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1 day ago

Bringing some sunshiiiine to the gram ☀️💜🤩 ⠀ @gymshark summer sale is 10 days away! June 3, mark your calendars 💟 wearing camo seamless in XS

2 days ago

❗️PHYSIQUE UPDATE❗️ ⠀ I haven’t done one of these in soooo long. Overall I’m pretty happy with how my physique is coming along, mainly my legs. Not the best shape I’ve ever been in but definitely not the worst either. I mentioned recently that I’ve been dealing with supraspinatus tendinitis in my right shoulder, so I’ve been doing 0 upper body 😥 I’ve definitely lost a little bit of size in my arms & delts, which sucks but is to be expected. I will say my shoulder is at likeeee 80% now!! I did a little bit of upper body last night just to test it out. Nothing crazy, the workout could be described as “cute” compared to what I’m used to 😂 but i felt NO pain at all 🤘🏼 I’m so happy to finally be feeling more like myself as training is such an outlet for me and not being able to hit shoulders & back has been SO difficult lol. I’ve been VERY consistent with my visits to the chiro (lots of stim, heat, ultrasound etc), icing, and using @curednutrition Max Salve daily for pain relief (next slide, link in bio to shop)! Here’s to hopefully getting back to it soon! Sorry for all the leg workouts in the meantime 😂💗 ⠀ • I’m 5ft2, ~120ish lbs. • Cardio 4ish x per week @ 25-30min • Not currently tracking macros but eating mindfully 😋 • Song: COPYCAT - Billie Eilish

3 days ago

🤤 GROW YOUR QUADS 🤤 My quads are definitely what I’m most proud of in terms of growth over the past year or so. They’ve always been my most stubborn area & they definitely aren’t where I want em, but I’ve REALLYYYY pushed myself to improve in this area because the goal is always to be proportionate! *i didn’t speed up any of the exercises because i wanted to show you guys the speeds/tempos I’m using in each movement* ⠀ Some things that have helped me: working on my FORM before increasing weight in all movements, progressively getting stronger, sticking to the basics, using different tempos & adding in unilateral movements. Here are 4 exercises that are staples in manyyyy of my quad focused workouts & leg days in general. You can’t go wrong adding these bad boys in to any leg day & I promise they’ll all make your quads burrrrrn 🔥😬 ⠀ ❕Extensions (both up, 1 down) ❕Goblet squat with heels elevated/toes slightly pointed out/not locking out @ top ❕Stationary lunges ❕Tempo leg press (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)/not locking out @ top WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE QUAD EXERCISE?! ⠀ Song: GrRoCERIES - Chance the Rapper

4 days ago

Hiiii :) I’m home from #LiftFrankfurt (which was SO fun 🇩🇪) & getting back into the swing of my routine. I have lots to update you guys on so be on the look out! Lots of good stuff on the way 🥰 Hope you guys have a great week! Xoxoxo 🖤

1 week ago

Hi 💚💚 just checkin in with a little update since I don’t think I’ve posted about it on my actual page yet — tomorrow I’m headed to Frankfurt, Germany with @gymshark !! Very excited for my 2nd pop up :) Any German followers going?! ☺️👀🇩🇪 pumped to see all of my Gymshark peeps & meet everyone! 🥰

1 week ago

Expectation v reality 🙂 happy Monday!

2 weeks ago

life is short, make it sweet 🧡

3 weeks ago

Had a BOMB 💣 quad focused leg workout today 😍😍 most of what I did is listed below! ⠀ ◾️Front squat: 4 sets of 8 ◾️Reverse lunge w/ front squat grip superset w/ kb squats: 3 sets of 8-10 ◾️Extensions: 4 sets of 12-15 ◾️Narrow stance leg press superset w/ sissy squat: 3 sets of 12-15 ◾️Split squat jumps (can sub w/ regular DB BSS but I wanted an extra lil burn 😝) superset w/ seated calf raise: 3 sets of 10 ⠀ Song: Beautiful Disruption - @c.syresmith Wearing all @gymshark ⠀ What are y’all training today?! Or are ya restinnnn??? 👀👀 lmk!! 🖤🖤 happy Saturday lovely people!!! :)

3 weeks ago

HI 💚 TGIF! Sending lots of love & positivity today to whoever needs it! Please remember that you matter & you are SO much stronger than you think :) 🥰

3 weeks ago

Hiii happy May 1!!! Had such a good workout tonight! Really needed it 💆🏻‍♀️😍 Gonna type it up & put it on my story in a bit so you guys can screen shot & try it out!! Ham/glute focused leg day 🤘🏼🔥 tbh I’ve been less focused on filming my workouts lately and more focused on killlllin said workouts 😂💚 hope you guys had/are having a good day! :)) ps @gymshark camo is back in stock ayeee 👏🏼🔥