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Such a fun day geeking out with these guys at Piz Gloria back in February🙌⛷

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The calm before the storm.

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L’estate inizia così, con un’occasione dopo l’altra per scoprire #Livorno e le sue tradizioni, dalle gare remiere al @cacciuccopride . Scorri >> per vedere tutte le foto 🔸 June offers visitors an exhaustive lists of suggestions for immersion in Livorno’s cultural life. The numerous rowing races, like the Coppa Barontini that took place this weekend, along with the @cacciuccopride festival make it a great start to Summer. Swipe right >> ________________________________ #italiainunoscatto #postcardplaces #wowplacestogo #comeandsee #terrerare #toscana #tuscany

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Ayutthaya, a former Thai capital and UNESCO World Heritage site with remnants of Buddhist temples from the 14th century 🇹🇭

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En Panamá tuvimos la suerte de ver un delfín haciendo buceo pero en República Dominicana pudimos tocarlos y jugar con ellos en @dolphindiscovery 😍😍 enserio que ese momento fue mágico estaba hiperemocionada🤩🤩, tocar un delfín es una sensación impresionante son súper pero súper suaves ya que mudan su piel cada 2h al día.

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A weekend together! Now that’s rare! So we tried to make the most of it by visiting many different places in the city. This was taken just outside Sir John Soane’s Museum in Holborn. It’s one of those quirky hidden museums of London with every room and corner filled with antiques and art. Highly recommended! #worldnomads #travelpassport #culturetrip #theglobewanderer #globetrotter #passportready #ilovetravel #traveladdicted #worldingram #traveldreamseekers #goexplore #traveltheglobe #wonderfulplaces #thetraveltag #killeverygram #openmyworld #roamtheworld #doyoutravel #postcardplaces #nomadiclife #adventurethatislife #bestplacestogo #locationindependent #locationindependent #placestogo #london #adventureseeker #traveltime #sonya7 #igpassport

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Some places make an impact; this is one such place. Epic nature with views for a lifetime. Santorini at it's best. Three places that left me in awe must be: . - Santorini - The Alps - Grand Canyon . Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta, and ready to explore something new! Start of road trip!

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You can’t make everyone happy, you are not a plane ticket

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Went exploring Santa Cruz yesterday and fell in love with the beautiful beaches and the super cute boardwalk 🙈 the more I explore California the more I fall in love with this place. 😍

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Tag somebody you want to bring to this location! 🌎 / SWIPER ➡️➡️ Morning Lake District lovers. Today’s fantastic shot is this one! The mighty Great Gable taken from Scafell taken by @andybrandt94 ⛰🙌🏻 Thanks for tagging us! Be sure to check out todays featured account for more incredible photography. ⛰⛰⛰⛰⛰⛰⛰⛰ Selected by @jessrg_outdoors / Via @hikingthelakes / to get featured! Follow 👉 Follow 👉 #worldplaces #exploreitaly #sudtirol #worlderlust #theglobewanderer #adventuring #outdoorlifestyle #hikingboots #postcardplaces #altabadia #outdoorexplorer #speechlessplaces #tblogger #mountaintop #adventures #adventurer #ischia #adventurevisuals #gohiking #traveldudes #mountainslovers #lovehiking #dolomiten #italia 🇮🇹 #hiking_hobby #valdifassa

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When you get free coconuts 🥥 straight from the trees 🌴... back in paradise!!!!

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Emsflower Emsbüren - unbezahlte Werbung -

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Shot on our recent travels to Japan, in the valleys of Tokushima. It's one of the lesser-explored parts of the country and we were there to meet some of our wonderful makers (more on this later). Buy what was meant to be a trip for business became one of the best places we have visited in Japan, and we ended up staying for a few days. The scenic valley is home to washi paper makers and indigo dyers, with a rich history in crafts using the river. It's a road trip with dramatic highs up at the peak of the forested mountains, winding down past vine bridges to the riverbed with thatched roof farmhouses and then back up in to the mountains again. There's a diffused light across the valley, throughout the day, adding to the magical feeling of the place. Also look up "Iya Valley peeing boy statue" if you want a chuckle.⠀ ⠀ #japantravels #magicplaces #tokushima #iyavalley #exploremore #cornersofmyworld #modernvoyage #moodcollectors #awakethesoul #roamtheplanet #soulsavesfolk #realfolklife #beautifuldestinations #sparkyourtravel #folkandstory #seasonspoetry #thetravellingnomads #adventureanywhere #lifewelltravelled #passionpassport #mistyfoggymilkymoody #mountainstories #holdthemoments #stayandwonder #wekeepmoments #earthmood #postcardplaces #inthewilderness #wanderlust #traveldeeper

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Opal Sands Resort is hands down one of the most beautiful hotels we’d ever stayed in 😍☀️🌊🇺🇸 @opalsandsresort This view onto the pool from our room’s balcony is just 🤩🙌🏼 A detailed review will soon be on the blog 😍👩🏼‍💻 💬 Do you prefer the beach or the pool when you’re travelling? 👙🏊🏻‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️ • • • 🇺🇦 Наш готель Opal Sands Resort - один із найкращих 5-зіркових готелів, де ми коли-небудь зупинялись 😍☀️🌊🇺🇸 Закохана у цей вид на басейн з нашого балкону 🤩🙌🏼 💬 До речі, ви більше любите басейн чи пляж? 👙🏊🏻‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️

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Glamping among the redwoods sounds like our ideal getaway. 🏕 California - Ispirazioni di Viaggio Piertour 📷: @sunsetmag

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🐆 for life

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From time to time we like to talk about our dreams, inspirations and plans. Then I prepare something tasty or if the weather is nice, we spend time on the cliffs. We talk about our ideas in the near future and about our plans for this not so near as well. We try to find compromises and create a common goals. At time we start to talk about stupid ideas🤪 that we know that they are difficult or impossible to implement, but the most crazy like visiting every state in America, climbing on Mount Everest ⛰or flying into space. 🚀I love those moments together during which everything is possible thanks to you.💙We will be glad if you shear with yours ideas!

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Polonnaruwa, The second most ancient of Sri Lanka's kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was first established by the Chola dynasty as their capital in the 10th century. The Ancient City of Polonnaruwahas been declared a World Heritage Site. In 1070 though, the Chola dynasty was overtaken by the Sinhalese kingdom (King Vijayabahu I), which kept Polonnaruwa as his capital. And it was during this Sinhalese period that Polonnaruwa reached its high glory. The second king (King Parakramabahu I, 1153-86) built many large buildings, beautiful parks and a huge lake/ tank of water (25 square km). The third king (King Nisanka Malla, 1187 – 96) tried to match his predecessors`achievements, and ended up bankrupting the kingdom in his attempts! In the early 13th century the cities glory was fading, it was abandoned, and the capital moved to the western side of the island where Colombo is today. That was the sad end of the era of beautiful Polonnaruwa as a capital.

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Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell. .On the top of Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka🇱🇰.

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Reclining Buddha carved on the Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka🇱🇰. Pidurangala Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Pidurangala village of Sri Lanka. The temple was constructed on a massive rock called Pidurangala, which is located a few kilometers north of the historical fort Sigiriya. It is believed that the history of Pidurangala Vihara goes back beyond to the first and second century BC. From those days Pidurangala was used as a Buddhist monastery and but became a prominent place during the reign of King Kashyapa (473 - 495 AC).

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Lake Ohrid in the spring. We visited for Easter a few years ago and it has to be one of my favourite holidays. It’s not a very well known lake or that easy to get to but it is so beautiful. Wizz Air fly there from the Uk. This was taken on a morning walk when the lake was so calm. . . . #ohrid #macedonia #lovemacedonia #photographyinmacedonia #travelingthebalkans #balkans #passionpassport #roamtheplanet #instapassport #beautifuldestinations #exploremore #seetheworld #travelmore #openmyworld #agameoftones #lake #reflections #calm #postcardplaces #instravel #ttbigpicture #travel_drops #best_travel_photography #guardiantravelsnaps #ipulledoverforthis #spring #view #landscapephotography #iamwizztraveller #beautifulview

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Whew. Early morning tsunami warnings make me almost consider a move back to the middle... almost. Miss these mountains (and my beasties) dearly, but love the coast!

1 year ago

Magic Sardegna. How many blues can there be? . . . . #travelstagram_