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turns 5 once ♥️ #mykid

1 week ago

Good Times. It’s 10:19pm at intermission. They took away the guests phones to bring us back to a time before cell phones. 1980’s NY/LA so Vivid #beastieboysstory thanks for invite Josh! •••> update: just left the Kings Theater in Brooklyn. It’s 12:00am. Long show. Incredible story telling, music, sound, set (the infamous 25ft inflatable “member”, and the unorthodox format of the half freestyled/improv - half scripted show. So many cool photos and videos never before seen and new insights on their journey. A cameo by Steve Buscemi! Remembering the impact and genius of MCA, RIP 🙏 was the biggest takeaway. A quote from Yauch, “I’d rather be a hypocrite than stay the same person” 👏 #spikejonze 👏

1 week ago

@amirahkassem please don’t kill me for this throwback post, but seeing how your about to change the 🌎 with your book #powerofsprinkles I felt it was necessary. • Flash to 2012 and I was shooting the launch of @alisonlou by my friend @alison.chemla and I was amused at the catering (these dessert things that mimicked her emoji jewelry.) I popped one into my mouth and life was never the same “love at first bite” ha. Literally the best tasting desserts ever, and so cleverly designed. Homemade, handmade, you could tell. Imperfectly perfect, like edible art. I immediately demanded to know who made these magical treats and Alison pointed to the kitchen where low and behold you were back there working your tail off to produce more yummies for all the guests. This is prior to the @instagram foodie craze. Hell u may have started all that. But I needed to know you, and be your friend. Flash to 7 years later and you are fulfilling your dreams of putting smiles on as many peoples faces as possible with @flourshop and more. You are deserving of all the success. Hope the world gets to share in your delights as much as I do! I’m certain people will “JUMP” to get a copy! 🌈 ❤️ xo your biggest fan and NY big bro

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dat way <- 🇭🇰 🙏 @sansho

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🎂 HBD NY LEGEND🗽 @ladygaga 😘

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*OBJ*✌️(still tuning in on sundays 📺 ) GL bro 👊 • #35mm Parisian Nights @obj

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NIGO 🖖 ✨