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2 weeks ago

Someone at a race this fall gave me colored fire to play with! I am so thankful for my adventures this year and all of the family and friends I shared them with. I do my fair share of complaining but I’m taking a minute right now to appreciate that I’m usually pretty stoked to see what’s going to happen tomorrow. #thanksgiving #maybetritebutdefinitelytrue

1 month ago

Many river and lake baths the last couple of months. “You never really get clean but at least you don’t get dirtier” #outdoorliving #beautysecrets

1 month ago

My home! I once turned down a free trip to Europe because I couldn’t stand to leave my friends for that long. Now I find myself researching my next trip on the way back from the current one. I need to see everywhere but my heart is here. After 3 months of crazy travel and adventures I’m so grateful that this beautiful town and the people I love are still there for me. #truestory #wanderlust #boulder #home

3 months ago

I’m not even going to attempt to edit this, a million photographers have done it better, but this was my first look driving into the park and I swear I could feel it physically. Definitely my kind of place. #grandtetons #roadtrip #soulmoving

3 months ago

Jackson Hole viewpoint. Looks pretty nice. Dying to check out the Tetons! #roadtrip

5 months ago

Absolutely love the busy morning river camp with everyone working together. Having the kids involved in essential tasks in a happy atmosphere is such a great part of adventure. #riverlife #familyadventure #rubyhorsethief

5 months ago

One of my favorite things about canyon trips is that there’s no choice but to keep going forward. You just have to go for it and see what happens. #moab #canyoneering