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Did you know that well moisturized skin helps with the application and appearance of foundation? Golden JoJoba oil is unique in that it is comprised of liquid wax esters that closely resemble the body’s sebum. This protects the skin and keeps it supple, making it an excellent face oil. #plantlife #mua #motd #jojobaoil #naturaloils

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Instant smiles this Saturday afternoon... Just add our Perfectly Pleasing™ daisy bouquet to make it perfect! This gorgeous floral gift brightens any desk or table with your tasteful sentiments for a special birthday, thank you, or just because! Big, luscious classic white daisies are complemented by lovely golden solidago in a classic clear glass bubble vase. Product ID UFN1394M - available now on our website, click the link in our bio for more! ( #winnipeg #localbusiness #florist #flowers #flowerarrangement #osborne #giftideas   #winnipegbusiness #explorewinnipeg #gifts #vibrantcolors #colorful #plantlife #canada #giftbaskets #winnipegflorist #homedecor #interiordesign #freshflowers #green #bouquet #daisies

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How to Saturday: toast, scrambled eggs, greens, and a matcha banana mango smoothie!

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There’s an internal debate about whether we should add more plants to the shop...but what do you think? YAY or NAY? 👇 #plantlife

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Good afternoon friends! I just got done winter sowing tomatoes and peppers. Also used my new favorite garden tools - collapsible watering can and bucket! 👍🏽💚 @centurionbrands . If you missed the live stream on winter sowing earlier, the replay is on my YouTube channel. (Link on Bio) Have you tried this method before? I love it and there’s no need to harden your seedlings, one less step! . #wintersowing #urbangarden #plantsofinstagram #gardener #gardeningtips #organicgarden #seattlesnow #pacificnorthwest #peppers #healthylifestyle #gardening #garden #gardenersworld #plantstagram #gardentips #gardenersofinstagram #sustainableliving #pnw #urbanorganicgardener #growsomething #gardenerslife #growfromseed #urbanfarmer #groworganic #plantlife #tomatoes #wintergarden #seattlesnow #homegrown #wintergardening

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“I don’t think I would use everything in the kit.” ⁣ ⁣ I went to an oils class, and wanted a better way to help us from getting sick, and knew of two oils I wanted to use on the kids. It was years later that a sample of Gentle Baby, and a happy mama roller gave me the push to dive in and I bought a starter kit. I had a slew of oils I didn’t have a clue how to use but was plugged into so many resources, and met some of the kindest and sweetest people to guide me. I found ways to use all the oils, and if I would have just gotten those few things I DID know how to use, I would have missed out on so much. ⁣ ⁣ Everything you see is the starter kit. A diffuser of your choice (I LOVE this desert mist), 12 oils, 2 roller tops, samples of Ningxia (hello deliciousness),a Thieves cleaner sample (which makes a 16 oz bottle and will replace every cleaner in your house) and a hand purifier. ⁣ ⁣ You get a welcome pack from me chalked full of guides, goodies from some of my favorite small shops (jewelry, roller bottle keychains + more) and you get added to FB groups filled with people ready to show you how to use all these tools. ⁣ ⁣ Grab a kit this month and get $25 back from me (same day) PLUS I’ll send you a Savvy minerals sample kit with your welcome pack as well and you’ll get added to the class I’m teaching next week all about non toxic skincare + makeup! Everything you see for $140. I promise you it’s an investment worth every penny and plant. 🌿

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EVERYDAY | LUXURIES New post about transitioning out of the vehicle-dwelling lifestyle! . . If you’re interested in reading about some things I unknowingly gave up when I moved into my car, head over to my blog. Link in bio! . . PS how cool is my new hanging chair?! I’ve become a #loungemonster . . . . #readingchair #hangingchair #roomaesthetics #readingcorner #plantmom #plantlife #carliving #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifers #vanlifemovement #homeiswhereyourparkit #nomad #nomadlife #homeonwheels #carcamping #lounging #loungechair

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We're featuring Crazy Plant People from all over the world. Get involved and tag @crazyplantpeople in your portrait with your favourite plants! Don't forget to add a little story about yourself and why love plants! -- @nomnomyourbewbs

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there was a time in my life when crying was not an option - i would choke back tears, square my shoulders and ‘man’ up. whatever emotion i was feeling, whatever i was facing never got dealt with because i did not address it. this behavior was not healthy and it just created a field of undealt-with-emotional waste. 💧 it has been through my journey of healing, intentional meditation and breathwork, that i have discovered how cleansing tears can be. tears open the door for emotional release, freeing us of feelings that could get buried and haunt us later. tears allow us let the emotion flow. whether they are tears of joy, grief, anger, or inspiration - feel them, acknowledge them and let them flow. crying does not make you any less of a person, it strengthens and frees you. be free.

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Banana Peel Time! Does anyone else feed their staghorns or other plants with banana peels? I feed my stags this way every other month or so in the winter and more often during the warmer months. Banana peels offer mostly potassium but also a little bit of nitrogen. Staghorns require more than a few pieces of banana peel to ensure they are well nourished but I have found that the fruit discards are very beneficial to this species. I will warn you that decomposing banana peels can attract bugs so make sure to cut the peel into small pieces to speed up the decomposition and take care to eliminate the threat of fungus gnats. I have never had a problem with gnats using this feeding method but heard it is possible. Also make sure to use certified organic bananas so you aren't putting harmful pesticides or other strange chemicals onto your plant. #staghornfern #rvaplantclub #plantclub #plantparty #jungalowstyle #mountedstaghornfern #planttips #potassium #hungryplants #feedingtime #yumyum #bananapeel #recycle #rvalove #bringtheoutdoorsin #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplants #plantaddict #plantladyisthenewcatlady #plantlovers #plantcollector #urbanjungle #plantlife #plantcare #plantgeek #planthoarder #greenplants #greenspace #plantsmakepeoplehappy

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I had every intention of starting some home projects today but I spent most of the day shopping instead. Oops! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lets just blame it on the rain. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day! Anyway, hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! ⁣ •⁣

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This beautiful fern just keeps growing

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These gorgeous Aeoniums are like roses of the desert. 🌹🌵🌹 They looked so happy after their latest watering. 💦

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✨VEGAN Y GF PIZZA✨ Que receta por dios!! Miren esa masa perfecta de polenta y boniato😍😳 es increíble! Con pesto de semillas de calabaza como base. Vegetales de estación y almendras picadas💪🏾 un buen chorro de aceite de oliva y listo! ☺️🙌🏽 Quieren la receta ???? Aquí esta!😍 1 taza y media de harina de garbanzos 1 taza de harina de arroz 1 taza de polenta 2 boniatos chicos hervidos (1 tz) Sal y pimienta 4 cdas se aceite de oliva Pisar el boniato. Separar. Agregarle a la meZcla de harinas el boniato y unir junto con ac de oliva. Amasar hasta que quede uniforme. Separar. Para el pesto: 3/4 tz de semillas de calabaza 1 puñado de albahaca 1 puñado de perejil 1/2 tz de aceite de oliva 1 diente de ajo Sal Chorro de limón. Procesar hasta que quede semi uniforme. En una bandeja engrasar y colocar la masa. Estirar hasta que quede la masa de 1,5 cm. Aprox. Agregar el pesto, vegetales de estación, lo que tengas! Almendras picadas, chorro de aceite de oliva, tomillo (o cualquier hierba) pimienta y al hornooo!!! 200 grados por 25 minutos. Listo! Tenes tu pizza 😍😱 . . . #vegan #govegan #veganpizza #plantbasedfood #plantlife #plantbased #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #food52 #glutenfreepizza #veganlife #montevideo #recetasveganas #rezeitasveganas #uruguay #eatyourveggies

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Taxus cuspidata Common Name: Japanese Yew Family: Taxaceae Origin: Japan, China, and Korea Zone: 4-7 Size: 1-5 ft Description: This particulate variety of yew ‘Aurescens’ is a compact dwarf variety. Featuring golden tips and green lanceolate leaves which gives a beautiful contrast in the garden. This little shrub is hardy and a perfect addition to add some evergreen texture to your garden. Be sure to tag a friend that would enjoy this flower and be sure to keep submitting your plant pictures! #plantoftheday #TheNerdyBotanist #plantsofinstagram #plants #plantlife #taxaceae

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Azura on plant duty. What is she spraying on the plants? It's a mixture of water, neem oil and a bit of dish soap. This simple yet powerful mixture helps kill and keep pests at bay. Because of the dry Alberta air, we are prone to spider mites, aka Satan's Spawn who thrive in arid climates. The little fuckers multiply at an exponential rate without you even knowing! One way to tell is if your plants begin to yellow for no reason. I also spray my plants to keep them clean and hydrated as some need the humidity. . . . . . . #plantsarethenewcats #plantsagram #plantsaremypets #plantlife #indoorjungle #monsteradeliciosa #photooftheday

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@EmeryHotel guest rooms are a contemporary mix of custom finishes, high end amenities and creature comforts.

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Lush forest springs from stately marble halls. Curated local craft and @GiuliaAtEmery ’s soul-reviving fare sate and inspire.

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THANK YOU DAY + SUCCULENT AND CACTI TALK | Happening Today 🌱 We were raised with good manners, so please and thank-yous are a given for our Friends of Adam & Eve — which is why we’re giving them 25% off in-store today 👏🏼 For those close to Carseldine, join our Eden experts for a talk about the basics for caring for cacti and succulents and common pests and diseases to watch for at 1pm. Talks are $10 per person, but Friends of Adam & Eve Members can join for free 🌿 Not a member? Join now at the link in our bio. #edengardens #edenclub - - - - #gardener #plantparenthood #plantlover #weloveplants #greenthumb #plants #home #plantlife #plantsofinstagram #plants #urbanjungle #brisbane #sydney #greenery #succulents #cacti

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Found my new favorite store, and my dad purchased Coco the plant v 2.0 for me since I accidentally murdered her predecessor slowly and painfully. Thanks @robertelliott405 !

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New Marble Queen!

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Elegantly appointed without being fussy, Emery embodies the North’s generous hospitality and defies convention.

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TODAY | Gro Member's Day 🌱 Today is the day! Visit Gro Westfield Miranda and enjoy 25% off storewide (discount for Member's only). PLUS, join one of our in-store talk and demonstrations on plant care, Kokedamas, Terrariums, Hungry Bins and Vege Pods! Follow the link in our bio for demo times and to book. #grourbanoasis . . . . . #plantlife #plantbased #plant #plants #interiordesign #interior #homedecor #home #myhappyplace #myhome #design #style #styles #styled #interiorstyling #interiorstyle #interiorspace #plantsathome #planthousecommunity #botanicalwomen #girlswithplants #urbanjunglebloggers #houseplantclub

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Estamos com mais uma semana de agenda aberta para as manutenções e visitas técnicas! 😉 . ~ A manutenção inclui poda, limpeza, adubação/fertilização, replante e combate às pragas. Faça seu investimento valer a pena, cuide de seu jardim. ~ A visita técnica tem duração de meia hora e compreende a observação dos espaços, da iluminação, ventilação e levantamento de expectativa do cliente. . Entre em contato e agende sua visita ou a manutenção de suas plantas 😉🌿 (084) 9.8179-6501 Whats.

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It’s Sapphire, honey🍯