and fast moving waters of the Red River provided the perfect reflective location for the subtle sunset this evening on the banks of East Selkirk, Manitoba.