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4 weeks ago

#selfie ? . Photo cred goes to @mallory_a353 for this one. We were playing with comps on this rock and she snapped this one before jumping up and down 16 times when the light was right 🤣 her levitation shot was posted awhile back! . Definitely feeling @kuhl in this one 😎

4 weeks ago

Such an exciting update...we are funded all the way thru visiting family and friends in the Midwest! $3327 raised so far! 🙌❤️🎉 Right now we are $118 away from turning 10 GREEN 😊 Help us move that in bio! (Although, when I made our family’s donation, I had trouble using the link in bio. Not sure it was just a fluke? If you have trouble, head directly to our website and kick it off from there - worked for me. Oh, and the Go Fund Me tip needs to be $1.00 or more for it to work. Any other problems - send me a DM!) We leave in 3 sleeps and we cannot wait so start thanking you all, it’s our favorite part 😘😘

4 weeks ago

Arnold Park Vestal New York🌳 Vestal, NY @ants_drone ⛅️📸🚁✨

4 weeks ago

This year I have been setting goals to improve my technical skills which has always been a challenge for me. I love capturing the moments but Ive had to use alot of patience with my editing which in the world of landscape photography, is almost as equally important . My challenge for this photo was to take the raw long exposure version with a bright sunny, cloudless, middle of the day look and turn it into something that looks like a soothing , desert paradise. 💚 #longexposure_shots #arizona #az #abc15 #fox10phoenix #12news #3tv #cbs5az #arizonaisgorgeous #arizonacollective #instagramaz #visitarizona #visit_arizona #nikon #nikonusa #explorearizona_ #divine_deserts #arizona_is_grand #ig_southwest #see_arizona #hikingarizona #hikeaz #teamvane #usa #hikeaz #ilov3az #asseeninaz

4 weeks ago

Good morning (from blue hour in Sedona).

4 weeks ago

Have you been up to Sedona? Well if you haven't (or haven't been in a while)......take a ride! (or a flight) I loved my recent time up there as the sun shined on the rock formations causing them to glow so hot! (morning and evening) Here is Cathedral Rock looking its best as the sun set on Tuesday. The scenery is breathtaking always rain or shine! . . . #SedonaLove #SedonaLandscape #RoadtripSedona #RedRock #abc15 #ArizonaHighways #VisitSedona #Fox10Phoenix #Weheartphoenix #VisitArizona #sedonaprime #oh_arizona #igsouthwest #ig_arizona #beon12 #Blueskies #ig_arizona #LoveArizona #livingsedona #igsedona #westbysouthwest #roadtrip #CathedralRock #welcometoarizona #azfamily #sonoranlivingabc15 #sunset #arizonaisgorgeous #Sedonasunset #SunsetGlow

4 weeks ago

The is near where the Woodbury Fire is burning in the Tonto National Forest near Phoenix. Living in Southern California, we are certainly no stranger to wildfires, but it’s disheartening to yet again see the cause is believe to be man-made, as most are. If you are going to venture into our natural areas, please use caution and common sense. Don’t leave fires unattended, Completely extinguish the fire - by dousing it with water and stirring the ashes until cold and Do not discard cigarettes, matches, and smoking materials from moving vehicles, or anywhere on they might ignite the vegetation. As @SmokeyBear says, “Only You”. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .
📍Canyon Lake | Tonto National Forest 📸 Sony a7III | 28-70mm kit lens . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .
 #SuburbanMen #Superstitions #SuperstitionMountains #az #arizona #fourpeaksaz #fourpeaksarizona #explorearizona #azphotography #arizonaphotography #phoenix #phoenixaz #azphotos #mountains #hikeaz #hikearizona #exploreaz #explorearizona #desert #landscape #landscapephotography #abc15 #desertphotography #southwest #igsouthwest #instagramaz #thesouthwest #arizonaisgorgeous #wildfire . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .
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4 weeks ago

This week I’ve been sharing some hiking trails within a 2 hour distance from the Phoenix area for those of you wanting to escape the summer heat. Today’s featured trail is the popular West Fork Trail in beautiful Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon area. West Fork Trail is about 7 miles out and back, mostly shaded trail along Oak Creek Canyon. It’s an easy trail with about 13 stream crossings which are easily accessible by stepping on stones and logs. At the end of the trail, you’ll come across a pool of water surrounded by cliffs.  These is the point where most hikers make their way back since hiking from this point requires wading in water.  For the experienced adventurers, you can hike a couple miles upstream but the trail is not maintained. You can access this trail by driving about 10 miles from downtown Sedona via State Route 89A North. You can click on the location on top of this photo for exact location. Expect A parking fee of 11 bucks at the trailhead and weekends tend to get busy but the trail is definitely worth it! . . . . . . . . . #westforktrail #sedona #arizona #desert #mountain #landscape #nature #weroamarizona #photography #instagramaz #divine_deserts #arizona_landscapes #arizonahiking #hiking #visitarizona #landscapephotography #explorearizona #arizonahighways #paisaje #travel #naturephotography #abc15 #iamatraveler #beautifuldestinations #travelbloggeres #bestvacations #worldplaces #travelanddestinations #takeahike #idhikethat

4 weeks ago

My morning view of the SF Peaks, color courtesy of yesterday’s prescribed burns.

4 weeks ago

Grand Canyon Sunrise. //Hualapai// I had meant to post this first, but I was having technical difficulties 😬🤷🏼‍♀️ What can I say or recommend about preparing to go to Havasupai?! Well, depending on where you stay it’s a 8-10 mile one way hike. You could helicopter in providing they are flying that day or weather permitting or you might take a mule. I hiked in. Slowly. I guess the one thing I would say is you should train for it if you’re not used to hiking those kind of distances. Another is don’t overpack. I would absolutely do more research than I did. Before I went I went on the official site, read some blogs and joined a discussion group. And I think every single person had a different recommendation and many were to refute the previous recommendation. It was like these people went on different trips 😅. One recommendation that I listened to was to wear a tee-shirt so when it got hot you could dip it into the water to cool down. That sounded great to me and it never got hot enough for me to need to do this. Another was some people after reading their advice had me buying half of GNC’s stock of energy bars, gels and chews. I personally didn’t need this, it’s too much weight and now I’m eating Clif Bars for breakfast and lunch at home. I dunno do research and take the advice with a grain of salt. I’m happy tho to answer any questions you may have without clickbait 😂😂😂 . . . . . . . . . . . . #arizona #havasupaifalls #VisitArizona #GrandCanyon #Arizonahiking #Abc15 #ig_arizona #ArizonaIsGorgeous #hiking #W2AZ #CaptureArizona #GoatWorthy #ExploreArizona #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha #westbysouthwest #divine_deserts #sheexplores #sunrise_and_sunsets #sky_captures #wildernessnation #wildernessbadass #optoutside #nationalparkgeek #jaw_dropping_shots #peoplewhoadventure #womenwhoexplore #bestnatureshot #exploretocreate #igsouthwest

4 weeks ago

Arizona travelling Monument Valley. Exploring. Expect the Unexpected.

4 weeks ago

On the road again I just can't wait to get on the road again. Mexian Hat, Utah.

4 weeks ago

hold me close, you wild tiny darling

4 weeks ago

Sometimes you go to do a simple motor swap and it goes easy as pie. Other times however, the motor is calcified to the pump, the bolts spin the heads off, the impeller snaps off in your hand, and then you find the wires are bare 6” into the conduit and new wires need pulled... #whenitrainsitpours #wegetitdoneanyways #nojobtootough

4 weeks ago

Smokey sunset 🌅🌵tonight from the ongoing Woodbury 🔥

4 weeks ago

Hey, hey— Happy Wednesday! What are your thoughts on pears? How long has it been since you ate/had one or some? I recently talked with a client and explained how I was on a pear-kick lately, and she replied, “my old personal trainer use to eat pears everyday. I love them, but when I browse a produce section, I always feel like pears are ‘a boring fruit’ 😂” we cracked up over that. I told tell her why I loved them (besides being tasty), and wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite reasons to eat them, daily! — Digestion - Pears are rich in fiber. Eating a medium-sized pear contains 5.2 grams (daily value should be around 30 grams). — Energy - Pears provide an efficient and fast source of energy— the natural and easily digestible sugar in pears (glucose/fructose) can be utilized anytime during the day for a healthy, instant boost in your energy level(s). — Brain - A medium-sized pear has 14% of the daily value of copper, which is beneficial for its ability to promote a strong central nervous system. Copper ions in the brain are relied on to make neural synapses (promotes chemical or electrical signals pass to another cell) weaker or stronger. The more efficient neural synapses increase the ability to remember and learn. — Anti-inflammatory - The anti-inflammatory properties, like phytonutrients, are very helpful for relieving chronic inflammation, particularly in our tummies/stomachs. — Cholesterol - Pears are rich in the water soluble dietary fiber pectin, which is used for controlling the body’s cholesterol levels… and if you rely on meds to help adjust your cholesterol levels… maaaaybe think about cutting back on a bad snack, and add some pears to your life 😜 . Hope you enjoyed today’s #wellnesswednesday post— will you eat more pears? . . #pears #mindandbodyenergetics #highervibrations #100to0 #maxout #massage #reiki #wellness #lightworker #instagramaz #arizonasmallbusiness #supportlocalaz #azculture #sportstherapy #myphx #arizonalove #beon12 #abc15 #healing #arizona #explorearizona #scottsdale #arizonasports #phoenix #arizonacollective #cbs5az #az365 #azcentral #lovearizona

4 weeks ago

We are NOT okay! We need all hands on deck! I’ve received updated information from Maricopa County East Shelter (Mesa, Arizona). We have 7 new positive distemper results, and our quarantine has been extended until July 1st (indefinitely) Our dogs have already spent two weeks in quarantine, meaning no play, walks, or exiting their kennels. Our West shelter (Phoenix) is filling up, and all dogs at East are in immediate danger. @standupforpitsfoundation funded a weeks worth of enrichment items for 250 quarantined pups with an Angel Grant, which has been keeping them sane to a point. I think we are all at a bit of a loss with the news of the extension. The dogs need out, and we cannot do that without fosters and adopters. The link to the foster application for county is in my bio @tarasfostersaz Dogs from the west shelter can be fostered at this time. Dogs from the east shelter are available to established fosters, rescues, or adopters willing to adopt without meeting the dog first. If you are committed to fostering a dog from the east shelter, @lovepupfoundation will pull dogs from east. Email them lovepupfoundation ♥️ @communitycanineproject and @onelovearizona are working directly with the shelter dogs on enrichment. @almosttherefostercare took in all mom/ pups to help alleviate the shelters. They are in need of fosters and wish list items. @reactaz is organizing a free vaccination clinic open to the public and is in need of donations. The most important thing I can ask of you is to share this information. It is of dire importance for pet owners to be aware of the situation and get their vaccinations up to date. Distemper is deadly. We’ve lost nearly 50 pups with no end in sight, and there are confirmed cases of distemper outside of the shelter. Our hearts are breaking, but we are not hopeless. If all you do is share, you may be saving a life 🙏🏽 Maricopa West has reimplemented the Day foster program for dogs that have had 2 vaccinations. Anyone can go to Maricopa West location in Phoenix and take a dog out for the day or even for an overnight. Just inquire at the adoption desk! #angelforever #rescuefamily

4 weeks ago

Salty River.

4 weeks ago

©️ I’m excited to announce my project with @phxmission . Next week, I’ll be raffling off this 20x30 framed print titled “Desert Giant”. It’s the time of year when the Phoenix Rescue Mission needs our help the most. With temperatures soaring into the triple digits, the Phoenix Rescue Mission initiates what they call a “Code Red”. This program helps the less fortunate with summer heat relief. Learn more about this and other programs by clicking the link in my bio. Then stay tuned next week for how you can help and in turn, enter for you chance to win my framed print.

4 weeks ago

👀Look at this 🥰beauty! Just friendly reminder that 🚚Dose Moving offers a fair, transparent ⌚ hourly rate with 🚫no hidden or extra fees.👆Check out bio for more info👆

4 weeks ago

“Motivated Adventurers” //Switchbacks Hualapai Hilltop, Havasupai// . . For the next week or so I’m going to take a break from “serious photography” (please say that to yourself sarcastically for that’s how I like it) and get more into storytelling, if you will. I want to describe this beautiful place, the people I met and my experiences I had. I’m probably going to go about it in a roundabout way, but there is a point to it at the end if I don’t get too caught up being too wordy hahaha. I want to say that I met many different types of people who were there for different reasons. Some like the group pictures above that invited me are “Motivated Adventurers”. And the other types of people I met I will creatively call “Bucket List Travelers”, “The Influencers”, “The Experiences”, “National Lampoon Havasupai Vactioners” and “Entitled Trust Fund Babies”. ***Most of the people in there own unique way really understood and appreciated this place except for the Entitled, but I’ll get to them later. I have to point out right now this whole trip was amazing and awesome. Inspiring, introspective, the whole nine yards.***. Anyhoo these Adventurers are just inspirational. They are goal oriented, smart, respectful of the land and a pleasure to be around. They’re serious, determined hikers (I’m not, sorry) whose goal this trip was to make it to The Confluence which is where Havasu Creek meets the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The trek is approximately 24 miles RT long, can only be done in one day and under certain restrictions. To do this you can’t just roll out of bed and just go for a lil hike. You have to have determination, stamina and perseverance. THESE BADASSES DID IT!!! Up before dawn, on the trail at sunrise and back at The Lodge for dinner. 24 freakin miles in a day. Just amazing. I congratulated the several groups of people who stopped to chat with me on the trail who actually completed it too. It’s not personally a goal of mine at this time, but it is something to be utmost proud of. There aren’t that many people who can say they did that or got to do it with the family and friends that they love like @kenzeli @najlovely @azchick @lilieviz @amr1dao etc.

4 weeks ago

Been watching the Woodbury Fire since last Monday.

4 weeks ago

“Just go outside, nature will do the rest.” -unknown

4 weeks ago

Wake up with the sun & kayak the Salt River 📸 @srwhblog

4 weeks ago

THAT'S ME! Doesn't matter how many different stations I've worked at--getting new official station gear and credentials is always exciting! @abc15arizona

1 month ago

After a busy week at work, I've realized I need some more hammock hangs in my life. Hell, even if it weren't busy at work. #bunkhammocks #justdontfart

1 year ago

Another beautiful Sunday spent few miles drive, relax time with awesome partner and beautiful nature