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2 weeks ago

Amazing what you’ll learn exploring the back roads of South Dakota. If you’re a nerd like me, the monument inscription is below. #hughglass #therevenantmovie #lordgrizzly #HifromSD #atlasobscura ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Hugh Glass, a member of the Ashley Fur Party under Major Henry, going up the Grand River in August 1823, a habitual ‘loner’, while hunting, was attacked by a grizzly bear near the Forks of Grand River. Horribly mauled, he could not be moved, a purse was made up, two men, probably Fitzgerald and Bridger, were left with him and they probably, believing him dead, took his gun and accoutrements and left him. He, however, was not dead and dragged himself to the stream,⁣ sustained himself on seasonal fruit and meat, obtained when he drove off some gorged wolves from a buffalo calf they had downed and by some means and by an uncertain route appeared at Ft. Kiowa, below the Big Bend, 190 miles as the crow flies from the Forks of Grand River. That much is verified history. He was killed by Aricara Indians on the ice of the Yellowstone River near mouth of the Big Horn in winter of 1832-33. John G. Neihart in an epic poem, ‘The Song of Hugh Glass’ has immortalized him. Alone, unarmed, terribly wounded it seems probable he proceeded at night on high ground, to avoid Indians, sought shelter and water in the day time and guided by his instincts succeeded in reaching the Big Bend and Ft. Kiowa. Whatever the details,it was a marvelous show of stamina and courage.

1 month ago

I was wandering around by my mother-in-law’s pond when a small creature shrieked then literally ran across the water for about 20 feet until it dove under. It freaked me out. Anyone idea what it could have been? #whatwasit #corydonindiana #moonlight

1 month ago

Ever had the dream of quitting your job and traveling the US in an Airstream? Well, my friends Dennis and Nikki Bonifer and their two kids took the plunge. The foursome is 30 days into their 14 month adventure. Wish them well, say “hey” and find your inspiration @tincanbonifers #airstreamlife #goexploreusa #quitjobgotravel