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7 hours ago

How in the world has it already been a year since these photos were taken?! 😱 These last 12 months have been wild. Actually thinking about what all happened in the last year has me a little ...dare I say... shook. (I feel kinda lame for saying that, but I’m not even gonna delete it!) Sometimes I wish I could share all the real dramatic stuff, but I choose to leave a lot of it out to avoid negativity. And not all the drama is negative. Some of its hilarious, but also can’t be shared for privacy of friends and all. Either way, it’s trippin’ me out right now to think about it all. Like, some HUGE stuff happened this year. I might have to to make a video about it all. lol. I mean getting engaged alone is pretty rad. ☺️ PHOTO: @bethanypaigephoto BOO THANG: @mrjdscott

12 hours ago

BALLS TO THE WALL this time of year, am I right?! 😅🎄🥂✈️ What do you do to practice self care when things start getting crazy? I make time to cook nutritious and delicious food and make time for workouts. That doesn’t always mean getting to the gym if I’m short on time. Yesterday I walked around my neighborhood for 20 min and felt pretty great about that. ☺️ PHOTO: @alanstephens MAKEUP: @thekimwood

2 days ago

🛸👽SPACE CADET! 👽 🛸 Tell me your most “space cadet” moment in the comments and the best story wins the @kandeejohnson x @purlisse collection! I used to take pride in not being an airhead, but let’s face it...I am often a bit spacey these days. 😜🙈 JACKET: @joanieclothing LASHES: @rouge.and.rogue “Kink” LIPS: @suavecitapomade liquid lipstick in “Tenacity” topped with @toofaced “401k” gloss HAIR: sprayed with @suavecitapomade dry shampoo for volume, shine spray, and hair spray

4 days ago

Meeting and hanging out with my Internet friends is one of my favorite things and I am stoked to have been able to see so many of you on the #SailingWithTheScotts cruise this past week! There were tons of familiar faces and tons of brand new ones. 😃 So often I get DMs and comments from you all saying you saw me somewhere, but didn’t come say hi and it bums me out. I LOVE meeting you cool kids in person and these pics prove it! 😉 I’m also real jazzed about how much time we got with @rexcable and @ismo220 since we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. 💗 The last two photos are with our @patreon family who were able to make it on the trip and we’re so glad we got a little extra time with them. ☺️ Thank you @halberstadttonya , @missybaldwin99 , @jettiegrabner , and @mrsdanabooth for being so supportive of @mrjdscott and my creative adventures. 💗 In the new year, my Patreon is getting revamped to be the best yet! 🙌🏻 CHRISTMAS SUIT: @opposuits

5 days ago

Nothing like summer vibes in December! ☀️ Also, here’s proof that the goodies I get in PR go to good use. This @toofaced #TuttiFrutti bag is one of my faves and I always get so many compliments on it. Reusable bags like this are the bestest. Cuteness, functionality, and waste elimination all in one. 🎉 BIKINI: @uniquevintage SHOES: @amazon BODY SHIMMER: @toofaced Fresh Squeezed Highlighting Drops in Sparkling Pina Colada Photo by my boo thang, @mrjdscott. 😎

6 days ago

When ya think you’re gonna party hardy and end up with only one drink all week. 🍾💃🏼🚢 😂 Anyone have fun suggestions for #Miami tonight? @mrjdscott and I are venturing out and would love to see something unique to the area. 🎉 TOP: @knickerocker PANTS: @freepeople SHOES: @dollskill

1 week ago

🎶 Beauty school dropout Go back to high school...🎶 Fun fact: I was a beauty school dropout! I took the cosmetology course in high school and got out my senior year due to a ton of drama with my teacher and a lack of learning anything real about makeup. Facials and perm sets with crappy product just wasn’t cutting it for me. My dreams were bigger than I could manage in that class, so I dropped out of it and started working more while finishing high school. In some ways I regretted it for a while, but now after taking courses from so many amazing artists, I’m very very happy with where I am. Had I stayed the course back then and started working in a salon, I believe my life would be very, very different. I wouldn’t have gone through the series of events that has led to my makeup career working in TV and getting to meet so many amazing people and have there incredible opportunities. Moral of the story...don’t live with regret. Every day is a new day to take action and work on getting to where you want to be. ❤️ SWEATER: @joanieclothing LASHES: @rouge.and.rogue “Slayer” LIPS: @toofaced Melted Matte-tallic in “Bitch, I’m Too Faced” BROWS: microbladed by @microartistry_amandataylor HAIR: smoothed with @suavecitapomade pomade and hairspray NAILS: @kiwibumblebee at @bombshell_vegas

1 week ago

Every day we wake up in this country, we are truly blessed. We may hate the way things are now, but at the end of the day this country provides us so much opportunity. As we sit in traffic, we should think how fortunate we are to be in a vehicle. As we wait in line far too long at Starbucks, we can think about how incredible it is that we can walk in OR drive up to get some delicious drinks and snacks. As we complain about our president, we can keep in mind how damn lucky we are that we can even say that without fearing for our lives. Above everything in this American life, I am grateful for people. I am grateful for the awesome conversation last night with @ryusauce , @mindi_rogers and @mrjdscott. I am grateful for the friendly cashier at Whole Foods who has become part of my morning routine. I am also grateful for the people who are not friendly, who are not easy to love, and who sometimes hurt me. I am grateful for my uptight, stubborn, conservative loved ones and I am grateful for my hippie dippie overly care-free liberal loves ones. The fact that we can choose to be, believe, wear, drive, eat, and say anything here is something I often take for granted, but have been working very hard to remind myself daily. Hopefully this helps put a little spark in your day. ☺️💗🇺🇸 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions HARNESS: @creepyyeha BODYSUIT: @cleothehurricane SKIRT: @aliceandolivia from @savers_thrift CHOKER: @tyesbytara

2 weeks ago

Do you pick your outfit or your makeup first? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Or do you even care if they match at all? I usually pick my outfit first, but sometimes I pick the makeup then coordinate an outfit to match. This shirt @imlindork gave me had me all kinds of inspired with the beautiful fall colors. As much as I love fall, the more dull colors aren’t always my favorite and I LOVED the pops of bright colors in this top. The @urbandecaycosmetics Naked Cherry collection was just perfect for this and then I added a bit of @toofaced Melted Matte lipstick as an eyeliner. Surprisingly, it didn’t crease! (At least not for the couple hours I had it on.) 😜 See more in my stories! FOUNDATION: @urbandecaycosmetics All Nighter EYESHADOW: @urbandecaycosmetics Naked Cherry Palette EYELINER(top): @toofaced Melted Matte in Mrs. Roper EYELINER (bottom): @urbandecaycosmetics Love Drug GLITTER (in crease): @urbandecaycosmetics Razor Sharp liquid liner in Goldrush LASHES: @rouge.and.rogue Starla BLUSH/HIGHLIGHT: @urbandecaycosmetics Highlight abs Blush palette LIPSTICK: @urbandecaycosmetics Vice lipstick in Cherry HAIR: @hairdousa wig CHOKER: old lace trim I found 🧡

2 weeks ago

I stand my ground for myself, my loved ones, my community, and the world as a whole. I challenge my own beliefs daily so I never get complacent and continue to seek higher knowledge and understanding. While I allow room for growth and change, my belief system that people always come first stays the same. Without each other, what really matters? 🌏 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions BODYSUIT: @cleothehurricane HARNESS: @creepyyeha SKIRT: @aliceandolivia from @savers_thrift ! BLACK LEG TYE: @tyesbytara SHOES: @yrushoes @yru x @dollskill Ballet Baes

3 weeks ago

WELCOME NEW FRIENDS! I had no idea that announcing our engagement would bring in so many rad new people. Thank you all for joining in on the adventure. ☺️ I think this might be my favorite shot from our engagement shoot. When I think about how much @mrjdscott inspires me to be better every day, I can’t help but cheese it up! He’s been the most encouraging, supportive, helpful, and determined friend I’ve ever had. Even before we were in a relationship, he saw me for who I was deep inside my soul - that sweet girl from Amarillo, TX - instead of what I looked like online - probably some party hardy wild child at the time (which wasn’t entirely inaccurate 😜). He’s taken the time to nurture my person, my spirit, and my mind. He’s shown me what it means to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly. He’s helped me discover parts of myself I thought would never see the light of day again, and that’s because he himself is the brightest light I’ve seen. You, @mrjdscott , are magic. 🌟 PHOTO: @dmrdepictions JUMPER: @dollskill @jadedlondon