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@chillyjimenez See full size profile   YouTuber, Vlogger, Public Figure, all the fun stuff. Most importantly - Logan’s Fiancée 💍

1 week ago

We need Precious’s Pillow Fort! 😼 🏰 comment C if you agree

3 weeks ago

Wtf did you order Logan. That’s his cat Precious on a canvas

1 month ago

@Marvel give Logan the role to SpiderMan. We all want this, he’d be such a dope SpiderMan 🕷

1 month ago

Snowball wont stop yelling at me. She wants my ice cream 🍨 One like equals one ice cream for Snowball

1 month ago

HAHAHA this is hilarious. But here’s the thing everyone, you don’t ever have to worry about taking a picture with my car so don’t sneak around 😂 and if you’re still nervous about it then just ask us ☺️

1 month ago

Lmao I’m such a supportive fiancée 🙄 I don’t even remember waking up to this 🤣 #FortniteWin

1 month ago

Just picked up my tickets to meet @AdamSandler after his show 🤩

2 months ago

We’re crashing the Senior’s GradBash at Universal Studios in L.A lol and we blend in as 18 year olds 🤣 #GradBash #Seniors #Graduated