kingswildshorts Photos & Videos

2 weeks ago

Already getting started on May's Kings Wild Subscription deck, Mariachi. This deck is inspired by traditional Mexican paper cutting or "Papel Picado" Each court card will be a unique paper cutout, and each suite will be its own color paper. #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #playingcards #mariachi

2 weeks ago

The subscription Labyrinth decks are scheduled to be delivered from USPCC tomorrow. The sleek black tucks are assembled and ready to go. If you're a Kings Wild Shorts subscriber, the orders should start going out next week. I'm really excited with how these turned out! #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #playingcards

1 month ago

Continuing my rendetions of USPCC's WAR Series, following the Old Ironsides deck, introducing my version of the "Big Guns" this is Noble Train celebrating the famous expedition by General Knox bring this 24 pounder Canon and 60 tons of other artillery over the Berkshires to deliver to George Washington, to liberate the city of Boston from the British siege. #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #playingcards

3 months ago

A look at the red subscription edition of the Kings Wild Shorts December, Deck the Halls deck. These will probably go out a little early with all of the black Friday orders. There will be 30 red artist proof editions available some time this week on the subscribers only page of the Kings Wild site. #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #christmas

3 months ago

One of the two beautifully simple tuck cases created for the January Kings Wild Shorts deck "Pi". This one features blond embossing and an engraved pi symbol with striking metallic gold ink. #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #pkayingcards

3 months ago

Finishing up the 2019 Kings Wild Shorts Collectors Certificate. Starting in January, each Kings Wild Shorts deck will come with a unique holographic tax stamp. If you can collect all twelve then you can send in this certificate in December of 2019 and receive a 13th deck that can only be aquired by mailing in certificate that has all twelve stamps. #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #playingcards

4 months ago

Anybody hungry for a nice juicy playing card steak! Here is a teaser for Marches Kings Wild Subscription deck, The Cut is a playing card deck inspired by the many wonderful cuts of beef and vintage butcher posters. Don't worry we will have some vegetables on the jokers. :) #playingcards #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #meat #steak

5 months ago

Some pictures of the November deck for the Kings Wild Shorts subscribers. "Old Ironsides" is my take on USPCC's war time series printed in the early 1900's. My deck features my favorite maritime vessel like, The USS Constitution the US Navy's oldest ship, still in service. #kingswildproject #kingswildshorts #ussconstitution #oldironsides