The Finale. On behalf of @forgetmat , @m2collective and myself, I’d like to thank everyone for your support, shares and reposts on our last post. Truly meant a lot to us that you guys liked the project as much as we liked making it. The thing about photography is that we see the end result, not the process or the circumstances around us while the image was taken.I saw a recent post from @jaythreads about the current migration of people heading to the Bronx to check our these stairs, something that has taken the community (and us) as a surprise, stirring a heavy debated conversation that got heated real fast. - At first, I didn’t understand the problem, but after a peaceful private conversation with Jay, he enlightened about some history of this location, which has been an incredibly underserved community that before the Joker movie and HBO’s The Get Down, no one gave a damn about. As Jay explained, right after HBO’s The Get Down, there was an influx of affluent people migrating to live in this area, which caused the city council to approve of a 75 block re-zoning, demolition, and redlining of an area that has been full of low income undocumented immigrants since the 80s for a number of luxury high rises that no one in the Bronx’s original demographic can afford to live in. When these stairs were taken over by non-Bronx residents, much of the community feared that this might cause unwanted attention to their neighborhood, causing more affluent influx, leading to more re-zoning and thus creating a hike in the price of living for people who already live there (who can’t really afford the hikes). - As someone not from the Bronx, these issues never have impacted me, and I would’ve never heard or understood this until Jay educated me more on his community’s history and where he feared they were going. - With all said and done, at the end of the day, it is our job as people who are visiting communities which aren’t ours to understand the demographic and respect where we visit, not to just take an Uber up there for a picture and take one right back. Just like everyone knows the affluent history of 5th Avenue (continued on comment section, important*)