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Swipe left! What do you think? The CloakedHouse is a 140 sqm. retreat situated on a hillside site surrounded by chestnut trees, streams, and natural landscape. The house is all about conservation of the surrounding nature preserving trees and vegetation, while providing a tranquil getaway amidst a serene environment. The house is designed by @3rernestopereira and is located in #MarcoDeCanaveses #Portugal - Join the community! #dopedecorz #doplexmagazine Follow @realestatevendor @dopearchitect ! @dopedecorz - - - #architecture #decoration #interior #loft #design #luxury #homedecor #art #decor #lifestyle #travel #realtor #realestate #home #house #street #urban #love #instagood #luxuryrealestate #luxurylife #usa #california

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Why do I spend so many hours on Instagram? . Well... let me tell you 😌 . There was a time when I was lost. I had very little direction... minimal know how... and not a whole going for me by any measure. . I felt alone in this too... like I was the only one struggling with this in a world full of people who put on masks pretending to have it all figured out. . When I first got on IG I was like most of us... posting pics because it felt like it was another way to fit in. Everyone else was doing it... so I probably should to? . No way to better sum up how I was as a teen ☝🏼 Follow the crowd. Blend in. . It wasn't until I came across a couple accounts and met a few people who were doing things differently... a lot differently that my perception started shifting. . The difference was honest insight. . Over the course of a couple years I dug into self development and started looking within rather than looking without. . I started seeing my shortcomings as tools. Relatable stories. A way to connect to others just like me. . Every day that I did this I saw more value in it... realizing how much more of it I needed back when I was struggling. . IG's become a way to share the story... but in a positive light. A very different feel compared to the rough journey as it was playing out live. . I don't want to be seen as a success story... because I know that I'm not there yet. I just want those who are feeling like life's against them... to know that things can turn around very quickly if you just push on. . I work hard. But it doesn't feel like work so much anymore... because I see growth, I see battle scars... and a lot of the stuff becomes very valuable learning lessons in the long run. . I want to be able to look back on all of this a year from now... 2... 5... and go "wow... you've come a long way". . In the end it's about becoming the best version of ourselves.. and living life as closely to our dream life as possible. Realizing that you are always your only true obstacle. . If I can help even just one person see this along the way... all of this would have been worth it. #architecture #building #architexture #city #buildings #skyscraper #urban #design #minimal

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The gun room Classic movies pack

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Junior year of college I was inspired to create CREATED to represent radical faith and creative designs, championing cause of living life authentically and boldly. The journey required focus, passion and prayer. CREATED is my tribute to God for being the ultimately creator. We all are given the opportunity to create through the various facets of life. I believe the ultimate goal is to leave the earth different from how we found it. Your imprint is important and your imprint matters. In times like these we must be relentless to forever reflect the Creator who CREATED us all.

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Rose Rhodes out now ⚘ ~Link in bio

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⚡ Óculos linha Urban com lentes redondas de policarbonato, armação em metal e detalhes com textura de couro. Variação na cor preta. Disponível em nossas lojas físicas e virtual.⠀ .⠀ Enviamos para todo Brasil. Compra segura sem juros em até 3x no cartão de crédito. Acesse clikks.com.br (link na bio).⠀ .⠀⠀ #clikks #clikksurban #urban #óculosdesol #sunglasses #novacoleção

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"Mi barrio me respalda" 🕶 Mini colección inspirada en el vídeo reportaje de las "Cholas de Chalco". Video viral de hace más de 6 años donde las Cholas de la colonia de Valle de Chalco (Estado de México) se hicieron famosas por haberle explicado al mundo el significado de las gafas en la cara, la cabeza y la nuca, al igual que sus rituales y lenguaje callejero. Para muchos fue indignante pero para otros chusco, gracioso y fuera de lo común. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fashiondesigns #fashionbrand #fashiondesigner #fashiondesign #ootdfashion #ootd #modamujer #modamexicana #highfashion #fashionphotoshoot #modafeminia #streetstyle #streetwear #urban #urbanstyle

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ОТКУДА ... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Все берётся? ⠀ Любимый детский вопрос, а вот взрослых интересует, куда же все девается ?! ⠀ Иногда, да даже, чаще всего, вопросов увзрослых больше, чем ответов ⠀ Но на некоторые вопросы мы подсознательной знаем ответы, но боимся на них сами себе ответить, поэтому пускай вселенная услышит очередное «Почему?!» в никуда ⠀ Окружить себя большим количеством друзей и отвечать на вопросы жизни станет гораздо интереснее, веселее, даже если это не продуктивно #всебудеткакнадо 💙 #nightscape #girls #moodoftheday #goodnight #citylife #urban #samara_online #samaragirl #mylife

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Vo vzduchu cítiť koniec letných lások.

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Перекрестие. Crosshair.

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London, August 2019.

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Two sides to every story.