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After a fantastic 6.5 weeks travelling it’s good to be back home 📸

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🌊 浪很浪 非常浪 🌚

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I’m back from Paris and I've finally met this kind-hearted girl ✨ @indiana_bigot

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early morning escape to the mountains

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***Big, exciting announcement!*** After a number of wonderful years working as a freelancer, I’m excited to announce that I’m leaving freelance life behind to launch a new company, @EcceOpus , with the legendary photographer Marcus Perkins. Marcus and I have been speaking on and off for years about ways in which we can produce photography that has more impact and really ‘works’ for our clients, and I’m excited to say that we’re finally joining forces to explore what that looks like together. The translation of our name in Latin roughly means ‘behold the work’ - and that’s at the centre of what we’re about: finding new ways to showcase and celebrate the work of our clients, and make photography that’s worth beholding in its own right. We couldn’t have got this far without the help of some very talented people in pulling our branding, copy and website together — so a huge thank you to @LukeTonge , @juliadarze , @LukeLeighfield , Stephan Kasippillai and @mattwivz. 👏 👏 👏 Please do check out their great work on our new website, which is now live at www.ecceopus.com (clickable link in bio) and let us know what you think. Any questions (including a tutorial on how to pronounce our name!), send me an email at my new address: tom @ecceopus.com. Exciting (and slightly scary) times ahead! #ecceopus #beholdthework