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2 weeks ago

Lol so disappointed. Who watched the vlog last night? If you didn’t, go watch it and see how sad we were during half time ☹️

2 weeks ago

I MET @4lisaguerrero from @insideedition and she let me vlog her!!! She replied back to me on Twitter telling me where she was at and I found her! She’s my favorite news reporter and now she’s following me on Instagram 😆

2 weeks ago

Leaked Super Bowl seats. We’re by the Rams end zone 🤢 5 yard line, Row one! #SBLIII #GoPats

2 weeks ago

SUPER BOWL 🏈 I bought Logan and I the perfect seats!! I’ll show you soon 😆 Who’s also at the Super Bowl? This fan came up to us and said he subbed to both channels AND has post notifications! Be like that fan lol it was his birthday too 🥳 #SBLIII

3 weeks ago

GN 😊

3 weeks ago

Going to start posting more on Instagram. Who’s already watched the new vlog tonight? Love you guys! 💙 I’ve also been using Twitter a lot recently if you want to go follow that it’s JimenezChilly

3 months ago

Met a fan at Disney World Hollywood Studios. I’m in Toy Story Land! Who else is here? Going to Universal studios tomorrow 🤪

4 months ago

I literally can’t breathe. @LoganThirtyacre bought me a freakin Rolex for my birthday 🤩 Idk why he does the things he does for me! I think he likes surprising me with crazy gifts for my birthday and watching me cry like an idiot 😂 I love you Logan! And Thank you @ReeseJordann for being the first friend to text me after midnight!! 😆 Logan was the first to text me and tell me in person but he was watching the time without blinking haha. And thank you for the all the birthday wishes Chilly Peppers 🌶 I love you all SO MUCH! ❤️ Going to to the WEST coast in the morning! Las Vegas and LA! See you guys there! Who read my post this far down? Lol #Rolex #Rollie #BirthdayGirl #BirthdayGift #BestBirthday #BestBirthdayGift #ChillyPeppers