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My old quad that got me into the hobby. Only Los and with a kk2.0 board. Lol it was horrible compared to what I fly now

1 minute ago

Окей давай теперь все по порядку!!!!! Самая огромная благодарность организаторам замечательного и просто взрывного за то что доверились мне открытые сцены(urban stage) да что там открытые, за то что дали мне шанс проявить себя✌✌ Я надеюсь я не подвел вас👍👍 @kmrnmusic 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 я вас очень сильно зауважал👍 вы очень крутой человек и просто невероятный диджей, спасибо вам огромное за моральную поддержку!!!! @djsamofficial если бы не ваши слова "не волнуйся чувак у все получается,своди четко".... Это слова меня очень сильно мотивировали и дали воздух в легкие!!!! Спасибо🙏🙏 @bog_dan_mc мой новый друг,кореш брателла самый лучший ведущий нашей страны( поверьте не всем дано быть на DMfest) мы с тобой офигенно сработались и просто взорвали!!!! Моей семье,точнее моей маме моему отцу и моему bro🔥 я вас люблю И отдельные строчки для @dj__eny мой наставник и учитель🙏🙏🙏 я горжусь тем что ваш ученик🔥 спасибо вам огромное что дали мне этот навык,благодаря вам самая заветная мечта сбылась✌ я люблю тебя🔥 #fargona #fergana #ferghana #uzbekistan #tashkent #узбекистан #ташкент #фергана #фаргона #dji #djslife #dj #djsetup #djdream #djproducer

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Updated my gimbal to a m7 hall effect sensor and luv it! Especially if ur a pincher this is a must have

4 minutes ago

Perequê Açú e Barra Seca. 😍😍

10 minutes ago

Here’s 10 progress pictures of the 88 yard wall we poured Wednesday and stripped Thursday. It’s a good thing we got it done when we did, because it poured down rain Thursday afternoon, Thursday night and Friday night. It would’ve been a disaster had we not been done. The rain seems to find its way to us every time we get to a foundation wall. .. .. Who else has been fighting the rain or snow this year? I know that up north has had way worse than what we’ve had. Hopefully everyone is back on track. .. .. #drone #dronepic #dronepics #dronepicture #aerialview #dji #djispark #concretelife #concretejungle #concrete #concretewall #foundation #foundationwall #newconstruction #customconcrete #customhomes #newhome #excavator #excavation #hyundai #westernforms #aluminumforms

10 minutes ago

国土416号線🐍 ほぼ誰も通らないであろう道❤︎ #dji #djimavicair

11 minutes ago

Met a guy while I was flying and this is his rig. It's pretty cool and big as shit

11 minutes ago

Our community from 400ft!👀🙏🏼⛲️

16 minutes ago

En la Montaña

16 minutes ago

@ilanateixeira e @betofleury Agorinha esses dois estão no altar! Bom dia!! Nosso casamento de hoje Ilana e Beto! . Assessoria e cerimonial: @jacquelinececiliano Cerimônia: igreja Cristã Evangélica Coral: @musicalclavedesol Bem casados: @edivaniadoces Buquet: @aurorarassi Decoração: @vivazdecoreventos Dia de noiva: @khotelgoianiago Filmagem: @img_filmes Fotografias: @gouveiaphotoart por @marukphoto Make e Hair: @hellenmendesmakeup Sapato noiva: @calcadosanamorena Trajes noivo: @brookfield Trajes pajens: @mariaamoradaminhas Vestido noiva: @nercioliveiraaltacostura Vestido damas: @casadehonra Suíte Nupcial: @khotelgoianiago ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ #casamentobrasil #casamentogoiania #casamentogoias #goiania #noivinhas #inesquecivelcasamento #noiva #noivas #bride #noivasvip #noivas #wedding2019 #casamento2019 #filmecasamento #weddingfilm #savethedate #a7S #a6500 #a7III #cinelens #sony #dji #phantom4pro #djip4pro #savethedate

18 minutes ago

I think I caught the smallest fish in the pool. But this was a solo mission flying the drone and fishing so I’ll take it 🤷‍♂️🤣🎣unfortunately the next time I put the drone up it crashed, and I had to recover it from the river. It’s drying out now, hopefully it will come back to life 🤞🙏🤞🙏🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

20 minutes ago

It was a little windy at moke Lake so we didn't see much of a reflection. But we quickly went on the side of the lake to get a better view just before the sun went down. Thankfully though, we got some quick shots of the place and made our way down giving us a beautiful reflection of the lake. - Music: Shit covered in gold by @mmacayres from his latest album Juice Box - thanks for the sick album man. Love it so much!! Just had to use one of your songs ✌️ - - #reflection #windy #juicebox #album #droneshoots #lakes #walks #earthlusters #earthofficial #dji #mavic2zoom

20 minutes ago

Got some shots from a touch rugby tournament today and this was my favorite photo, but a video is soon to come! #4k4ever

36 minutes ago

Quick Inspire 1 Pro Test - We’ve just got one with the X5R camera and the image is stunning! This is 25fps Pro Res 4k with a lightening quick grade in Da Vinci Resolve and downscaled to 1080p. Watch this space for more!

7 hours ago

Members of L.A. County Fire Department took part in an excellent 3-day UTC Commercial UAS Training (Level 1) conducted by RMUS @rmus_uav in Salt Lake City. Top notch instruction with final written and practical flight exams which qualify students to be issued an official manufacturer-certified license by UTC, DJI and RMUS. Thanks @kenoi_mcbride & @retro_space_trash ! @marcel_cameraop @droneuniversityusa @dronitek1 @vic_p_garcia @mavmount @dronesense @dronrofficial @readysetdrone @enterpriseuas @eye_n_sky_productions @skyfiredrones @kyle_skyfireconsulting @ayfondo #dji #djimavicenterprisedual #djimavicenterprise #djiutc