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Soon I'll be sixty years old Will I think the world is cold?

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Been exploring tones and colour. (Say hi to this hooman again. Please also convince him that cats are amazing.)

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Denver is for evah evah hoodie szn// 📷: me

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Young monk at the chùa Vĩnh nghiêm.

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Photographer @howardschatz documents actor @peterdinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister from @gameofthrones ) acting out madeup characters for the following scenes - 1. At a @justinbieber concert, the “Biebs” has just pointed at you, a tween girl, and beckons you onto the stage. 2. On the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, you’re cut off by a texting driver in a Chevy suburban. 3. At the family supper table with your wife and children. Your 15y/o daughter defiantly announces she’s pregnant and “can’t wait to be a mother.” 4. A three-year-old declares that he hates everybody, and that there’s no way he’s going to his room for a time out. 5. At a crucial bowling match, you, the team captain, have just dropped your ball on your foot. 6. A brand new middle school teacher, confronting total chaos on his first day in a fourth grade class. 7. “To be! Or not!! To be!!!” A desperate young actor in a way over the top audition for a the lead in “Hamlet.” 8. There have been burglaries in the neighborhood. It’s 3 a.m., someone is moving around downstairs, the landline is dead, and your cell phone is in your car. 9. After a lifetime of seeing hundreds of cartoons about people slipping on banana peels, you’ve finally seen someone actually do it. 10. Hearing his mother’s unusual sounds, a toddler opens his parents bedroom door and sees what looks like his parents desperately wrestling. #AtEdge

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Meu almoço de hoje. Rápido, gostoso e saudável. Muitos acham que ser vegana é difícil mas não, nenhum pouco. O importante é entender sobre alimentação,!seja vegano, onívoro, indiferente. Parece clichê mas sim você é o que você come. Meu corpo demonstra muito dependendo de minha alimentação, muitos organismos não demonstram tão facilmente mas isso acaba aparecendo ao decorrer do tempo, o que quero dizer com isso é que a aparência mostra e também não mostra a sua saúde verdadeira. Eu amo nutrição, amo cozinhar... isso pode ter facilitado minha situação mas não é difícil, é uma educação digamos, nosso organismo se acostuma, nós o acostumamos... agora depende de você escolher a educação que dará ao seu organismo, como cuidará de seu corpo. Neste assunto também entra a questão de cuidar de nossa casa, o planeta Terra, a fauna e a flora. Nós podemos ajudar de varias formas, basta querer. Eu amo o que como, amo minha comida... até me impressiono com umas receitas que invento do nada e fica uma maravilha!!! Se você tem vontade de mudar sua alimentação... de cuidar mais de seu corpo, vá atrás disso pois é super importante, você sente a diferença. Bom o que tem neste prato lindo e colorido: - escondidinho de mandioquinha com shimeji e brócolis; ( comprei congelado no mercado, mas os ingredientes são apenas mandioquinha, brócolis, shimeji, leite de aveia, chia, gergelim preto, óleo de gergelim, cebola, ervas aromáticas, sal marinho, e pimenta do reino.) - Brócolis, Vagem, Couve, Cenoura, Milho, Ervilha e Grão de Bico; -Granola salgada com cúrcuma e alecrim( contém castanha do Pará, castanha de caju e semente de abóbora) ; Para acompanhar bebi uma Kombucha orgânica de hibisco com morango. 💚🥦💚🥕💚 #vegan #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #veganfood #veganfortheanimals

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I believe this woman is one of the hardest working #hustler I know always making money moves!

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Film look with 5d Classic 🎞️ Its probably the closest you can get to film with a digital camera.

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Told her it'd be funny to Change her Cars color since she's been so in Love with it.

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Eu amo um ensaio 📸💛 . Como sempre a natureza presente e as florzinhas também, vocês curtem fotos assim? Deixa aí nos comentários, vou amar saber.💛 . Modelo: @mxtheushf 💫

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Other People trynna be flexin with their AMG Coupè. I'm like " Biitch who needs an AMG "

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Congratulations !! Beautiful pic !! You have created a masterpiece ! @harisnukem Model: @rheawpadua Our "Featured Artist" of the Day !! 🥇 . #EVharisnukem . Do not hesitate to follow this amazing featured creator's !! ________________________ Selected by @gen_z__ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Wanna be featured on Enter_Visual_ ? Tag #Enter_Visual_ 👈 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Have you turned on post notifications ? 🔔 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . . ____________________ #portrait #portraits #portraitphotography #makeportraits #portraitphotographer #portraitphotography #ourportraitdays #photographer #featuremeofh #portraitvisuals #portraitisreligion #portraitoftheday #lifeportraits #faceobsessed #headshots #humaneffect #discoverportraits #portraits_ig #postemotion #moodyportraits #closeup #xelfies #vision #people_and_world #portraitmode #portraitmodel #postmoreportraits #makemoreportraits _____________________

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Not often do I post multiple pictures in one post and not often do I take portraits and post them (never, really). Its something I'd like to get into, though. Here I was playing around with two photos and I just love the different expressions, it's a bit like ying & yang, isn't it? Let me know what you think & which one you prefer! #instaportraits #portraitsofinstagram #raw_portraits #ig_portrait #bnw #bnwphotography #bnwportraits #ig_bnw #raw_bnw #moodyportraits #menwithbeards #beard #beardsofinstagram #expressions #nikond3400 #portraitphotography

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Often we imagine that we will work hard, arrive at some distant goal and then we will be happy. But that isn’t how it works. Happiness is the result of a life lived with purpose. Happiness is not an objective. It is the movement of life itself, a process, an activity. ⠀ ETHAN HAWKE ⠀ . . 📷 by @amandamgoodin of me on our adventures in Iceland Edit by me . . . . . #aovportraits #bleachmyfilm #lookslikefilm #thehappynow #thepeoplescreative #clevelandphotographer #pursuitofportraits #xelfies #photographysouls #discoverportraits #portraitcentral #portraitgames #featuremelea #moodyportraits #theportraitpr0ject #portraitmood #seamyphotos #frmedd #hintfluencercollective #thebettermanproject #thebluelagoon #travelphotographer #iceland #travelphotographer #icelandweddingphotographer #adventurephotographer #redleafstudios #clevelandweddingphotographer

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I mean, really... there are no words to this. All I know is that this wonderful woman and her hubby trusted me. And that alone, is seriously the biggest compliment. Photographing another photographer can be a bit nerve wracking. But my goodness these two were effortless and as I keep saying, PERFECTION! This elopement session was a dream. I love all things moody. Have a wonderful Monday loves. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #photooftheday #photographer #wildlove #wildlovers #wildloveadventures #lovers #moody #moodyports #moodygrams #moodyedits #moodyphotography #moodyportraits #portraitstyles #portraitsociety #nikon #nikonphoto #nikonphotographer #arizona #arizona 🌵 #arizonasky #arizonaphotography #elopement #elopement #elopementlove #bride #groom #bridal #love

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Update: my current favorite photo I’ve taken. 💛

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An entire venue all around him but his favorite spot was the pond of course. 😍

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The brother and the bride.

57 minutes ago

My big sister is married! 💕

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Me encanta ver los antes y después ¿y a vosotros?