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22 hours ago

Big Red is one of the most photographed lighthouses in Michigan. 💗📸💗 She poses for the paparazzi at the entrance of the Holland Harbor Channel. The channel connects Lake Michigan with Lake Macatawa. 💗📸💗 Locals and visitors alike line up to be seen with this crimson beauty. And since Holland is such a friendly place, there is always someone nearby willing to get your whole group into a memorable shot. 💗📸💗 To the left of Big Red are tall sand dunes, to the right is Lake Michigan. If you haven’t seen a sunset from this vantage point - put it on your bucket list today. You don’t want to miss seeing the sun kiss this lake. 💗🌅💗 It’s a quick bike ride to Big Red from Suite Retreat Holland. Recent guests Brad and Mandy chose the lighthouse as their must-see recommendation. 🚲🥇💯 Come to Holland Michigan. 🌷 Take a picture with Big Red. 💓 Dig your toes in our warm sand and toast a beautiful sunset. 🥂🌅 Greg and I would be delighted to be your hosts. 😎 Book your 5⭐ stay today at http://tinyurl.com/suite-retreat-holland 🏡🛌🛁📺

1 day ago

Last week of Michigan living. Super excited for what comes next, but I know the moment I leave, I'll miss Michigan so much

2 days ago

Celebrating Flag Day flying high and proud! Learn more about our experienced tours to Round Island at mackinackayak.com

2 days ago

Larry who gave us the tour of the #pointeauxbarqueslighthouse (or #porthopelighthouse depending on who you ask), suggested a particular local cafe he frequents. Shelley’s Bar & Grill in Port Austin was exactly what we had in mind. No frills, not a chain, mom & pop all the way. We got our grub to go & parked at Grindstone County Park where we enjoyed our food from the comfort of our van with a view of Lake Huron. + “Whalen’s Grindstone Shores” backs up to this location & would be another viable option IF we needed a place to overnight with hookups or wanted to rent a cabin for the night. But we didn’t, so we kept driving! + There’s a whole background story to how this area got the name Grindstone City. Yes, it has everything to do with the discovery of grindstone, a stone found to be superior to Ohio flagstone. Unfortunately, eventually grindstone was replaced with carborundum & the rest is history. + The area along M25 on the east coast of Michigan, in the thumb, is so gorgeous & low-key. Looks like the perfect place to spend the summer at the lake house. Too bad we don’t have a lake house. Too bad we don’t have a lake house or even “just” a summer house in Michigan. But so grateful we have a van that can take us to all these awesome spots & grateful we *finally* managed to recognize we had actually positioned our livelihood, schooling & home base such that this type of travel is possible. + Is this type of #roadtrip something that seems out-of-reach for you? It did for us too but here we are! The first step is the a ha moment matched with the desire! + + + #puremichigan #michiganders #MidwestMoment #MichiganSun #greatlakesstate #CaptureMichigan #LakeHuron #PureMittenPride #michiganview #michigrammers #thegreatlakesstate #puremittigan #mistateparks #grindstonepark #mittiganders #mittenstate #mittenstatelove #themittenstate #mittenstatemagic #mimittenstate #michiganlighthouses #lighthouselovers #lighthouselove #lighthouses

3 days ago

“I like the night. Without the darkness, we’d never see the stars”

3 days ago

Took the scenic route on the way back from Chicago. Braved the misty rain & nailed the shot cuz that’s what we muhfuckin do 😌🚙🐶⚓️

4 days ago

✨Michigan Lighthouses ✨O Ludington State Park é um parque bem completo aqui em Michigan com área de campground, lago, rio, praia, farol, dunas, trilhas de bike e hiking, atividades como canoagem, pesca, área de churrasqueira e playground para as kids. Fica aqui a dica de um ótimo lugar para acampar ou passar o dia durante os meses de verão aqui em Michigan ☀️☀️☀️ #morarnoseua #ludingtonstatepark #michiganstateparks #michiganlighthouses #michigancampgrounds #maenoseua

4 days ago

Missing mum today more than most. At times one is in need of a bit of mum time. Just one more time...five more minutes. A drive in the country, up North or to the lake we spent our cherished summers. A lunch, a picnic, a trip to the airport, board game or stories...reminiscing. My mum taught me how important time together really is. #momtaughtme #missingmum #michigansummers #michiganlighthouses #mackinaw

5 days ago

Blue water and blue skies 😍

1 week ago

summer on the lakeshore = gnarly storms 🌊 and amazing 📸. #lakemichigan

1 week ago

#Episode #3 on the real estate journey. While I’m stuck here 1/4 of the way through the real estate class. Our video #team is creating a #storyboard for a #documentary for a client. (Unfortunately the Non Disclosure Agreement doesn’t allow us to say anymore than that) 🤷🏼‍♂️ maybe soon. I have to say real estate class is a crazy amount of information. I have a whole new form of respect for all of our real estate clients here in metro Detroit. #detroitrealestate #michiganrealestate #michiganrealty #michiganhomes #michiganlighthouses #michiganhome #michigancabin #michiganlake #upnorthmichigan #downtowndetroit #downtowndetroitliving #detroitlife #detroit #detroitusa #marketingdigital #marketing #salesperson #realestatesales #motivationalvideos #marketingvideos #marketingstrategy #branding #brandingagency #brandingphotography #videobranding

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It's Friday!! 🙌🙌 Thank goodness. This mama caught a cold from her teenager and feels like 😒🤧 . So last day of school shenanigans. Packing for big boys to leave on vacation. Cleaning house. And... 😴 . Because life happens, sick happens (although very rarely) so when I do, I know I need to slow it down a little!! 🤔 I think I know what that means..... 😅🤣 . . Another view of the #ausable light station. I could totally handle waking up to these views every day 😍 . . . . . #PureMichigan #michiganlighthouses #michiganders #mittenlove #mittigan #upnorth #uptravel #upperpeninsula #northernmichigan #northcountrytrail #raw_lighthouses #raw_seasons #raw_community_members #raw_usa #raw_hikes #wander #wanderlust #familytravel #hike #toddlermom #boymom #michigan_view

1 week ago

I've noticed that some light houses lean. I've leveled out the image relative to the black catwalk (where I'm standing), and you can clearly see the lighthouse is forming an angle with it's reflection rather than a straight line.

1 week ago

🚨GIVEAWAY TIME🚨 When you visit Schuberg’s Bar, you’ve most likely looked around at all of the “old stuff” we have on our walls. A great patron favorite is our collection of Budweiser mirrors that feature some of our beautiful Michigan lighthouses! 😍 We happen to have the full set of this rare collection, but do YOU know how many we actually have??? 🤔 To enter our giveaway, please: -Like this post -Comment your answer below Two random correct answers will receive a gift card & a pair of Schuberg’s koozies! 🥳 *two from Facebook & two from Instagram* Winners will be announced on Saturday, 6/8 at noon! #schubergsbar #giveaway #schubergs #michiganlighthouses #budweiser #beermirrors #oldstuff