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If magic doesn't exist, then what is film photography? 💔 ⠀ I've received scans from @carmencitalab and there is everything: my first shooting of couple on film, streets of Paris and the castles of Loire. ⠀ There are more than a thousand castles of French officials in the Loire valley of the Renaissance and Medieval age. These castles are different with their size and preservation, but there are some which are must visit. For example, royal Amboise and Chambord. I am mostly interested in Medieval age and the Renaissance, that's why I always want to rush out The Versailles castle or Sans Souci one in Potsdam. ⠀ Amboise castle (first four photos in the carousel) is where Leonardo da Vinci was buried and where he has been finishing La Gioconda. The biggest part of the castle was torn down because of the expensiveness of its and then destroyed durion French Revolution. ⠀ The Chambord (the last five photos in the carousel) castle is a much bigger one and it's a masterpiece of architecture. It's is fully symmetrical with 'spiral staircase' and consisting of four identical parts. It is said Leonardo Da Vinci has been constructed the castle (according to his style), but we don't have any satisfactory proofs. ⠀ Если магии не существует, тогда плёночная фотография - это что? 💔 ⠀ Пришли сканы с @carmencitalab и там все: и мои первые съёмки пары на плёнку, и Париж, и замки Луары. Не могу дождаться, когда все это обработаю, ну а пока ловите замки Луары. ⠀ В долине Луары больше тысячи замков-дач французских чиновников средневековья и эпохи Возрождения. Замки эти разной степени ухоженности и размера, но есть несколько, посещение которых - это must have. Например, королевские Амбуаз и Шамбор. Средневековье и ранний Ренессанс для меня как раз то, а вот из замков по типу Версаля и Сан Суси в Потсдаме мне хочется поскорее сбежать. ⠀ В Амбуаз (первые четыре фото в карусельке) похоронен Леонардо да Винчи, там же он заканчивал Джоконду. Большая часть замка была снесена сначала из-за невозможности его содержать, а потом разрушена во время Французской революции. ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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🏰Nous allons faire voyager nos enfants, ils vont découvrir Les Châteaux de la Loire!🏰 ✔️Les CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2, partirons les 3, 4 et 5 juin 2019. ▶️Ils vont pouvoir visiter: -le 1er jour, le musée de la cavalerie et le château villandry. -Le 2ème jour, le Musée de la magie et le château de Chambord. -Le 3eme jour, les clos luce et le château d'Ambroise. ➡️Continuez à participer et partager ! #chateauxdelaloire #ecoleprimaire #voyagescolaire #vilandry #chateaudechambord #closluce

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I’ve got Châteaux in different area codes 🏰 Chambord•Chenonceaux•Azay-Le-Rideau

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Chambord Castle Part 3 - Sources on Wikipedia In the center of the dungeon stands a majestic staircase with double revolution. If the name of the official architect of the castle was never known, the plan of this staircase could be a work of the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci or at least inspired by his sketches. As the name suggests, it has two flights of stairs following a double helix pattern, in the manner of the two entwined trunks that represent the tree of life in the Middle Ages. Two people, each borrowing a flight of steps, can see through the openings, but can not meet. On each floor, the staircase unfolds in four vestibules forming a cross. At its summit, it gives access to the large terrace - also inspired by Leonardo - which goes around the keep and offers a view of the monumental fireplaces. This staircase is surmounted by a lantern tower recognizable from the outside, evoking the belfry of a chapel. The movie Peau d’âne was partially filmed in Chambord as you can see on one picture with the staircases behind the actors #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls @chateaudechambord

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I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel - packing my bags and choosing my outfits - but my favourite part is getting there. — Dominic Monaghan Wonderful moment shared via @chateaudechambord ______ It's travel time! ⏱️ Follow @stunningfrance for more and use #stunningfrance to share your posts with us, amazing pic is coming soon. ______

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Château de Chambord 🏰 - Dramatic skies after a far my favorite of all the Châteaux in the Loire Valley. Originally built as a hunting lodge, and still standing 500 years later!

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À l’image de l’ensemble de nos vacances où nous vivions un peu au jour le jour en ayant en tête les quelques grandes lignes de la destination, aujourd’hui, dernier jour, nous savions qu’il nous restait environ 2h de route et que nous avions donc le temps de nous balader avant de rentrer. Nous avons opté pour une balade au Château de Chambord pour profiter du grand air encore un peu. Nous sommes rentrés en fin de journée, les vacances sont officiellement terminées après 2200km à parcourir de jolies régions de France ! Il va falloir penser aux prochaines, cet été où rien encore est décidé 😊 Et vous, vous faites quoi cet été ?! - #chateau #chateaudechambord #sologne #valleedelaloire #chambord #tourisme #touriste #france #igersfrance #igerssologne #visitfrance #histoire #history #roi #roisdefrance #patrimoine #patrimoinefrancais #culture #monument #museum

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Chambord Castle Part 12 - Hitched cars -The Duke of Bordeaux was born on September 29, 1820, a few months after the assassination of his father, the Duke of Berry. Heir to the kings of France, he took the title of Count of Chambord, after the gift of the castle by France through a national subscription. At the Château de Chambord, the coach prepared for the Comte de Chambord's entry into Paris in 1873, shows how close the project of the restoration of royalty seemed to be. The Binder brothers, coachbuilders in Paris, received orders for the manufacture of a carriage for the entry of King Henry V (title awarded to the Count by his supporters) in Paris, as well as for the restoration and preparation of the seven other coaches intended for the procession. But the restoration project was a failure following the refusal of the majority of deputies to accept the white flag, and the Count's own refusal to adopt the tricolor flag. The Count was the last legitimate sibling of Louis XV and Marie Leszczyńska. His childless death in 1883 marks the extinction of the Artois branch of the Capetian house of Bourbon and the beginning of a quarrel (still relevant) between the houses of Bourbon in Spain and Orleans to find out which has the more legitimacy to the Crown of France. These hitched cars remained in the warehouse of the Binder brothers until 1891, when they joined, by the station of Sea, the castle of Chambord where they are exposed today. Picture of Count of Chambord and also Miniature Artillery Park of the Count of Chambord #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls

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Chambord Castle Part 11 - The Domaine de Chambord is the largest enclosed park in Europe. It has vast wild areas composed of forests, woods, clearings, ponds ... and we can observe a fauna and flora of great biodiversity. The big game live in the forests and woods of the Domain of Chambord: we can cross there deers and hear their squall during the season, wild boars and even mouflons Mediterranean, coming from Corsica. Foxes are also very present on the site. The forest of Chambord is also the paradise of ornithology lovers with the presence of many species of birds. The surrounding forest is composed of 60% deciduous trees, that is to say that lose their leaves in winter, and also includes some species of softwoods. Protected plants have also taken up residence there. You can have a 4/4 trip to discover the forest. Sources on pariscityvision #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls #castlepark

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📌Château de Chambord Je vous dévoilerai quelques photos prises durant cette douce parenthèse au fil des prochains jours afin de vous en faire profiter aussi. En tout les cas ce week-end en amoureux était magique. Nous nous sommes pris à rêver et sommes repartis avec de jolis souvenirs en tête. #chateaudechambord #enamoureux

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Chambord Castle part 11 - Frenc gardens - King Louis XIV built from 1682 a terrace on which were installed these gardens in 1734. But "the old French-style parterres became turf". With the donation of Stephen Schwarzman, "all the flowerbeds have been paid The French gardens of the Château de Chambord thus find their beauty of the past ! Imagined and designed under Louis XIV, they have been reproduced identically for the delight of lovers of horticultural art. The green surroundings of the famous Loire Castle had gradually disappeared in the 20th century, especially during the interwar period. In 1970, the entire garden was torn off to keep only turfed areas. Two years later, the moats were put back in water. This "transitional" arrangement continued until the restoration works of the eighteenth century French garden started in 2016. These gardens represent 6 hectares of greenery, dotted with 600 trees, 800 shrubs, 200 roses, 15 250 plants delimiting the borders, or 18 874 m² of lawns. This garden is also a vegetal transition between the castle of Chambord and the forest. You can see on the last photos the gardens reconstruction works #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls #gardens #frenchgardens #jardinsalafrancaise #jardines #giardini #castlegarden @chateaudechambord

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Chambord Castle Part 10 - During the visit of Chambord Castle, you will surely see, in a room, on a sculpture or molding, a salamander. This animal, emblem of King François 1st, is present more than 300 times in the building. But why was this small amphibious animal chosen to symbolize royalty? In the bestiary of magic animals was the salamander. Legend has it that this animal, able to live on land as well as in water, could also withstand fire. This legend comes from the fact that the salamander hibernates in the stumps and it could accidentally end up in a chimney. As her skin was wet, the salamander was protected for a few seconds from the flames, and could escape quietly from the home, much to the people's surprise. This fabulous animal, nourishing so many fantasies, was chosen by a victorious and prestigious king like François 1er. Taking the salamander as his emblem, he had it engraved in his castles and at Chambord Castle. The salamander of Chambord is surmounted by a crown which sports the motto: Nutrisco and Extinguo, that we could translate by "I feed the good fire, I put out the bad one". She is pictured spitting water to extinguish the bad fire, or swallowing flames to feed on the opposite of the good fire. It is a perfect symbol for a king who wants to be both the protector of his people, the one who extinguishes the bad fire, who resists and even feeds on a force as destructive as the flames. Sources on Pariscityvision #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls

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Chambord Castle part 9 - Interiors - 1 / Louis XIV’s room is also woodwork made that would come from Versailles. It had a very nice bed and a beautiful carpet - Photos 1 to 3 2 / The room of company is all red drapes decorated with many paintings exhibited - Photo 4 3 / The second anti-chamber is the King's billiard room with very beautiful tapestries. Photo 5 4 / The room of Queen Maria Theresa of Austria that could also be called "Blue Room" because of its sumptuous decor Photo 7 to 10 Photos of King Louis XIV and Queen María Theresa photo 6 #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls

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📍Chambord, France 🇫🇷 ===================================== Last week I went to a music festival in the « Château de Chambord », a good opportunity to admire again this emblematic figure of the French Renaissance architecture style. The castle construction was ordered by Francois I. Though it’s only under the reign of Louis XIV that the construction was finally completed with the beautiful French gardens. The plan of the castle and its decors stem from a central axis, the renowned double helix staircase, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci; an ascending spiral leading to a profusion of chimneys and sculpted capitals. With 426 rooms, 83 staircases and 282 chimneys, this castle is the largest of the the Loire valley castles. The park surrounding the castle is as large as Paris! A truly remarkable architectural jewel, just sumptuous! ===================================== #chambord #chateaudechambord #chateau #castle #frenchcastle #france #travel #voyage #voyageursdumonde #traveling #travelphotography #travelphoto #travelpics #travelgram #travelingram #mytravelgram #instatravel #instatraveling #igtravel #traveladdict #traveldiaries #worldtravel #worldtraveler #globetrotter #traveltheworld #aroundtheworld #explore #worldplaces #beautifuldestinations #wanderlust

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Chambord Castle Part 8 - Interiors 1 / apartment of François 1er with the bedroom and the cabinet of the King : pictures 1 to 5 2 / The Count of Chambord's parade bed - picture 6 3 / the room pink laurels : photos 7 to 8 4 / the Indian room pictures 9 and 10 #chambord #chateaudechambord #chambordcastle # #france #castillos #castelli #castellidelmondo #visitcastles #chateaux #history #historia #loirevalley #myloirevalley #loirevalleycastles #valledelloire #valledelloira #valleedelaloire #loirevalleytourisme #loirevalleycastles #historygirls

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Reposted from @jeandidierdelambert - Jean-Did festivalier Il arrive à Jean-Didier de réveiller son côté un peu imprévisible et "wild", comme disent les jeunes toxico des milieux ghetto underground. Il enfile alors ses baskets, un jean et son pull à capuche, son accoutrement lui permettant ainsi de se fondre au milieu des consommateurs de bière et de stupéfiants bas de gamme. #jeandidier #festival #cerclemusic #chambord #chateau #chateaudechambord #champagne #ramenerlacoupeauchateau #kway #르브레 #까웨