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@haleyphamspam See full size profile   hi don’t follow you don’t want to know this much about my life

1 month ago

thanos 🤠

3 months ago

can’t wait to go to Canada and make more vids with mai tai

3 months ago

daily routine: read hate comments on my YouTube videos, then read Instagram dms.

4 months ago

Hello spam. Tmr I’m gonna go to the grocery store, buy some actual food to eat, and actually start working out! Only one month until another hollister shoot and I actually wanna feel cute this time 🥳

5 months ago

been trying to be a beauty guru since I was 10 but some dreams will always stay dreams

6 months ago

I’m being FORCED by my mother to give my dogs to a dog shelter this weekend so if you live in Texas and are interested I can tell you which shelter they’ll be at. Pls someone good take them I’m so worried about them 😭😭 (this shelter has a no kill policy btw)

6 months ago

these two pics were taken within 5 min of each other and WOW do they look different

7 months ago

This week has been awesome sauce to say the least

7 months ago

Moving out tmr. This is how I feel about it. Daily vlogs coming while I move though. So that’s fun.

7 months ago

Moving out this phriday and that is spooky! Leave your questions for a “moving out at 17” Q&A

7 months ago

I need to put Wally in Halloween costumes for a video this is a must

7 months ago

I’m moving out Jan/feb WHAT VIDS DO I MAKE and also I’m traveling for three weeks in December so do I make main channel or vlog channel vids there? (And what should they be hehe)