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1 month ago

Empire season 5 episode 8 "Master of what is mine own" scenes 10-13. Scene ten, Cookie is in the living room trying to figure out. How to fix their new financial situation. Cookie see Lucious coming in the house. Cookie asks him did he go and visit Kingsley after she said don't. Lucious tells her went to save their legacy. Lucious tell her he is there for her and their business and she isn't alone. In a flashback Cookie and Lucious get into a argument. Cookie thinks back to when she met Damon sneaky cross. Scene Eleven, Jamal is confronted by Kai about announcing their engagement. Kai tells Jamal he loves him. Scene Twelve, Lucious comes home and finds Cookie in the kitchen with the back door open and it's freezing. Cookie is crying trying to figure out how they can fund the showcase. Lucious tells Cookie he wants to sale the house to pay for the rest for their showcase. Scene thirteen, Becky is in the studio with the engineer picking out beats. When Giselle comes in Becky demand to know what going on with Kingsley. Giselle says she will take care of Jeff in do Time causes Becky not to trust her. #CookieLyon #LuciousLyon #coocious #JamalLyon #kaigivens #beckywilliams #gisellesims #damoncross #empireseason5 #empirefox #Empire

2 months ago

Shoot at you actors like movie directors... tonight not only did i get to direct my psychotic family on @empirefox but i also had the honor of directing my real life big brother @jojosmollett as Karl Binyan... plus the introduction of @noblewood As #DamonCross. Hope you enjoy. Let’s live tweet in a minute. Love you @followfeliciad & @tpwestfall for the fun script. And listen to my babies @junesdiary song #takeMe in this episode. Ok that’s it. Love y’all. #empire ps... don’t let @tarajiphenson face fool you... she respects me and listened to everything i said πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸΏ