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“Jakuchū specialized in kachō (‘bird-and-flower’) subjects, not only the more common themes, such as flowering plums and geese in autumn, but also less frequently depicted ones, such as vegetables, marine life and exotic and barnyard fowl.” ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “He is particularly known for his paintings of chickens, which he observed first-hand, along with the other more unusual birds that he kept on the grounds of his residence. He admired them for their vigor and striking plumage, and also possibly because the rooster was traditionally associated with the nobility of the gentleman of superior virtue.“⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Joan H. O’Mara: Itō Jakuchū / Oxford Art, 2003⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Itō Jakuchū: Nandina and Rooster (color on silk), c. 1760⁣⁣

1 day ago

Itō Jakuchū: White Phoenix and Old Pine (color on silk), c. 1760

2 days ago

Itō Jakuchū: Roosters (color on silk), c. 1763

3 days ago

I'm in the process of planning new content for Artfromjapan. Are there any specific artists, styles, themes, topics and/or genres of Japanese art you would like to see covered in the future?⁣ ⁣ Kawase Hasui: Snow at Zōjō Temple, 1953

4 days ago

“One of the hallmarks of Hasui's genius is that his designs always hint at a story or suggest a human drama. This narrative quality contrasts a certain misconception about Hasui, that he was strictly a landscape artist.”⁣ ⁣ “I would argue that he was a chronicler of human activity. He fills his scenes with men and women working the rice fields, tilling the land, fishing the rivers and streams, carrying burdens, driving oxcarts, washing clothes, nursing babies or tending cooking fires.”⁣ ⁣ “These vignettes counter another misconception - that Hasui portrayed an idealized version of Japan. There is nothing idealized about his vision. He knew that living is hard work.”⁣ ⁣ René C. Balcer: Impressions, No. 34 (2013), p. 115 ⁣ Kawase Hasui: Snow at Hi Marsh, Mito, 1947 ⁣

5 days ago

Kawase Hasui: Toro, Kishū, 1943

6 days ago

Takashi Ito: After a Snowfall, Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto, 1929

1 week ago

Takahashi Shōtei: Lake Yamanaka and Mt Fuji, c. 1930

1 week ago

Takashi Ito: Juji Gorge, 1933

1 week ago

Kasumatsu Shiro: Toshogu Shrine in Ueno, 1953

1 week ago

Takeji Asano: Spring in Kurama Temple, 1953

1 week ago

Koho Shoda: Moon and Torii Gate, 1910

1 week ago

Kōitsu Tsuchiya: Teahouse at Night, 1935

1 week ago

Kōitsu Tsuchiya: Rain at Asakusa Kannon Temple, 1933

2 weeks ago

Kōitsu Tsuchiya: A Winter Day at the Asakusa Temple, 1938

2 weeks ago

Yoshida Hiroshi: Wisteria at Kameido, 1927

2 weeks ago

Yoshida Hiroshi: Glittering Sea, 1926

2 weeks ago

Yoshida Hiroshi: The Golden Pavilion, 1933