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1 hour ago

A new day a new mountain on my list! Not ready for spring yet! 🏔 ⛷

1 hour ago

The twenty minutes of sunshine this weekend got us dreaming of bike season... • • • 📸 @sarahmorrillphoto

2 hours ago

I see you, Crested Butte.

3 hours ago

#WeekendWarriors - what are you up to this weekend? Can you still enjoy winter sports, or has spring taken over where you live? @lindseyanneoutside shares her experience of free #uphilling on Mount Crested Butte in Colorado! ⠀ "Ski touring: the art of walking uphill on expensive sticks, mastering a million awkward skills and transitions, all for a few thousand feet of downhill skiing. It’s been a real love/hate relationship for me over the last year but after this week I think I’m finally sold! We spent 4 of the last 5 days on skis and I enjoyed all but about 20 minutes of it! 🙌🏻 I’m excited to continue to better my ski skills so I can really get out there. For now though, free uphilling and practicing ski skills on blue runs at some of Colorado’s best ski resorts will do" ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #feelalive #naturalhealth #sportspics #downhillskiing #extremesports #coolpic #actionshot #actionphotography #selfie_time #selfiesunday #activelifestyle #outdoorenthusiast #liveyourdreams #outdoorliving #feelalive #adrenalinerush #adrenalinelife #funsports #activeliving #regeneratenaturally #redalgae #astaxanthin #crestedbutte #skiing 🎿 #skiingisawesome #skiingisfun

3 hours ago

Back bowl laps, laughs with friends, cold bevies and these hot tub’s why we come back every year #crestedbutte

3 hours ago

Taking a break from the ocean to chase Rocky Mountain oysters...well, maybe just searching for fresh snow with the family. . . . #crestedbutte #colorado #oysters

4 hours ago

It’s a butte Clark, it’s a butte🏔

4 hours ago

Just relaxing, having my morning coffee. No bigs. ☕️🔥 . . . Cheers to a lovely little, much needed, mountain weekend. Great company, perfect spring riding conditions, and so so so much delicious food. I'm still a few hours from reality so I'm still going to keep relishing in my vacation feels....k bye. . . . #skicb #thebutte #itsabutte #crestedbutte #mycoloradolife

5 hours ago

B R E A T H E . It’s Sunday. It’s been kind of an intense March, and we’re in the throes of spring break madness around here. Are you breathing? . Clearly, yes, but are you breathing like you’re running from something (stress) or are you breathing intentionally, from your belly? Breathing is something we obviously do without thinking, but putting focused attention to your breathing, even for just 10 minutes a day, can help you through the struggle that sometimes life can be. . As athletes, we naturally know how to take deep breathes after intense sets or a big climb on the skis or bike, to help lower our heart rate. But are you checking in with yourself, and practicing lowering your heart rate throughout the day? When “busy” starts to take over, and you’re starting to panic? . Today, on this beautiful Sunday, spend 10 minutes with your breath. Work on breathing into your belly, try adding it into your bedtime routine (lay in bed, close your eyes, place a hand on your belly and breath into it, quiet your mind before sleep), practice calming your mind and heart rate with your breath in the moments when life is calm and easy. You’ll reap the benefits when life gets hectic and you have this tool in your toolbox.

6 hours ago

This mountain is no joke!! One of the most serious mountains we’ve ever rode.. no Disneyland mountain around here!! A double black diamond means a double black diamond at this place.. #CrestedButte is for real!!🏂

6 hours ago

Muertas, cardboard car chases and a dude in fishnets. Must be the 45th Annual Al Johnson Uphill/Downhill race.

9 hours ago

STUNNING view from my boyfriend’s cabin in Colorado of the sun juuust creeping over the tops of the mountains 🤩 dying to go back

10 hours ago

Stoked is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about winning this Alchemist splitboard by @coldsmokesplitboards last night at the Punker than You show! Maybe this is the spark needed to get me outa the park a bit more and really go exploring! 🤙 #TySeas #StokedOnBoarding #ParkRatGoneRogue #Snowboarding #Snowboard #Colorado #ShredIt #SnowboardingPhotography #Union #ThirtyTwo #Volcom #MountainDew #ColoradoSnow #RideColorado #ShredGnar #ShredIt #GnarBar #ShredSled #BuryTheButte #RideCB #SkiCB #SplitBoard #Splitboarding #CrestedButteMountainResort #CrestedButte #Colorado