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33 minutes ago

We had such a sweet sunny day for great outdoor adventures today 🌞 Loitsu and Ceevris in the wheel, Ahma and Luonto, Malla and Dui, Pimu and Ateena, Myrsky and Mars in the team and Rávdna and Maahinen in the lead ⚡️ . . . #shamanhuskies #laplandadventures #explore #visitlapland #visitfinland #visitrovaniemi #laplandfinland #huskysafari #sledsafaris #sleddog #dogsledding #mystic #arctic #authentic #nature #huskies #huskiesofinstagram #wolfdog #wolvesofinstagram #arcticlife #protectourwinters #POWfinland #travelling #travel #ecotravel

41 minutes ago

Just two weeks and we’ll meet again. #lapland

1 hour ago

There is something beautiful about the morning sunlight on the snow☀️❄️ ✅ If you enjoy speed and want to try something different I recommend Ice karting sports in Levi 🚘

1 hour ago

It’s time to update my feed to winter mode finally. Heading to Lapland to say hello to this snow man I met last year.

1 hour ago

Enjoy your life.

1 hour ago

Weird shapes of snow on the trees here in #ylläs National Park. Walked for 14km today on a winter path: to a lovely forest cafe and back again. Much warmer today (about zero degrees centigrade) - gloves off! 🧤

1 hour ago

Joko olet muistanut ilmoittaa perheesi tähän hauskaan tapahtumaan? 😊 . Järjestämme ke 20.2. klo 13-16 KOKO PERHEEN LUMIRIEHAN Sirkkajärven rannassa! Lumiriehan aikana voit halutessasi kokeilla lumikenkäilyä järven jäällä tai vaikkapa istahtaa pilkille samalla kun lapset rakentavat oppaan avustuksella lumilinnaketta. Ahkerin rakentaja palkitaan! 🤗 Perheen pienimmät pääsevät myös testaamaan lasten moottorikelkalla ajoa, ja päivän kruunaavat tietenkin nokipannukahvit sekä avotulella paistetut makkarat ja muurikkaletut! 😋 . Tule mukaan nauttimaan talvipäivästä Sirkkajärven kauniisiin maisemiin! Hinta: 15€/lapsi alle 12v ja 30€/aikuinen. Hinta sisältää aktiviteetit sekä makkaran, muurikkaletun ja kahvin tai mehun. Ilmoittautua voit soittamalla meille numeroon 0504032000 tai lähettämällä sähköpostia osoitteeseen info ! . #kinossafaris #levilapland #leviskiresort #visitlapland #onlyinlapland #discoverlapland #laplandfinland #munlappi #livelovelevi #breaklevi #winterwonderland #hiihtoloma #talvi #luonto #lumikenkäily #pilkkiminen #moottorikelkkailu #lumirieha #matkailu #tekemistälapsille

2 hours ago

🇮🇱 — I want to start posting more natural photos 🤔 What ya think?

2 hours ago

Tättärää, huomenna se aukeaa! Klo 12.00 näppikset sauhuamaan ja ilmoittautumiset sisään. Hyödyntäkää ihmeessä halvimman hintaportaan hinnat, jotka ovat voimassa 24.3. asti 😊 Sprintti 65e, pitkämatka 125e, joukkuesprintti 125e. Linkki ilmoittautumiseen löytyy biosta. #kokoajoukkue #haastaitsesijakaverisi #leviextremetriathlon #yötönyö #midnigthsun #swimbikerun #triathlontraining #triathlon #extremetriathlon #uintipyöräjuoksu #levintriathlonkoulu #suomenpohjoisin #levilapland #visitlapland

2 hours ago

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs I've been a wilderness guide since 2011. It has been an adventure full of amazing days which are never the same. Sometimes the conditions have been great and sometimes very challenging. I've done snowshoetrips in snow that reached armpits, whitewater rafting in cold pouring rain, snowmobile and reindeer safaris in -40 celsius degrees, crosscountry skiing in wind that pushed people around. I've worked with huskies and reindeer. I've worked with great colleagues who have become very important friends for me. But the most important reason for being a wilderness guide is the customers. It gives me so much joy to be a part of making once in a lifetime experiences and memories for so many people. All the countless happy moments shared with thousands of people gives me motivation to always do my best and to keep going in the future. Thank you all and see you in the nature! #myworkismypassion #stevejobs

3 hours ago

The Green Ghost 💥👻 • • A powerful corona dances overhead in Swedish Lapland. This incredible image was captured by senior Lights Over Lapland photographer oliver Wright ( @ocwright ) 📸 • • #northernlights #auroraborealis #nature #space #nationalpark #swedishlapland #wildgeography #beautifuldestinations #neverstopexploring #visitlapland #sweden_photolovers #ig_auroraborealis #planetearth #discoverearth #visitsweden #explore @swedishlapland @visitsweden @sveriges_nationalparker @sweden

3 hours ago

Polaris 800cc 😎

3 hours ago

On the way to the weekend

3 hours ago

Daylight is getting longer and longer in Lapland Finland. What is better than starting a new bright day with a cup of morning tea or coffee and breakfast served by our private chef in our private cottages next to the river! For an unforgettable authentic and luxury stay, send us your inquiries via email or by our contact form on 👉🏻 #arcticdreamshouse #luxuryvacations #luxtravel #luxuryaround #luxuryhomes #visitranua #visitrovaniemi #visitlapland #visitfinland #hgtv #winterwonderland #beautifuldestinations #naturephotography #virtuoso

3 hours ago

Killing time while waiting for lady Aurora :)

3 hours ago

One of the main reasons to visit the Arctic in the wintertime is the chance to see the #NorthernLights … and see them we did!!!! ⁣ ⁣ ✧⁣ ⁣ The Northern Lights occur when storms on the Sun eject particles toward the Earth, the particles colliding with our upper atmosphere in a brilliant display of fast-moving color and light. ⁣ ⁣ ✧⁣ ⁣ Given the fact that the Lights are dependent on particles from STORMS ON THE SUN TRAVELING ALL THE WAY TO EARTH, they can be tough to predict accurately. Even when they *do* occur, clear skies are necessary see them, so catching the Aurora is far from guaranteed. ⁣ ⁣ ✧⁣ ⁣ If YOU want to catch the Aurora, your best bet is to book a winter trip to the Arctic for 4-5 days to maximize your chances of seeing the Lights, then head out on a nighttime tour with local experts. @borderfreetravels and I went out with @christmas_house_safaris_santa in Rovaniemi, Finland, and our guide stayed with us well into the night as we time-lapsed, danced around to fight off the cold, and awaited the big show. ⁣ ⁣ ✧⁣ ⁣ You know how they say that “patience is a virtue”? Virtue or not, patience was necessary to catch this magic… so consider us virtuous indeed.

3 hours ago

Stoked to spend my weekend on these views💫

4 hours ago

Beautiful 'suspended' forest in Urho Kekkonen National Park.