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10 hours ago

The making of last night’s dinner....Chinese inspired shredded beef. . . Rate me? How authentic does it look? . .

18 hours ago

What's for breakfast folks?? How about some GGH Greek Yoghurt, Bananas and some raisins? I can assure you its soooooo yummy... GOOD MORNING

1 day ago

Raise your hand 🙋🏾‍♀️ Things we did for fun back then. 😁

2 days ago

TESTIMONIAL FROM OUR WEBINAR ____________________ I received full value for my investment.  I learned valuable information for my business that I definitely did not previously possess!” Thank you @udyfoods To get the REPLAY or SLIDES please send DM

3 days ago

Happy Fathers Day Le Papa...

3 days ago

"It is not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons." Happy Fathers Day

5 days ago

Clearly this guy has been waiting for #Friday since last #friyay 😂😀😂. . . How is the weekend doing you? #TGIF

5 days ago

Balsamic and strawberry are divine together. I am a lot more conscious about what I eat these days and because I spend long hours out I take my bowl of salad with me. Salad: Rockets Strawberries Goat cheese Tomatoes Balsamic Vinaigrette

6 days ago

REVIEW from @zestyjuices on the HOW TO GET YOUR PRODUCT STORE READY WEBINAR I held yesterday. It was such a fun time, so many questions asked & answered! So much value extracted & given! . . If you missed it, the REPLAY IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Send a DM for more details.

6 days ago

Yesterday I visited an Oats farm. It was very interesting seeing how it grows and touching it. Apparently it takes about 6-10 weeks to plant and grow, also doesnt need much just enough moisture. Oats like cool weather so doubt it would do well in Nigeria. 🤔🤔 It was nice seeing how it actually grows and being processed for local consumption and export. Good Morning

1 week ago

waking up to messages like this make this all worth it. Thank you @mameduks for randomly sending this feedback. Showed the team and told them I was proud of them. Thank you much.

1 week ago

PACKAGING TIP ________________________ Absolutely nothing wrong with getting inspiration from a design you like. But theres something wrong in copying somebody's exact same design. it shows you lack originality and sorry to say this but you are not thinking outside the box. Be original guys, use your inspiration design to create yours. Be creative. There are a million and more designs out there so open your mind and let those creative juices flow. Over the weekend I got dms from pple who have had their designs copied and when I looked at it I was so irritated. I mean the design is EXACTLY the same just different names. Same colour, same font, same design, same product habaaaaaaaaa What irritated me? The fact that people dont open their minds, they refuse to let their creative juices flow. This affects every part of your business too if you just sit and wait for someone else to do the thinking for you. 😁

1 week ago

1 Day to go.... Have you signed on? Dont be left behind asking questions and being clueless about how to get your products into stores? You know many people wont give you the info abi? Pay and get this info first hand. Send DM now

1 week ago

Good morning ... Have a nice week. 😁

1 week ago

100% organic everything + holy water = HOLY GARRI What's on your plate?

1 week ago

What information should my label/package have?

1 week ago

What's for dinner? Dont throw away that over ripe Avocado. Make a dressing for your salads. Avocado dressing available in store from Monday. 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑