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@alchemyarchitects   Idea based architecture using modern techniques while maintaining a craft tradition. weeHouse®, BarnHouse, + LightHouse. Geoffrey C. Warner, AIA.

1 day ago

Alchemy Craft: a centerpiece showcase. : This custom plated fireplace anchors and divides the two major living spaces within this renovated home. The mantel is clad in diamond plated steel while the stack is covered with translucent polycarbonate sheets that allow light to pass into spaces beyond. : #craft #alchemycraft #alchemyarchitects #renovation

1 week ago

Silver Lake Smile, a dental practice in New Brighton, MN, that hired Alchemy to design their current office, is expanding to a newly built commercial office building designed by Alchemy (builder: Innovative Building & Design). It's robust building envelope uses SIPs. We are all smiles that this building is finally taking shape! : Stay tuned for more pictures and process. : #process #sitevisit #officefieldtrip #alchemyarchitects #newbrightonmn #silverlakesmile

2 weeks ago

weeLoves the homeowner’s artistic touches in the interior of the Wanderbrook Glen weeHouse featured last week. Visions of art, visions of nature - a juxtaposition of inspiring views. : #alchemyarchitects #interiors #art #weeHouse

4 weeks ago

Style and design remaining timeless and coolio at @studiiyo23 , a fashion boutique in Minneapolis, MN. : “A fusion of ideas. A place where diverse cultures mix and re-define boundaries. A space where anything is possible.” Studiiyo, in #UptownMinneapolis remains a center for creativity, design, and art. The interior + fixtures were designed (and handcrafted) by Alchemy in 2010, using steel, plexi, hardwoods, and unique texturing. The design remains responsive, and continues to highlight various presentation of collector sneakers, ready-to-wear, and art with ease and style. Learn more here: : #alchemyarchitects #retaildesign #sneakerhead

1 month ago

A concept to change our own neighborhood here in Saint Paul. : The CEZ Lofts were intended to be a mixed-use housing+creative enterprise project along Raymond Avenue and Bradford Street. Located within the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ), a place where people make a living by their creative capacities. The project sought to create a unique pedestrian-friendly urban microenvironment operating under an innovative legal and social framework. : #process #diagram #alchemyarchitects

1 month ago

It's summer! Time to think: CABIN : Built outside of Toronto, the Cawaja weeHouse was one of the firsts for Alchemy. It features stained pine “corncrib” siding, as well as oxidized-copper painted (now green) “container” siding. Red pine interiors with copper painted walls, IKEA cabinets, and storefront glazing on Andersen windows complete the aesthetic. Interested in renting? Check out 'rent-a-wee' on our website! : #weehouse #alchemyarchitects

1 month ago

weeIs looping through process models — via Sketchup, balsa wood, or pen and ink. Models help to investigate siting, light, and massing. : This California site features two Alchemy projects: a weeHouse and the first 'official' ADU, extra space needed for guests, studio work, or aging-in-place. : #process #lighthouse #weehouse #alchemyarchitects

2 months ago

For Alchemists, there is no better way to celebrate the warm weather than relaxing in the porch. : With help from @phillipsgarden , Alchemy reinvigorated this St. Paul backyard. The composite deck leads into the tiered backyard, lined with natural stone and corten steel. At the end of the walk are twin garages that funnel to the custom gate. : #craft #garden #porching

2 months ago

The Whitney Loft Renovation is full of surprises, details, and crafted spaces. : Light + White Space: the strategy to combine designers’ white page- palette for the space with a sense of light by creating visual pathways between grand columns. An 11’ x 15’ white “house” serves as a guest room with bath as well as an understandable interruption of the open floor plan. : #interiors #interiordesign #alchemyarchitects #millcity

2 months ago

Summertime in Minnesota (finally!) = time for a drink at @bangbrewing ! : As one of the only 100% organic brewery in the country, the owners wanted the building and the process to reflect the honesty and authenticity of their beer crafting. It's become a city hallmark, and a neighborhood gathering place. Alchemy was pleased to work with such innovative brewers. : #bangbrewing

2 months ago

When in Schematic Design, we investigate and discuss one scheme, then another, and another...and another... : These ideagrams show a quick glimpse of plans for a new dental office. Stay tuned for more updates as this design develops. : #ideagram #process #alchemyarchitects

3 months ago

Grey felt and black snaps come together on this wall detail. : Using untraditional materials on traditional surfaces is an Alchemy hallmark. This felted closet wall centers itself between the foyer, kitchen, and living space to provide an anchor in this remodeled home. Each piece is overlaid and snapped into place as the matching curtain acts as a door for the storage ‘box’. : #felt #alchemycraft #alchemyarchitects

3 months ago

The ‘Folded House’ interiors and newly crafted spaces feature a variety of natural materials that resonated with the owner’s goals of bringing more of the outside ‘in’. : #interiors #alchemyarchitects #daylighting

3 months ago

Alchemy's "Folded House" is an energy efficient renovation of a 1950’s ranch-house in Minneapolis. Following a small demolition of 270 square feet, 370 square feet were added, lengthening and reshaping the home to give it a distinct look. The dynamic nature of the roof provides stronger southern exposure for passive solar collection. : #renovations #alchemyarchitects

3 months ago

Alchemy's distinct hands-on approach to architecture and design combines a playful design process, collaborative relationships with clients, and partnerships with builders and fabricators, to create a harmonious blend of site, building, and community. . This landscape architect designed intricate transitions between the main home and the guest home. weeAppreciates how the hardscape moves and bends to the natural ground below. . #weehouse #alchemyarchitects