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1 day ago

Meiji Shrine details. . I’ve been quite interested in pairing photographs together as a set lately. It tells a fuller story and can be challenging picking the right photos to compliment & place next to each other. . It’ll act as good practice to put something cohesive together for a body of work which I can hopefully exhibit / publish in the near future. . Have you played with pairing your own work together? Check out my Twitter for more of this.

4 days ago

Welcome, to Jurassic Park 🦖 . Can’t believe the fog was only around for about 10 mins but still got this thicc. Shoutout to @julianlallo & @yantastic for making the trip out here with me. . 🎙 529 EP 07 is out! This week’s guest is @_ericung ! We reminisce about starting Instagram together, how it’s changed since then, toxic instagram culture & lots of filmmaking stuff. . Watch it on YouTube /529podcast. Listen to it on iTunes & Spotify.

5 days ago

Pick your own path. . Hope you all had a good weekend. How are you all? It’s been a while since I’ve posted / we’ve had a chat. Comment where you’re from below using your flag emoticon. I’m from 🇦🇺.

1 week ago

Awake but dreaming. . Bonus points if you can spot the single person in the first pic. . 🎙 @529podcast EP 06 with @lielaine is out! Elaine’s always been one of my favourite photographers. We had a fun chat about travel, side hustling, OG Instagram and a lot more. . Watch it on YouTube /529podcast. Listen to it on iTunes & Spotify. . #529podcast

2 weeks ago

Casual phone snaps of the Black Spur with legends @julianlallo & @yantastic. Cheers for waking up so early! . 🎙529 EP 05 is out! This week’s guest is our good friend @tk_north. We chat about going full (529) freelance, saying yes to opportunities, street photography, our travels & more. . Give it a watch & listen and let me know if you liked it! Also drop a comment below on the topic you’d like to hear me and @demas talk about next 👇🏼

3 weeks ago

Episode 04 of @529podcast is out! This week @demas and I chat about how we went from posting for fun on Instagram to working with some of our favourite brands. . We chat all things money: working for free, figuring out how much to charge, selling out, algorithm woes, ways to make money and a lot more. . We also chat about the brands we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. The photos & videos in the carousel above are a small selection of my client work (tap to see the client). . It’s a pretty solid episode on a highly requested topic. Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you have any business / money related photography questions? Drop them below. . 📺 Watch the ep on YouTube: 529podcast 🎙 Listen to it on iTunes & Spotify. ⚠️ Link in bio

1 month ago

Adobe x @tk_north collab piece. The video above is Tim’s half of the collab - Tim’s interpretation of my photo (swipe left). . We’re exhibiting these pieces plus more this Thurs 22nd Aug @ 6PM and you’re invited! The exhibition is at at Chippendale, Sydney. One night only / free entry. . Come check out our work and say hi! RSVP & further details are in the link in my bio. See you then! . #AdobexMadeHere @adobe

1 month ago

Mr Watanabe. . If you are a fan of street photography, what do you like about it most? . For me it’s all about the moments. I like capturing people in their own uninterrupted head space - something that’s only possible with candid photography. . Drop your answer below and tag me in the comments of your most favourite street photo you’ve taken and I’ll feature a few this week on @street.classics

1 month ago

Adobe x @tk_north collab piece: Infinite Salaryman. A few weeks ago @adobe challenged Tim and I to create a pairing of work with the help of their apps & tools. 
Tim & I being photographers with differing styles - decided to challenge ourselves and create a motion piece that compliments each others photos. It was a lot of work in @lightroom , @photoshop , After Effects & Premiere Pro to put this piece together. 📱I’ve made a tutorial & BTS that’s up on my Instagram stories you should check out to see how I made this. Be sure to check out the piece @tk_north made from my photo too! ⚠️ One last thing: we’re having a group exhibition next week (Thurs 22 Aug @ 6PM) at The Good Space. You are all invited! Come say hi and check out the exhibition! RSVP & event details in bio. #AdobexMadeHere

1 month ago

Legacy. . The second @529podcast episode is out! This week we had the multi-talented @jarradseng on to chat about all things photography, going viral to staring on reality tv. . Watch it on YouTube. Listen to it on iTunes & Spotify.

1 month ago

Mr Yamamoto. @street.classics . Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Going to throw a quick edit tute of this pic up on my story. Check my stories in a sec.