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It's your BIG DAY and your Moments needs to captured with the best Wedding Photography Team. For Booking And Other Detail : 0310-2015093 ( Mehndi ) On Location Shoot by Muhammad Ahsan Ansari Karachi - Pakistan All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2018 Ahsan Ansari Films And Production© #Ahsanansarifilmsandproduction #canonphotography #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #canon #canongang #photographylifestyle #photographylovers #photography #photographer #photographerlife #featuremeinstagood #friends #work #passion #goodday #happy #inaction

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Head east in a car I can't afford, with a plan I don't have ☀️

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This beautiful soul cooked us one hell of a meal

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Ikutan ah kaya yang lain 10yearschallenge

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A lot more photos to come this year, I hope you all enjoyed these ❄️💫

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어제보다 맑음

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O Rio de Janeiro tem ótimos finais de tarde mas vocês já viram o anoitecer do alto do Mirante dona Marta? é sensácional! Pra quem ainda não conhece, a blue hour é a irmã da Golden Hour e o efeito que ela causa é tão bonito quanto o da hora dourada. foto por: @joaomellophoto Use: #tonoclickcoletivo

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Vamo pular🎵💙

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Finally!!!!!! I had the time to blog!!! Or actually forced myself to make time to blog! I feel so guilty for not blogging as much as I used too! Truth is, I didn’t have a baby before and I did have more time to do things lol I’m enjoying Mateo as much as I can! This cute stage doesn’t last long! Right?! So yeah! This amazing couple and PERFECT wedding is now live! You’ll find the link to our website in our bio! Enjoy! - - - - #orlandoweddingphotographer #greenweddingshoes #weddingideas #chasinglight #adventurouswedding #elopment #lookslikefilm #weddinginspo #weddingphotographers #bohoweddings #husbandandwifephotographers #liveauthentic #livefolk #lifestyle #junebugweddings #destinationwedding #tangeldinfilm #featuremeinstagood #meriandmartinphotography #intimatewedding #weddingvideography #loveintentionally #shesaidyes #visualsolife #destinationweddingphotographer #weddingchicks #loveauthenthic #justalittleloveinspo #communityovercompetition #floridaweddingvideographer

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It is well with my soul. Often when I’m experiencing nature and words escape me all I want to do is sing hymns. Most times it’s more of an individual in my head thing, but I’m always stoked when harmony queens like @brittany_berge are there and it doesn’t have to be.

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Once you learn about Schrödinger's Cat you realize it applies to everything 📷 @poor_richard

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It's your birthday yesterday. I know it felt like your day just passed by, Because we are too busy hustling on our 24 hr schedule. Work seems not ending. But thank god we got to squeeze in a family dinner. Babe, I'm so grateful to have you in my life, i just want to say I love you (i know you know that i do) and just do things you love the most and be great with it. I'm just here for you pushing you to your dreams and we will make it happen. #socality #filtergrade #filmpalette #portrait_visions #photographyislifee #photobugcommunity #wanderlust #thehappynow #like4like #followforfollow. #grammersph #igersmanila #dirtybootsandmessyhair #chasinglight #makemoments #featuremeinstagood #darlingescapes #liveunscripted #lastingvisuals #portraitsoftheph

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It’s simple. Fall in love. Raise some babies. Build a house. Be together. Love each other. [make out in hardware stores] . . [[02:52]] This year I’ve joined a group of like-minded photographers and story-tellers who strive to build community and capture beauty week by week. This week we’re capturing our meaning of Strong. Follow alongside our journey, and join us if you feel inspired by the #lifeinourlens Up next is the talented @thehousedecemberbuilt #lookslikefilm #llf #moodygrams #vsco #vscoportrait #vscomag #teamcanon beauthentic #happyispretty #exploreeverything #adventureisoutthere #filmphotography #photographyislifee #featuremeinstagood #portraitpage #portrait #seamyphotos   #couplegoals #tangledinfilm #diycouple #pursuepretty #instagood #husbandandwife #thedocumentarymovement #lifestylephotographer

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Oct, 2018 Tentang Ladakh dan Agra, India Gak semua orang tertarik dengan negara India, banyak orang underestimate sebelum menjalankannya. Tapi ini gak membuat gw tambah males untuk explore negara ini. Totally 9hari perjalanan gw ke Ladakh dan Agra, India. Dengan buat itinerary sendiri dan buget yang super minim. Akhirnya amat sangat mengesankan. . . Gw belajar untuk ikhlas disaat tujuan utama gak kesampean, dan gw belajar untuk lebih mengontrol emosi disaat ada beberpa diluar ekspektasi gw. Mungkin orang bilang India itu negara jorok, sangat crowded, berantakan, banyak scam, dll. Tapi nyatanya yang gw alami amat sangat berbeda. . . Di manapun gw berada saat itu, gw selalu dipertemukan dengan orang2 baik. Di dalam kereta, di penginapan, di perjalanan. Menurut gw, dimanapun lo pergi, orang jahat, suasana yang tidak beraturan, dll, itu pasti ada banget. Mau di negara maju sekalipun. Bukan hanya di India. Keadaan yang tidak teratur, jorok, dll, memang bener dibeberapa tempt di India, contohnya di Agra. Walaupun Taj Mahal berdiri kokoh di sana, tapi tetep keadaan jalanan dan lingkungannya kurang rapi, tidak teratur, crowded dll. . . Namun kalo lo mau sedikit lebih jauh ke arah Ladakh, Kashmir, itu beda banget dengan new Delhi, Mumbai, Agra. Tempat untuk hidup yang amat sangat nyaman. Kalo di Indonesia, mirip seperti Sorowako, masih jadi tempat yang terbaik dalam ingatan gw. Jadi jangan underestimate dulu sebelum menjalakannya sendiri. Kalo gw ditanya, mau balik lagi ke India? Definitely, YES!

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The happiest hearts are those that are not alone. Lucky for me that is never the case to be alone.

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Toilet belok kiri sist.

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. . . trust me. _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . The light--an exhalation coming to an end. The air is of a different dimension than skin but close. Palpable but not quite. Before nostalgia, there was this. This is precisely how it goes. It's Newton's third law again pull for pull, each to their own gravity. By these laws, your heart falls, fated and flooded ... heartstrings souls entwined in silver spools Pull for pull, You and I. ________________________________

3 months ago

. . . love the sweetness i almost remember, the cold breath of morning, sunflowers, baby's breaths, cold sugar that numbs my slow tongue, resolves speech and you you---i loved and no longer touch even with my lips spelling your name against the sky _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . feed me 🥡 _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . fireflies in a glass jar, damp wrinkles in their wings, like whisps of moon _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . d é e s s e she lays down life, craves earth; time's bell clangs deaths, chimes births, folds her in its grips, cleaved and harrowed in the grave, twists turns--splits the shell of herself--leaps from the furrow --cleaved a goddess, green as cut glass and knowing _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . you are not here with me. _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . half light night falls darkness pixelating a momentary pause a space in time---stand still _____________________________

3 months ago

. . . the cold nights milk-paled moonlight kissing us with lesson of sounds: strands of hair in the wind, the echo of stones and snow, the heaving swells on the horizon the nights' fallen into an abyss, the geaving swells on the horizon _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, thy God my God Ruth 1:16 King James Bible ________________________________

4 months ago

. . . tell me, where do you end where do i begin _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . this morning as the sun' s first  light slowed  and stopped the  sky howled threadbare clouds falling apart to rain _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . come in from the dark let me see your intent _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . the colours return to your face after some time, you recount the hours that have left us, their silver fingers sparkling in the night in this moment, we are, you tell me, jagged-edged, incised, knifed and here, there are movements in the fears of field mice where the heart shoots straight through the skull, where all fires learn to scream here, under your pale light I am praying .. praying ... flood of mine, lead me free lead me under the golden- rain trees-- to sprawl among your roots _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . my love, feel my pulse on the under side of your wrist ____________________________

4 months ago

. . . mood 🌈 _________________________________ do what makes your little heart sing

4 months ago

. . . i used to have a lover before I came here he used to count the notches along my spine eyes--the colour of the sun's last light havana sunset eyes, overwhelming my frame, and so on, i filled my day _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . All harshnesses and sibilance The day of the not-quite- night that became the not- quite-day .. the day that all the colours of the world bleeds and lined in their heads The day of years collected in bright red thread and feeling for the exit without fear The day of scant disbelief-- knowing sympathy through dogs, relinquished grief The day that remembered itself and laughed, then frown in the mirror .. tomorrow The day that smiles for what-- ever yesterday The day that ate itself and prays to us. __________________________

4 months ago

. . . i like me here. _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . mid-summer the air warms lilacs open to bees .. buds separate dead leaves but here, cold november, winter never ends broken words whip through cloth, rip .. at hair strands, tangle thoughts of my being ... someday too empty for love ________________________________

4 months ago

. . . like my flesh on the bone, alive and licking on your ice cream cone. _________________________________ alice cooper

4 months ago

. . . pilcro ☆ & the letterpress ___________________________________

5 months ago

. . . on saturdays _________________________________

5 months ago

. . . the sun rose and faded beyond the sway of the sea the moment the fall .. and plunge, the coming undone _______________________________

5 months ago

. . . here, my hips curved my body full bloom beneath you _________________________________

5 months ago

. . . noods 🥚 _________________________________

5 months ago

. . . Breathe soft once upon times to inhale the scent of morning bloom gracing glass .. tender petals open to bruises _________________________________

6 months ago

. . . blood on the moon dark and light earth and sea wind and fire salt and dust a universe within the universe polarities sun and moon _________________________________

6 months ago

. . . In her, the failing sun in shivering rain breaking storm and a bottomless sea---pouring _____________________________

6 months ago

. . . the edge first delicate arc of the waxing moon and sky still sapphire overhead but darkening just above the trees--venus off to the left as if it has spilled from lunar goblet i tell myself, remember: sapphire and moon i have reached the riverbank where spilling past is half fresh water half sea--kaleidoscope of fog, leaves and the soft feathers from the bellies of goslings swirl the air i grab at paper flying by but it is past reach--words so carefully written _________________________________ one of two .. maybe three