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18 hours ago

Whatever the destination, keep covered in the most versatile looks from this season's resort collections—see 6 more excellent hats to wear on vacation online or through the link in bio. (📸: @cgbp , fashion editor: @alexgfisher ) #wsjmagazine

2 days ago

"I like to bite off more than I can chew," @kevinhart4real told contributing writer @itsjasongay at #WSJDLIVE. "When you do that you’re taking advantage of an opportunity in the moment. I have a goal to make the world laugh, and stand up comedy is the tool to achieve that goal." (Above photo by Nikki Ritcher) #WSJMagazine

2 days ago

"It was very incremental," @gwynethpaltrow told Deputy Editor @elk_elisa at #WSJDLIVE about @goop 's success. "It happened in slow stops. You have an idea, you try to raise money, and the metrics by which people judge are pretty binary and clear. And once you start hitting those metrics, people start taking you seriously." (Above photo by Nikki Ritcher) #WSJMagazine

2 days ago

Tonight, we hosted three panels at #WSJDLIVE business & tech conference. WSJ Editor in Chief @murraymatt01 interviewed former Instagram CEO @kevin. “A lot of tech companies root around in what’s cool," said Systrom, "but what real human problems are you solving? What lasting technologies are we creating to protect the next generation?" (Above photo by Nikki Ritcher) #WSJMagazine

2 days ago

In this month's issue, Loretta Lynn shared a few of her favorite things with us. “Epiphone made the guitar just for me in the early ’60s. I gave it to my daughter Patsy, and she passed it on to her daughter Emmy. I love watching Emmy play on that guitar," say says. “Draped on the guitar, and below, is some of my mother’s crochet work. Before she passed away, she gave me a basket of her needles and yarns. I tried and tried to learn to crochet, but I never really was any good at it. She was the strongest, most loving woman I have ever known. I recorded a song on my new album, Wouldn’t It Be Great, called ‘My Angel Mother’—I wrote it for my mommy in 1959." Read the full story online or through the link in bio. (Edited by @tgebremedhin , 📸: @whittensabbatini ) #WSJMagazine

4 days ago

Business acumen has made 2018 Fashion Innovator Ralph Lauren wealthier than most of his peers, with a net worth estimated at $6.8 billion by Forbes, which in October ranked him as the 71st-richest American. Lauren served as chairman and chief executive as well as chief creative officer, even after the Ralph Lauren Corporation went public in 1997. He relinquished the CEO role in 2015. Fashion designers commonly leave the business details up to a partner and often sell majority stakes in their companies only to find themselves unable to work under their own names. Lauren retains a controlling stake. Read the full story in the #WSJInnovators issue, on newsstands through today. (🖊: @christinabinkley , 📸: @cassblackbird ) #WSJMagazine

4 days ago

For a time, 2018 Television Innovator Phoebe Waller-Bridge was reluctant to undertake a second season of Fleabag, given that the show’s initial six-episode arc was conceived as a self-contained entity. But now that she has figured out a new storyline and filming is underway, she is enjoying herself. “I’ve released myself slightly from agonizing over absolutely everything,” she says, “and it’s making the experience much more pleasurable.” Read the full profile on newsstands through today. (🖊: David Kamp, 📸: @jamie.hawkesworth , styling by @emimikareh ) #WSJMagazine #WSJInnovators

4 days ago

As the Momofuku empire has expanded, 2018 Food Innovator David Chang has made room for the tastes and talents of ascendant chefs, such as Sean Alex Gray at Ko in New York, Paula Navarrete at Kōjin in Toronto and Paul Carmichael at Seiōbo in Sydney, among others. He recently went out on a limb to tap a former chef de partie at Ko named Eunjo “Jo” Park to be the executive chef of the Momofuku opening in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards. One of the few times Chang sounds borderline boastful is when he discusses having advancement plans for all his senior staff. He has even anointed his successor; though he prefers not to identify the person yet, he told his board of his plan. “They were like, ‘No, she’s too young,’ ” he says. “I was like, ‘F— you guys’—I said that—‘She’s going to be better than I am. She knows this shit better than you guys. And the only reason you are saying no is because she’s a young woman.’ ” Read the full story on newsstands this weekend. (🖊: @alexb718 , 📸: @dariocatellani , styling by @giovannidariolaudicina , prop styling by @whitneyhellesen ) #WSJMagazine #WSJInnovators

5 days ago

Whatever the warm weather destination, keep covered in the most versatile pieces from this season's resort collections. See the full story online and on newsstands in this month's #WSJInnovators issue now. (📸: @cgbp , fashion editor: @alexgfisher ) #WSJMagazine