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@annaleebelle See full size profile   #LasVegasMakeupArtist 💗ENGAGED to @mrjdscott Mental health, fashion, travel, and beauty. AVAILABLE FOR MAKEUP/HAIR BOOKINGS IN VEGAS. 👇🏻ITALY VLOG!👇🏻

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Earth Day Birthday girl. 🌍 🎂 As I was looking for photos of us together, my heart was so warm. We’ve experienced so much together, more than I have with anyone aside from @mrjdscott. From foodie adventures to traveling literally around the world, from late night talks to trips to the urgent care, I’m so grateful to have shared so much with you, @imlindork. You never cease to amaze me. You inspire me to think about the earth and the people living on it every day. I’m so excited to call you my sister! I love you more than I could ever say. Happy birthday and #EarthDay ! 💗

1 week ago

Every day we have the decision to be positive or not. I know all too well that when we’re in a funk it’s easy to let ourselves be down. The more we practice gratefulness and count our blessings, the easier is becomes to be positive and feel happier. 3 things for which I’m grateful: 1) @dmrdepictions because on top of being a rad photographer, he’s a rad human! 📸✨ 2) How comfortable and cute this dress is! 👗 3) @drjustintan , for the wonderful workout and meditation this morning. It was just what my mind, body and soul needed! Plus the good convos all the time. 😃 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions DRESS: @uniquevintage HAIR: @bedheadbytigi Deep Waver then curled a few pieces with @sutrabeauty flat iron 💗 LIPS: @buxomcosmetics Va-Va-Plump in “Make it Hot”

1 week ago

Started the day having some uuuhhhmazing breakfast with @imlindork at @islandflavor808lv. They’ll be serving breakfast on the weekends starting this Saturday! I loved this place already, but I’m gonna be loving it even more now. Breakfast makes everything better. Or butter... mmmm butter. 🤤 I can’t even tell you which dish to try because they were all good, but you can watch my stories to see a couple of my faves! Thanks for the pic, @ryusauce ! 📸 My dress is @tailorandtwirl from @tatyanaboutique. 💗

2 weeks ago

Playing with textures can be so much fun! This bralette is one of my favorite pieces because it goes with just about anything and it’s great for layering. I threw this outfit together in my head last minute and I’m pretty jazzed with how it turned out. 😀 BTW....I used @sutrabeauty flat iron for these curls! That thing is still the best straightener I have ever used. Even for hair this length it glides so nice when curling 😍😍😍 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions BRALETTE: @holdyourcolourrr SHRUG: @dollskill PANTS: @patrice_catanzaro LIPSTICK: @buxomcosmetics Va-Va-Plump lipstick in “Dare Me” LOCATION: @clairbnb

2 weeks ago

Hi! I’m Annalee. 💗 Let me introduce myself for all the new friends here who may not know me so well. 😃 Aside from social media stuffs and fashion/beauty blogging, I am also a professional makeup artist. I work primarily on my amazing fiancé, @mrjdscott , and his two rad brothers, @mrsilverscott and @mrdrewscott , but also do weddings, photoshoots, competitions, and anything else! 💄 I am also a professional model 💁🏼‍♀️ and have been doing both modeling and makeup/hair for 10 years. THAT IS CRAZY to type out! 😱 I love all things pink and rainbow. 💗🌈 Good food makes me dance. 💃🏼 Animals are just magnificent in my world. 🐶🐱🐭 Connecting with people means everything to me, so my goal with social media is not only to connect, but to inspire connections for others. Mental health and overall wellness are by far the most important things to me, so I talk about both fairly often. I believe in love. I believe love can change the world. I believe I can change the world. And I believe YOU can change the world. If you’re into REALNESS, happiness, wellness, beauty, fashion, and travel, then this here might just be a good place for ya! 🤗 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions SHIRT: @dollskill SKIRT: @uniquevintage CLUTCH: @shopstudiodiy HEADBAND: @lizzyzbowtique SHOES: @crocs - make fun of me all you want for wearing Crocs! Once you feel how amazing they are and see they can be cute you’ll change your mind. 😉

2 weeks ago

Bath time has become my ultimate “me” time. I rarely get to do it, but anytime I’m super duper upset, the first thing that comes to mind is a bath. Now usually I don’t have wine, but sometimes you gotta treat yo-self! 💁🏼‍♀️🍷💗 I’m no wine connoisseur, but my tongue knows yum when it’s tastes it. Gotta say, for a rosé this one from @empathywines is purdy goot! And full disclosure, because I feel it’s important to share, I was gifted this wine, but you all know I’m not about that BS life. 💁🏼‍♀️ It’s a beautiful bottle, with beautiful messaging, and I had a beautiful location to shoot so it just fit. 😉 I know a lot of people are up in arms over people not disclosing whether they are paid to say a product is good or not, so just gotta keep it real and remind ya that I’m all about keepin’ it real. 💯💗 I mean, it also helps that I’m a huge fan of one of the co-founders, @garyvee , because he’s also about that no BS life. 🙌🏻 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions

4 weeks ago

#VivaLasVegas weekend is getting close! And I’ll be doing makeup for some really rad photoshoots downtown Vegas at @bombshell_vegas with @radiant_inc ! We’ll pick you up from the Orleans, doll you up, give you a ride in a vintage car through Old Vegas, take some cool photos with @radiant_inc , AND give you a ride back to the Orleans! Easy breezy my friends! We’re super excited to do this and can’t wait to hang out with you for a while in April. 😃 CONTACT FOR BOOKING: annelies Credits for this vid: LOCATION/HAIR: @bombshell_vegas PHOTOGRAPHERS: @radiant_inc MODELS: @khalilahyasmin @the_official_monsterdoll @sharie_robinson @mrjdscott @thejoshuadanger and me WARDROBE/STYLING: @tatyanaboutique @subculture_vulture SHOES: @bettiepageshoes

4 weeks ago

Today is our 4th ANNIVERSARY! It’s officially my longest relationship with no breakups! And to think, a year ago this photo really depicted how I felt about marriage. 😆🤪🙈 @mrjdscott I am effing excited to spend the rest of our lives together. Thank you for being you, truly. And thank you for letting me be me. 💗 #Teammates #4eva #Bestie PHOTO: @dmrdepictions More photos in my stories. ☺️

1 month ago

9 day hair don’t care. 💁🏼‍♀️ I gotta day, I have been mega obsessed with the @coverfx Face Perfector palette ever since it came in my @boxycharm box this month. I’ve worn it every day for the last week and it’s honestly perfect for keeping things compact and accommodating ing the busy schedule we’ve had filming commercials and tv shows between Vegas and LA. I tell ya, @boxycharm never disappoints. Of all the subscription boxes I’ve received, this is the only one that keeps me super excited! If you’re into trying new makeup without going broke, check it out! LINK: ✨✨ 100% unedited shot, taken in natural light. MAKEUP DEETS: EYESHADOW/BRONZER/BLUSH/HIGHLIGHT: @coverfx Perfector Face Palette BROWS: @suavecitapomade brow pomade pencil MASCARA: @thebalm Mad Lash LIPS: @buxomcosmetics Plumpline “Incognito” (topped with @toofaced Miss Thing lipstick in second photo)

1 month ago

What are your favorite clothing items? Since I was a teenager, I’ve been very drawn to vintage lace pieces, usually in dress form. The softness and femininity always inspired me. I can’t even tell you how many dresses like this one I’ve bought. Once I started modeling, I had a purpose for them, but prior to that, I would just buy and stash. 🙈 To be honest, I don’t regret much in life, but I do kind of regret getting rid of some of my vintage finds. Something reignited my love for thrifting and finding treasures like this last year and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this little hobby again. 😃 Funny backstory on this shoot...we went out to Palo Duro Canyon (while I was still living in Amarillo) and since it has just rained, my feet kept sinking into the mud and my dress ended up sooo dirty from all the red dirt out there. I’d still say this was 100% worth the trip out there because the photos came out so pretty! 😍 I think this was something like 6-7 years ago. So crazy! #tbt PHOTO: @soonerjh

1 month ago

The other night when we went to see @cher , I HAD to wear something fabulous, which meant this @l.o.m_fashion kimono, of course. And this beauty NEEDS glitter. So I tried out the @lunautics glitters I got at @londonedge and HOLY WOW THEY ARE GORGOUS! Once I decided on the glitter, the rest fell into place. ✨ and makeup is UNEDITED MAKEUP DEETS: BROWS: @suavecitapomade brow pomade pencil EYESAHDOW: @appealcosmetics Liquid eyeshadow EYELINER: @itcosmetics Superhero LASHES: @rouge.and.rogue Eclipse BRONZER/BLUSH/HIGHLIGHT: @coverfx Perfector Face Palette LIPLINER: @buxomcosmetics Plumpline “Hush Hush” highlighted with “White Russian” pencils LIPGLOSS: @buxomcosmetics Muave Collins GLITTER: @lunautics Disco Dreams, Pop, and and Rose-Aye mixed together