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EN Chicago is my second “coup de coeur” of this trip. A place that I think I have visited before but seeing now on a completely new perspective. Full of history and old buildings. It was raining the whole day we were there but I think that made me even more hyped. The rain makes everything moody and way more interesting. Seeing all those tall buildings really made me feel like a kid, I was constantly looking up amazed by what humans can do. The whole city felt new and old for me, from the textures to the stores, I really saw the two faces of the city. We couldn’t stay any longer than a day but I will for sure be coming back here and learn more about the history of the city. It is also here I bought my brand new AirPods, which I’ve have been using everyday, so this place will always have a special place in my heart, no flexing at all 💁🏽‍♂️ ————————— ES Chicago, mi secundo “coup de coeur” de este viaje. Una ciudad que creo haber visitado antes pero esta vez viendo todo desde una perspectiva diferente. Ciudad llena de historia y edificios viejos. Llovió todo el día que paramos en Chicago pero creo que me hizo mucho más feliz. La lluvia cambia completamente la energía de una ciudad, hace que todo sea más artístico y interesante. Ver todos esos edificios me hizo sentir como un niño pequeño, estaba constantemente mirando arriba asombrado de lo que la humanidad crea cada día. Pude ver las dos caras de la ciudad, de edificios viejos a tiendas super nuevas. No nos pudimos más de un día pero estoy 100% que volveré con mucho mas tiempo. ——————— 🦖📸 by Jose

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Quando a minha barriga está de bem comigo. 💃🏻🤣

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sem estruturas para essa mulherrrr @luanazava 💛💛💛 fala sério genteeeee . . || L U A N A || . 1/3

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@beabrisola for @tijneyewear. Thanks, Tijn. - Obrigado TIJN por ter me escolhido para produzir esse conteúdo pra vocês! Foi incrível! Acompahem que tem muito por vir ainda! - @canonbr.

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the number you have dialed has been changed 📷 @bia.rdias

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Los Angeles, Late 2017

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Me encantó el ser y como se ve en esta foto y a uds ? @amirodriguezz

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Trying to be Mary-Kate and Ashley’s triplet in New York Minute.

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Is coming 🎆

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cheers to graduation being less than a month away🥂🍾

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Always like having my presets to jump through different editing styles quickly. Also helps to keep the consistency throughout my photo sets. Swipe to see some before and afters from using some of the presets in my preset packs. I have 4 different ones on my website. Check them out with the link in my bio. #papicollective - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #moodyports #portraitpage #earth_portraits #portraitmood #discoverportrait #pursuitofportraits #globe_people #portraitgames #doports #portrait_vision #portraits_mf #bravoportraits #vscoportrait #folkportraits #pr0ject_soul #gramkilla #ourcolourdays #thelightsofbeauty #moodyfilm #creativeportraits #portraitstream #aovportraits #portraitcentral #vscomag #igportrait #earth_portraits5k #777luckyfish #shaniarmy

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من نمی‌خواهم کسی بیاید که عقلم را سر جایش بیاورد و منطقم را بالا ببرد. یا بگوید چگونه بخند و بپوش و ببین. چگونه باش و نباش. من فقط دلم می‌خواهد، کسی بیاید که با او دیوانه ی بهتری باشم ، همین؛ 😇 #مریم_قهرمانلو 📸: #سبحان_ع

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mental health awareness days 20-22: I'm posting earlier than normal and making up for a few days because I can and my ulnar nerve is acting up and I need a break from my current project. Anyway, I didn't share anything the past 2 days because I had something in my life that took great precedence over this and I couldn't afford any distractions. In that, I figured priorities were a good discussion point. I've got a lot going on, and have had a lot going on for quite sometime. I was talking to a friend of mine last night telling her all the latest developments and what I had next on my list and you know what she said to me? "Wait until things settle more into place and then move forward. Do not add another thing to your plate." She has a point. I'm kind of a perfectionist with ADD. I want to be great at multiple things all at once. That's literally impossible. What's important is to establish what your priorities are. The past couple days mine were studying for my national board exam. So, no distractions. Just work, studying, and sleep. Trying to do too much at once and not giving certain things their due attention will just result in frustration and panic.

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I’ve noticed that I’ve not seen the stars for a while, always so busy I don’t have time to look at the night sky, but even if I look at it, I see only clouds or just the moon, my old friend that keeps shining while I can’t sleep 🌃🌌🌙✨ ________________________________________________________ #bokehkillerz #bokeh_holics #theworldofportraits #megaphotographers #portraits_mf #bokeh_addicts #bluehair #youngphotographer #artofvisuals #portraitunit #creative_portraits #night_shots_ #portrait_mood #mfhportrait #moonlight #teenphotographer #globe_people #collectivetrend #portraitaus #idealportrait #justaportrait #portraitographers #nextvisualportraits #nightsky #clickports #portraitsquad #portraitspg #ig_ports #portraits_shot