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4 weeks ago

Hi kidz, today is my birthday 🔪 here is my life in one picture... Alien 👽 from day one. Never understand the humans and they didn‘t understand me, this made me really sad and lonely in the past. But during my journey through life I discovered that I‘m not the only 👽 in this world. Now I‘m living in a big family of many 👽👽👽👽👽 in our own world. Couldn’t be happier for this. I want to say thanks to all my 👽 I met until today, you filled my world with so much love 🖤 I love you !!!! #love #aliens #unicornsarereal #artisawayofsurvival #blessed

1 month ago

I know I‘m late but I don’t want to miss saying „thank you“ 2018, you gave me all! I‘m surrounded by the best people I could ask for and blessed with the life I want. So many things changed and I’m more close to myself then I ever was. It was definitiv the best year of all my life.. sooooo 2019 I‘m ready for you 🌙oh.. and my friend @thorstenkuntz @inkarnat tattooed me the moon on my neck✌🏽 #artisawayofsurvival #unicornsarereal #world #travel #ink #moon #2019 #thailand #kotao #libertà #moonchild #necktattoo #love

2 months ago

The twin tiger symbolizes the highest level of power, fearlessness, protection and strength. It will keep evil spirits away. The tiger sak Yant represents authority and is common among Muay Thai Fighters. 1. the 2 Lines at the bottom in the Kata (Incantations) for the Heart of Tiger which represent Power, psychical strength, courage and pull an good energy to your body 
2. Na Tor Ra Hod (Symbol at the bottom) represent to help you be able to face through the obstacle you have in your life 
3. Na Mo Put Tha Ya (Middle symbol); U Na lom - Wisdom and intelligent to help you make the right decision I your path and also boost your positive thinking 
3 letters up top - 3 the triple gems, which are Buddha, Dhamma and Sankha.
In the middle 
Na Mo Put Tha Ya – Short name of 5 Buddha who represent of power, mercy, charming, intelligent and peacefully in life / Passionate of love and also represent of 4 elements – Water, Earth, Fire and Wind (You can’t complete without having all these elements in the world) Bottom line - So pa ka wa meaning I worship the Buddhist and pleased myself to guide my life and find the peacefulness

4. Na Pa Tha Mung Bung Kord (Top line in the middle) is helping to regain the energy that you lost and be able to focus on the things that you and people also will respect you   #bangkok #sakyant #bamboo #traditionaltattoo #buddhism #tattoo #blessed #twintigers #fighter #muaythai #thailand #asia #unicornsarereal #artisawayofsurvival #ink #bemagical #world #travel

2 months ago

Love Like it‘s the only thing You know how At the end of the day all This Means nothing This page Where you‘re sitting Your degree Your job The money Nothing even matters Except love and human Connection Who you loved And how deeply you loved Them How you touched the People around you And how much you gave Them