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The bus for us.

9 hours ago

The Rich Cape Bo Kaap Culture always moves me.. “die was die Photography hot spots.. back in the day 😅. Die mense laat jou welkom voel.. #bokaap #photography

11 hours ago

But i was never quite the same a fragile, watery imitation of what once was. - where was my fear of fire when it came to you ?

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12 hours ago

как так вышло, что их до сих пор не было в моем профиле? исправляю недоразумение в срочном порядке на фото @taskaevap где @artpro.photo

13 hours ago

For relaxing times... #35mm

14 hours ago

love the quiet and solitude of mornings. #120

15 hours ago

15 hours ago

feel like i’ve been in the airport for 6 days now, life forces are draining, the will to live is running out - nah it’s been sound, been watching netflix and waiting for the boarding info🤷🏻‍♂️ back in the UK soooon!

18 hours ago

Does the weekend get you motivated for being lazy or for catching up with life? #lydzinvegas

18 hours ago

I’ve spent many evenings on this ridge, too many to count, really. It’s almost like this place has become a part of me. It’s hard to describe the feelings but every time I scramble up the cliffside nearing the peak, I am surrounded by that first bit of open air. It’s a humbling reminder of simpler times. As the light fades and the stars light up the sky, I sit in silence and truly just take it all in, a breath of fresh air. ✧

1 day ago

bye Chengdu 👋

1 day ago

Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis) on red fir (Abies magnifica)

1 day ago

Mother Ganga / Varanasi, India #35mm

1 day ago

Waterfall hunting in Hout Bay... 👉

1 day ago

Hanging on. 🎈

1 day ago

A small iPhone series of the past two days, decided that instead of forcing myself to be busy I should just chill out - it worked wonders. Also In my opinion Barcelona is much better of a night.

1 day ago

feeling inspired after 6 days in wyoming.

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1 day ago

Dutch building - Maastricht 🏢

2 days ago

First light, last light, it's beautiful to be out and take it all in 🗺

2 days ago

i love people watching, and this piazza was full of people chatting, enjoying aperitivo and gelati as the sun went down // Cefalù, Italy

2 days ago

“Now came the solemn, silent evening. Long, blue, spiky shadows crept out across the snow-fields, while a rosy glow, at first scarce discernible, gradually deepened and suffused every mountain-top. Just before the alpenglow began to fade, two crimson clouds came streaming across the summit like wings of flame, rendering the sublime scene yet more impressive. Then came darkness and the stars.” - John Muir, The Mountains of California

2 days ago

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.

2 days ago

fidi mornings

2 days ago

i spent the first few days of my 25 years with my favorite person, my ma 💖 we took a trip back to her home that she hasn’t visited in almost 20 years. last time we were here, it was due to the passing of my grandma. before this trip, i had three memories of the island: the feeling of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and sleeping in a canopy bed, being in the coral-colored room at my grandma’s wake, and passing by the McDonald’s arches. now we were here to celebrate another year of my life. we rented a car and made it around the entire island. i get why it’s called the Isla del Encanto. my heart beats hard for this place. the nature, the people, the culture - i feel so proud and i can’t wait to go back. ✨🇵🇷✨

2 days ago

This summer has been busy! It seems like yesterday @iamkeefe and I were talking about starting a wedding photography business. It made sense considering we have both been around for photography for 5 years shooting events, portraiture, product (everything). What I don’t think we expected was how passionate we would become about it. We try to create art at each wedding we photograph so that the images are not just an “editing style popular of the times” but rather unique and timeless. As we go into the next wedding season we look forward to working with new couples for engagement photos and eventually weddings. Feel free to message me if you have inquiries and we can enjoy a coffee and a walk 🎶 Thanks to the couples we have photographed and thank you for sharing your day with us.

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2 days ago

This man sits outside of Urban Timber each day with a sign that says “please recycle”. I drive by him nearly every morning so I thought on this occasion I’d park and ask him for a portrait. He does amazing work providing an option for people to recycle and has been at this spot for 5 years. If you see him make sure to buy him a coffee! 🌍 ☕️ ♻️

2 days ago

Outside the temple - Pushkar, Rajasthan #35mm

2 days ago

What’s this plant called again?

2 days ago

leaving wyoming with a full heart - the beautiful lands and the welcoming people i made connections with, this place is special...till next time ✌🏻

2 days ago

Summer activities

2 days ago

Bit of a more exciting day today, had the best breakfast and found myself in an art gallery and walking far too much in this heat 🌞 // #shotoniphone

2 days ago

like looking in the mirror. pretty much me in 4 years. (unlikely to be that stylish though.)

2 days ago

A forever favorite fleeting moment. Watching the valley flood with rays of light. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I will always want to see it again.

2 days ago

Fall sure does look good on the Catskills. The colors are changing and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Who is ready for some fall adventures?? #CatskillCreatives 📸: @dansullivan

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3 days ago

Last night.

3 days ago

Washington Mews

3 days ago

My favorite back-seat driver.

3 days ago

Pacific City, July 2019 #35mm

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3 days ago

Family; on the bus to Khuri #35mm

7 months ago

Paris - Beyond two columns, Skateboarding.

1 year ago

Amphithéâtre d’Honneur.