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@m.gillingham.design   Husband / Dalhousie Masters of Architecture Student / Drummer / Book Addict

1 week ago

3 hours into the power outage and my laptop is already dead... living that pc battery lifestyle... #firstworldthesisproblems

2 weeks ago

New semester, new sketchbook... Im pretty sure it has been scientifically proven that new sketchbooks generate better designs.. cough cough... *fingers crossed* lol #architecture #dalhousieuniversity #dalarch

3 months ago

This was a surreal and humbling trip. I feel incredibly fortunate and gracious to have had the opportunity to study and visit some of my favourite projects. It’s been a marathon and exhausting but entirely worth it. I can’t wait to share the full experience in the fall with everything I have collected... Our last stop was a personal day trip up to the first house case-study I ever did at Dalhousie and one of my all time favourite projects by my favourite architect... An education coming full circle but far from over... The experimental house by Alvar Aalto. #aalto #alvaraalto #gillinghamsabroad #gillyrossetti