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Some of my friends have asked me what happened with my posts?. I faded away from all social networks and started enjoying my life without the distractions of Instagram or Facebook, it is true, and I enjoyed it. But today, this beautiful country 🇮🇱, where I am lucky enough to spend 5 weeks, surprised me with this breathtaking view and I wanted to share it for eternity in the digital extension of myself that will last longer that my time on this earth, this view, it's worth viewing!. Thank you Israel, and thank you @laurarafe for finding this spot. 😉 . . . . . . . . . .   #VSCO #israel_amazing #thisiisrael #sunset #canon #garden #camera #picture #nikon #nature #igerslondon #follow #discover #winter #featuremeinstagood #photographer #photo #photograph #bestoftheday #haifa #like4like #gopro #travelling #trip #travel #me #israeli   #travelisrael #israel_creative #israel

20 minutes ago

Havana nights... . [shot with #fujixh1 and 35mm]

20 minutes ago

Our new summer seasonal menu launches Monday! Come join us in Brookline and Natick to try our newest dishes. Good luck trying to decide between our Pesto Salmon, Herbed Chicken, Pulled BBQ Mac and Cheese or Watermelon Kale Salad.

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De road is long keep on walking....i might not be perfect, but i am always me.... Massive thanks to you all for ur support and love...💝💝💝💝 Please don't forget to follow our business page @stylesbypeebri_clothing ,lots of trendy stuffs in Europe standard... You will diffinatly thk me later.... Outfit @stylesbypeebri_clothing Forget de sun filter, focus on de beautiful outfit ...💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 Swipe for more pics... #fabulous #fashionable #featuremeinstagood #fashionable #gorgeousmum #europestyle #europefashiontrending #trendyoutfit #likesforlikes #likesforfollowback #europe #blackgirls #blackisbeautful #stylesbypeebri_clothings #stylesbypeebri

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Troppi tappi

27 minutes ago

Ты прекрасная душа, мне очень жаль💔

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“insert quote about daisy’s here”

43 minutes ago

I love to smile, but I love making other people smile more! I met this beautiful lady today, who my friend Candice pointed out that we was twining with our outfits, I stopped her and pointed it out to which she laughed and said get a pic so here she is. ☺️

45 minutes ago

Good vibes, different generations, bad ice cream. And definitely too few men marching for equal opportunities. Viva la vulva!

49 minutes ago

Step correct

54 minutes ago

moje baroko skills neexistujú, mama že uhraj to na renesanciu :)

56 minutes ago

All the single ladies 😛💃🏼 #tb

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C'est là qu'on s'est connu

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7 hours ago

Zey( İndere) Köyü 1500′lü yıllarda büyük bir yerleşim merkezi olarak tarih sahnesinde yer almış. Adıyaman ilinin Merkez ilçesine bağlı, içinden derenin geçtiği, buz gibi suları olan yeşil bir köy. Caminin altında derenin geçtiği serin ve küçük bir mağara var. Ayrıca Abdurrahman Erzincan-i'nin türbesi bulunmakta.Zey Ziyareti olarak da anılan şeyh,Osmanlı Padişahı IV. Murad’ın Bağdat seferi sırasında ordunun Adıyaman’da konaklaması esnasında padişahı ve orduyu kısıtlı olanaklarıyla misafir eder ve doyurur. Padişah sefer sonunda döndüğünde öldüğünü öğrendiği Şeyhin türbesini yaptırır.Bugün hala ziyaret edilmekte.

1 day ago

Adıyaman Merkez Örenli ( Pirin ) mahallesindedir. Kommagene Krallığının beş büyük antik kentinden birisidir. Başkent Samosata(Samsat) ile Melitene (Malatya ) arasında yer alan bir uğrak yeridir. Antik Roma kaynaklarında suyunun güzelliğinden bahsedilmekte olup, kervanlar, yolcular ve ordular tarafından dinlenme yeri olarak kullanıldığı anlatılmaktadır. Bahsedilen suyun aktığı Roma Çeşmesi halen kullanılmaktadır. Bizans döneminde de önemini korumuştur.Bu antik kent’in Niceaia İznik’te toplanan İncil Konsil’ine temsilci göndermesi aynı zamanda dini bir merkez olduğunu da göstermektedir. Antik kentte en dikkat çeken kalıntılar Örenli mahallesi girişinde yer alan Kaya Mezarlarıdır. Kayalıklar içine oyularak yapılmış oda mezarlar harika bir görünüm oluşturmaktadır.

3 months ago

. . . and here the sun sets shredded, blooded  clouds leak  into  the  sky as  the  blue  purples, thickening into  the night _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . come rest here with me. _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . and when he was gone--there was absolute darkness--nothingness consumed me. it feels easy to keep my curtains shut on sunny days when the sun fights with beautiful violent flares to catch my attention. i’d rather rely on artificial light from my desk lamp than to let feel the sun’s warmth just one more time. yes, i am afraid yes, i’ll be burnt again. no, i’m not sure where to go from here. this is also vulnerability. _________________________________ on vulnerability

3 months ago

. . . on sunny days, i like to lay under the sun but for just a few seconds i know never to linger too long i'm afraid he will see a bead of sweat break and roll along my cheek vulnerability feels like that i think—all that he sees is my naked body yes, still fat---after all these years no, i do not feel beautiful _________________________________ on vulnerability long ago

3 months ago

. . . This is our present tense There is nothing after- This. As the light bends and stills against .. the morning moon _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . hello you 💬 _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . And  she, she  remembers  the winter  and  the  summer  that followed –  the  darkened  nights; his  warm  body:  a  familiar  trace  on  a  strange  landscape. And  there, she  held  on--the earth  impaled  on  a  pole, no  longer  spinning  quite  so  uncontrollably. ________________________________

3 months ago

. . . the morning moon, and when you wake alone, milk-pale under the shadowed moon. Her pale light drapes across your bed. Your stir, shift lightly, let cold air kiss your collarbone ________________________________

3 months ago

. . . breathless ________________________________

3 months ago

. . . you're welcome. _________________________________

3 months ago

. . . scribe soft to the end of line pirouette fingers end marking time again .. to end the simple words like balm like stars in lover's lilt brushed upon supple velum in slow circles matching my own ________________________________

3 months ago

. . . let cold air kiss your collarbone and the moon fades and pales into the night where his fingertips once imprinted onto your cheek--almost almost--but never quite the cold of wind ________________________________

4 months ago

. . . Sel fī • _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . day breaks and sometimes that breaking is heavy a whole world of gravity on its tongue shattering of metals leads and hammers bricks you have to chew to break it down to grit to grind _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . day breaks ... a whole world of gravity on its tongue. _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . and in the morning, when the sun kissing--soft your skin _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . live • _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . the sea rises and falls ... the night heavy with sap and rain it throbs _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . you're welcome 🛀 _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . on this night, the cold wind repeated in the shadow ________________________________

4 months ago

. . . และฉันเลือกคุณ _________________________________ everyday

4 months ago

. . . swallow---rising gossamer silk drifts over the white conduits of marrow in the body, rain slashes through the honey locust, along the long ellipse and there, there--our savage bodies rise _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . the sun rose and faded beyond the sway of the sea the moment the fall .. and plunge, the coming undone _______________________________

4 months ago

. . . finite-- he is inarguably finite. ___________________________

4 months ago

. . . I press my face against the cold night The ocean tilts up to meet me, its dark surface--studded with points of light, fallen stars I want more, I want more I bathe in the salt of your dark eyes My underbelly is my crown I want all the parts, the salt of my labour Tightened muscles of grinding arms, twisting wrists Aroma of skin and sugar, baby, sugar I taste on sweet cane, tongue and claim I'm whole, will make you more whole and unwhole you more to consume, to consume to _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . tonight i take you hands and i kiss your wrists ... one for kindness one for being ________________________________

4 months ago

. . . and in the morning, the light .. bends and stills _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . in the night the sea fell and rose deep, dark and electric. _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . sadness, i can almost feel like salt passing  through  pores days  of  heart ached nights---grate  off the  uncut  block  of  you, grind  to  blunted, marking  your  passage fingertips .. hand prints on  your  whittled  world ________________________________ one of on sadness °

4 months ago

. . . mexíco the sun the sea in morning dew, the light stretched like softened scars here, they speak to me in the dark, their voices filled ... the same ones .. that bled from me last winter _________________________________ here .. nothing surprises me

4 months ago

. . . then .. twice maybe ? l o l _________________________________

4 months ago

. . . i say f ck work • _________________________________