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Stunning coastal view of the Mediterranean from the Church of Saydet el Nouriyi (Lady of Light), overlooking the northern city of Tripoli, Lebanon. Lebanon Adventure Sat 21st – Sun 29th September 2019 www.yellowwoodadventures.com/lebanon-adventure

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What an adventure the last two weeks have been. From hiking on our own through the former Incan Empire to climbing and ziplining through the Andes Mountains to embarking on a guided trek of one of the most scenic hikes in the world — I could not have asked for a more beautiful or fun first time in Peru. Thanks to all the kind Peruvian people I met along the way, too. The only thing I’m surprised about is why more people don’t travel to Peru. Well, cat’s out of the bag now. You know where to book your next trip. 🏔🦙🧗🏻‍♀️ • • • • • #salkantaytrek #salkantay #salkantaytrail #sacredvalley #sacredvalleyperu #perutravel #peruana #discoverperu #swings #andesmountains

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Lebanon, where Europe meets the Middle East, where mosque stands beside church, where the turquoise of the Mediterranean laps at the feet of snow-laden mountain ranges, where cedar forest leads from desert to to sun-drenched vineyard. This tiny country encompasses so many contrasts, and has managed to overcome its turbulent past to offer you the opportunity to experience the Paris, the Switzerland of the Middle East in all its historic glory! Lebanon Adventure Sat 21st – Sun 29th September 2019 www.yellowwoodadventures.com/lebanon-adventure - Wine tasting in the Beqaa Valley - Explore Roman temples in Baalbek - Discover Beirut, Byblos, Tripoli, cedar forests… - Walk in the Qadisha Valley & Jeita Grotto This adventure captures all the must-see destinations that Lebanon has to offer, whilst incorporating some short walks along the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) through cedar forests, the Chouf Mountains and the Qadisha Valley, so you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful country on foot. Join us as we stay in traditional Lebanese homes, enjoy world-famous cuisine and party in Beirut! In a country where French, Arabic and English can be heard in a single sentence and a multitude of faiths reside, history emanates from every stone: The costal village of Byblos (جبيل ‘Jbeil’ in Arabic) is the oldest continuously-inhabited town in the world; the Roman temples at Baalbek are some of the grandest ever built; Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the Bible; with rule having passed through the hands of Arab Caliphates, Crusaders, Mamluks, Ottomans and more. Lebanon really does have it all – but perhaps nothing surpasses the openness, charm, glamour and friendliness of its people. Experience this enchanting destination with like-minded fellow travellers, with the assurance that you will find a unique and varied culture quite unlike any you have seen before.

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Throwback to one of the happiest days of my life so far ✨ my gals and I went up the Teide with a tour to watch the sunset and have the night sky explained to us using science grade telescopes 🔭🌓💫 I will forever hold this simply magic night dear in my memories. Found this foto on my camera roll today and thought it was especially relevant since I finally see my gals again today after far too much time apart! @julia_jkby @2isa3 @vessi99 . . . . . . #dametraveller #travelmore #travel_captures #shetravelz #prettylittletrips #borntoroam #travelinbetween #traveltagged #explorewithme #thetraveltag #letsflyawayto #traveltheworldwithme #travelguide #tenerife #canaryislands #canaryisland #teneriffa #hikingday #thegreatoutdoors #outdoorshooting #outdoorwomen #dametraveler #travelislife #outdoorfun #nature_good #nature_photo #volcano #welivetotravel

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Bahamas 🐠🌊 🌴

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100% that b•tch ♠️

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Mmmm that perfect cup of coffee ☕

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Kisses to Victor who walked up the spiral staircase in the heat of the day to get photos of me in this spot 😅🙈 It was such a surreal feeling to be in Tulum and see so many photo spots I have seen on social media. The whole area is so beautiful that it’s really a photo lovers paradise. . Walking tour tip: Start at Casa Malca to see the hotel (the beach is also the most beautiful here in my opinion), as you walk along the beach you will see the teepees at Nômade, then once you see La Valise go through to the beach road. You will see the “follow that dream” sign, then walk in the direction of the ruins and stop for tacos at La Eufemia. Keep walking and get a smoothie or nice cream at Matcha Mama. The last stop would be the Coco beach swings. . Have you ever been to a place that’s very instafamous?

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Not a bad view on a beautiful warm day, huh? Skyline Park and the Roof at Ponce City Market are one of the coolest (not in temperature, Atlanta is already miserably hot) places to spend an afternoon! Atlanta is a pretty cool city to call home, I guess. 😉 . . . . #atlantabloggers #prettylittletrips #damestravel #dametraveller #girlsthatwander #girlsthattravel #sheisnotlost #iamtb #passionpassport #iammissadventure #shewhowanders #wettravelgirls #wanderlusters #atlblogger #darlingplaces #seekinspirecreate #everydayisanadventure

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Brb, just trying to figure out how to make my entire house look like this on a budget. . . #chillstravels

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#Repost @aegeandreambnb Follow us for more info, pics and good time from our Greek island Tinos! Driving home from one of our lovely properties available on @airbnb in Kampos, the view really needs no introduction... Bloody gorgeous! 🌺🌼🌺🌼

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Buongiorno Venezia!

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Driving home from one of our lovely properties available on @airbnb in Kampos, the view really needs no introduction... Bloody gorgeous! 🌺🌼🌺🌼

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Welcome to my ‘hood! I walk by this wall art everyday on the way to the metro. I was tempted to make this picture “prettier”, but gave up since it’s pretty much impossible to edit out the dirty parts of NY 😂 And yes, my shirt is super cheesy but in my defense I bought it 3 years ago before I knew I was moving here!

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Rainy Hong Kong days ... I’ve been going to Hong Kong about once a month lately and everytime it’s raining 🙄 最近よく香港に行く用があるんだけど いつも雨 !

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@eyes.abroad says, In northern Chile, at 3800 meters above sea level stands the Payachatas volcanoes (which means the twins). Surrounded by an amazing flora and fauna, this park has the craziest wild life I ever saw. Llamas, guanacos, vicuñas, flamingos, rheas, foxes, condors... and those are only the one I saw! And as you can see in the picture, the fauna is just as crazy. This plant, called yareta, grow at high altitude and grow into an extremely compact, dense mat. Some of them are estimated to be over 3000 years old! #VisitSouthAmerica #ExperienceChile @experiencechile

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The mermaid is coming home 🧜‍♀️ . I come with stars in my hair I come with sky, milk and galaxies between our lips. I come to this sea filled with drowned men who sing to ghosts, foam, mer light . . Beauty 🌴see you tomorrow! I have many homes in the world and IBIZA is one of them. . . ❤️ Can’t wait to see you all @ceciveravara @ikuss @nandoibiza @hannahferhop @gafnitush @erikasuperzen @lgiunchi @natalia_intl @victorcostabonet ❤️ . #purejoy #positivevibes #travel #ocean #joy #openheart #mermaid #wanderlust #islandgirl #dametraveller #travelrepost #girlsvsglobe #girlswhotravel #lonelyplanet #travelbug #beautifuldestinations #summeriscoming #mediterranean #ibiza #vacation #vacationmode #goddess #esvedra #magic #summeroflove #selflove #retreat #mermaid

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low tide ﹏

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The calm before a busy service ... the Grill is the perfect spot to enjoy both lunch and dinner!

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Unwind this weekend ... each of our suites come with both a rainfall shower and deep baths to unwind in. Stocked with the best of @arransenseofscotland - you’ll never want to check out 🛁

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watching the sunrise over the oldest lake in Europe 🕯this dreamy skirt is from @barefoot___blonde 🐋✨

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Treasure Beach 💙 Amazing coastline, delicious food everywhere, not touristic, relaxing vibes, nice locals... do we have to say more? Go there if you visit Jamaica!

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Join us tomorrow for our Dine & Dash lunch - pick from the salad and pastry table for only £10! Show us you’re following us and we’ll treat you to a coke! (1 drink per person)

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We’re just a little bit further up the stairs in terms of planning our trip back to the states ✨🎉 Pre trip because I know the post trip will be worse 😂 I’m starting to wonder what I want my next adventure to be… If you could be anywhere in the world, or go see and experience whatever you wanted where would you want to go? And why? 🗺 . . . . #crosscontinental #wonderingdreamersquad #shewhowanders #awaylands #dametraveller #blondesandcookies #travelinstyle #jetsetter #traveltheworldwithme #womenwhotravel #girldiscoverers #instapassport #travelmindsets #citizenfemme #wanderer #aroundtheworld #explorerbabes #getaway #sydney

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Waiting for the sun to set on a difficult week and dreaming of summer adventures. 🌅💭

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Visiting Dundee for business? Why not add an extra night and make sure you’re fully prepared!? We’ve got some fabulous Sunday rates - just give us a ring to find out more 📞

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Flashback Thursday. So I've finally got on the Game of Thrones bandwagon just in time for it to finish. I thought the walls of Dubrovnik where some if the scenes were filmed would make for a fitting flashback today. Anyone else think I should stop while I'm ahead? #dubrovnik #dubrovnikcroatia #oldtown #gameofthrones #dubrovnikwalls #citywall #citygram #travelbucketlist #seekandfind #worldingram #wanderlustgirl #travel_europe #croatia #croatia_photography #croatiatravel #dametraveller #femmetravel #getaway #viewsfordays #traveltribe #thetraveltribe #girlsoutdoors #journeyofgirls

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Disneyland è il posto in cui ogni principessa ha trovato il suo principe, e viceversa. E poi arrivo io, che son quella che è scappata col cavallo😂🙈😝 Per questa battuta probabilmente mi defollowerà anche @ilcavallopazzo. [Ehi tu, grazie♥️🐴che poi è l’unica cosa che mi premeva dire] #disneylandparis

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🇬🇧 Have you watched Aladdin as a kid? And dreamt of the majestic 1001 night? . I for sure did - and since arriving @babalshamshotel yesterday I feel like I am living my childhood dreams of Arabian desert nights! 💕 Swipe to see more pictures! 😘 . 🇩🇪 Habt ihr als Kinder Aladin gesehen? Und dann von 1001 Nacht geträumt? . Ich hab das jedenfalls gemacht - und seitdem ich gestern im @babalshamshotel angekommen bin, fühle ich mich wie in meinen Kindheitsträumen von 1001 Nacht. Wischt nach rechts und ihr sehr noch mehr! 😘 . . . . . #babalshamsresort #desertvibes #desertresort #arabiannights #1001nights #1001nacht #aladdin

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heading out on a best friends trip today!! Any guesses where we are going?👇🏼

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O so happy for this Jungle Paradise🌴 Tulum has so many magical spots and is the perfect spot for hitting the reset button. I was so lucky to find @holistikatulum on @bookingcom it is a yoga and wellness retreat that offers hotel suites and upscale hostel accommodations. . I am not vegan, but I really enjoyed the on-site vegan restaurant that made the best smoothies to get over the heat and relax by the pool. . Who has been on a yogi retreat before? While I haven't this place has really opened my mind to trying one in the future.🧘‍♀️ . . . . . . . #tulummexico #tulumvibes #Tulum #tulumbeach #travelsofsarahfay #tulum 🌴 #visityucutan #visittulum #visitméxico #mexico_greatshots #hotelstyle #bookingyeah #hostellife #yogavacation #healthyliving #travelandexplore #girlsdreamtravel #girlpowertravel #gltlove #solofemaletraveler #solotravelisfun #dametraveller #globelletravels #travelauthentic #womenwhotravel #mexicomagico #mexico_amazing #mexicotrip #womentravel

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Mood. Is it Friday yet? 🌃💖😘

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this makes me feel thirsty 😩🌊

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Living the best life 🥰❤

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Ever wondered why people travel alone or why there are solo travellers? Well, you will get your answer when you try it once. It's not about money or the place, it's about the courage. And also there are places where you need to go alone to live that moment. I kept thinking of going to a place alone but could not make it for reasons unknown. And then one fine day, I just stepped out, not knowing where to go and the next day I found myself in the beautiful hills of Munnar. And the happiness is seen on my face in the picture. Go solo...Go far! . . . Follow @dtravellingsoul for more travel stories @dtravellingsoul . . . #travelblogger #indianblogger #travelpic #lifestyleblogger #goablogger #travelersnotebook #travelphotography #femaletravelblogger #dametraveller #travel #instatravel #travelgram #instago #instatravelling #trip #igtravel #getaway #travelblog #like4like #luxurylifestyle #wanderlust #dtravellingsoul #likeforlike #indiantravelblogger #tlcfnicole #instavacation #travelblog #wanderer #travelingram

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And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before. ✨

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I've noticed that a lot of the #wisteria around Edinburgh is starting to lose colour, so here's a #latergram of when I snapped the last of it. Hopefully next year brings just as many beautifully flowered walls and door fronts... -------------------------------- #wisteriahysteria

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Floaty dress to hide all the Italian carbs I’ve eaten this week 🍕 🍝

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For #WorldTurtleDay 🐢, we shell-ebrate the world's turtle and tortoise population. For a chance to observe turtles in their natural habitat, Hawaii is the perfect place to go. The water is warm all year long, and offers full reef ecosystems to explore. Molokini Crater in Maui, is a crescent-shaped volcanic crater that lies just off the coast. Thriving corals, colourful schools of fish and sea turtles can be spotted in this underwater paradise. #Avioning 📸 Avioner @michaelgozum.photo

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I love moments like these where I have the opportunity to embrace my mental state in all its phases. ⠀ As posed as this picture may seem, I really did just stay on that rock to soak in my surroundings for as long as I could. ⠀ More times than ever before did I find myself thanking the person that I am and the life that I’m so blessed to live, meditating on how powerful God is and how gracious he is to wrap us up in such beautiful ways, and promising to better myself in all the ways that were lacking some TLC. ⠀ Life is hard, guys.⠀ Starting today I’m going to tap into these memories and provide myself words of affirmation to remind me that life isn’t just good while I’m on vacation + as well as offer a special prayer for the chance to be as happy at my desk at work as I was on that rock 🦋 . . . . #girlsjustwannatravel #travelista #dametraveller #travelgirldiary #beautifulmatters #passionpassport #postcardplaces #passportready #traveldeeper #traveljunkie #wanderlusting #lovetheworld #fernweh #wheretonext #letsgoeverywhere