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2 hours ago

Ha ha pp,,,, Lizzo’s music is keeping me alive • • • Is this cringy, idk probably, listen, I never got to be a stupid delinquent teenage girl on social media cause I wasn’t allowed to so uh there that’s my excuse anyways when the fuck is don coming back #supermega #ryanmagee #mattwatson

6 hours ago

literally every couple in my family has been constantly arguing & its like yall literally just break up youll be happier damn #supermega #mattwatson #ryanmagee

8 hours ago

ryan is SO baby

1 day ago

– me rn playing the cowboy game 🤠 i'm 11% of the way done already and there's so much to do,, but i killed my first horse by accident falling off a cliff when i was running away from a murder scene 😢

1 day ago

's edit For Ry | Do You • ac: peraltashaught dt: tagged Thought no one would care huh... well I DO! Happy FUCKING Birthday!!! •

1 day ago

v Matt Watson from supermega?!?? — [ ac: moodyaudics cc: me sc: filmsbyraine & me dt: tagged style ib: antihvro & filmsbyraine ]

3 weeks ago

does anyone know if this is real and if it is when did this happen? ------------------------------------------------------------- #mattwatson #ryanmagee #supermega