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3 months ago

#swiperightonreading #springbookdates Courtesy of my favorites @booksparks I couldn’t wait to snap this pic with my blind date book. Thanks for all you guys do for us bloggers @booksparks . 🌎This spot. It’s my favorite. It’s where we come back to year after year. Almost every time we are in town. Why’s it so special you ask?! Well, 9.5 years ago this spot is where I married my husband. Through the good and the bad, we will always come back. . 🌷Side note; I love taking book pictures here also. When we come I always plan what books are getting there pictures made here 🥰 #greenbriersmokymountains #booksparks #influencer #tbr #feature #blogger #myspot

9 months ago

Not every day goes according to plan. I set out today to hike, but instead meander about in the woods. I found so many beautiful fungi, trees and snakes. I had intended to hike a couple of miles, but that fell through and instead I recharged, did some Earthing and now I feel great. Listen to mother Earth, she always knows what's best. #grounding #spirituality #recharge #wilding #rivermagic #forestnymph #mysmokies #smokymountainsnationalpark #greatsmokymountains #greenbriersmokymountains