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‘ post! 🎈 You. Ac: artcheonjae Cc: clvsiccpewds

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Day 139: Tag me in a pewdiepie memes for a shoutout @pewdiepie

11 hours ago

they’ve been together for 8 years today🥺❤️ i love them so much wtf

14 hours ago

~Felix~ |————————————| Work in progress (I was gonna draw something for Melix’s anniversary but I was so emotionally drained🥺)

16 hours ago

Some Pewdiepie art I did for second semester in 8th grade! That was the 18/19 school year. Kinda funny how I named the linoleum print "Face Me" Both pictures are originally from @pewdiepie 's video "Bitch Lasagna" I think the print was from closer to the end of the video, and the scratch art was from when he said "let me serve you Bitch Lasagna" BOTH OF THESE ART WORKS ARE BY ME! DO NOT STEAL THEM PLEASE I WORKED SO HARD ON THESE I'M NOT JOKING Also, since I tagged Pewdiepie's official account... if you see this, Pewds, please pet your dogs for me I really really love them Edit: adding tags so that more people can see it #pewdiepie #pewdiepiefanart #bitchlasagna

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Well 😂

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Like if you liked that too! 😂 Thanks @pewdiepie for entertaining all the 9 year olds

1 day ago

such a beautiful soul🏹🧸 +his voiceovers made me skratta soooo

1 day ago

A mess!