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@meistershots   From the German "Meister" meaning Master. #meistershots

1 year ago

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner @JPetersxn ! A mind bending edit of @bskphoto 's photo taken above Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Shout out to @la_photographic for animating and bringing this epic creation to life! @JPetersxn , please reach out to @MikeLindle to collect your prize! Huge thank you to everyone that entered our #StreetFightFFA editing challenge! It was difficult to choose only 1 winner. Remember to follow the Street Fight hubs and visit the contributing photographer's galleries! @Street.Scapes @MeisterShots @Fatal.Frames @HeaterCentral @Street.Scapes ~~ @MikeLindle ~~ @Alx.sf ~~ @DrewFolgmann ~~ @Wayfaring.Professional ~~ @MarkMackoviak @Fatal.Frames ~~ @rafaelwien ~~ @matt_bluejay ~~ @seathebreezee ~~ @mattchevng @HeaterCentral ~~ @bskphoto ~~ @tiro_inspired ~~ @chasingrooftops ~~ @kohki ~~ @abel.psd @MeisterShots ~~ @e.sco ~~ ~~ @mylifeisdopeandidodopeshit Marketing Team (Video & Poster) ~~ @DannyBatista ~~ @LuGro.jpg