nurburgring Photos & Videos

29 minutes ago

Old clip I found from the 2017 @trackobsession trackday at @rockingham_circuituk in my previous e36, it was a great little circuit and I only drove it once before it sadly shutdown. - I’d bought some part worn Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 1’s that were cheap, and it soon became apparent why! Going into turn 1 on the out lap at a nice steady pace and we were full opposite lock looking out the side window hoping it would come back, luckily it did and I kept my dignity! To say there was little grip would be an understatement. After about 3 laps they started getting a bit of heat into them and they were manageable but they had clearly had their day - It made for some fun laps though, here we are POV in the afternoon chasing a fast Clio through the infield 👌🏼

43 minutes ago

First track day of the year booked! Time for the Vxr to stretch its legs 🤙🏻

57 minutes ago

Bringing out the racer in you 😎🏁

58 minutes ago

Nothing will light a fire under your ass like going to see a Porsche GT2RS 😍🔥

1 hour ago

🇩🇪Is your track toy ready for the 2019 season? Ours certainly is!🇩🇪

2 hours ago

Another of @robert_mitchell ’s Pista. I traveled back to the city where it was picked up today to check out the @apexnuerburg McLaren 600LT. Filmed a tasty video with @mb_autopflege ft. Lars from @mattwerk_fahrzeugfolierung ! About to fire up my MacBook and check out the results! Great working with you guys today. . . . . . #pista #ferrari #ferraripista #nurburgring #488pista #nordschleife #supercars #automotive #automotivephotography #lifestyle #love #vlogger #summer #greenhell #hsdrive #trackcar #tracktool #sunset #458speciale #challengecar #racecar #drivetastefully #rariforce

2 hours ago

Very suprised to see this Speciale on the Ring !!