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43 minutes ago

Saturday evening 😈

1 hour ago

Ultimate relaxation

2 hours ago

Where you think you’re going?

5 hours ago

take me to

9 hours ago

Would you ever take me Cause my heart is all I carry The feelings in my mind I cannot explain #takeme

10 hours ago

#TakeMe Do you have something to say? Cos the feelings in my mind cannot escape

15 hours ago

nothing's been working but holy hell am I positive fuck

16 hours ago

I feel like causing accidents I feel like breaking all the norms Destroy the laws of the machine I feel like walking by the street until the early workers come out I feel like yelling in the dark while dancing under a light post Let your inner branches spread in the murky streets I feel like going to His© house and letting him take me I feel Him© Take me Take me #Takeme Take me #Takeme Take me Take me Home

18 hours ago

Wisdom: . Be free, loose your Empire and build others as well as all users around you. . Put a price, build your Empire and attract the serious consumers as well as genuine friends. . Your choice. . #TakeMe Coming soon #ReflectionMonth

19 hours ago

#takeme #feten las más lindas remes!! Siempre!! Recuerden que pueden reservar cualquier prenda por anticipado sin compromiso!! ♥️🖤

21 hours ago

Bondage. Tie me up and free me from myself. Just hold me down and love me. Sometimes Love is the fast hand that takes your pain from you when you've gotten too far into your own illusions. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is withhold, when it means you are stopping a codependent pattern. Learn what real love is, and you will set every single soul you love free. ♡♡♡ #love and #loving #bondage #shibari #ropes #time #tiemeup #holdmedown #lovers #romance #healing #liberation #kink #tantrika #loveasapathtofreedom #sacred #sacredprofane #sacredsex #tantra #sacredsexuality #takemehome #takeme #anywhere #pleasureasmedicine