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11 hours ago

We are really feeling this red beret lately. ❤️ (ps- I‘ve been drooling over @autumndewilde ‘s work so much lately. Her lighting and use of color are breathtaking and the inspiration I’ve been needing. )

2 days ago

We’re caught somewhere between Reading Rainbow and The Royal Tenenbaums. 📙

3 days ago

Ok, y’all. Let’s talk about school. While some kids head into kindergarten and almost seamlessly find their groove- other kids have a bit of a rough transition from preschool to elementary school. Mine seem to be the latter. Silas is all caught up at this point, but Scout is still having a hard time getting used to the challenging curriculum. Shes a little bit behind, but she’s sounding out words, learning her math, and working really hard. She practices on @abcmouse and @prodigy_math_game a few times a week and has homework sent home every night, as well. It just hasn’t all “clicked” yet. Luckily, she has a teacher who loves her and keeps me updated on what needs focus and improvement. So, I want to hear from you guys: - Do your kids love school? - Did they have a hard time transitioning to elementary school? - When was your child fluently reading? - Have they dealt with bullies yet? *Honestly- I know that as long as my kids are good listeners who are loving and caring- the rest will follow. If I had to choose: I would rather them be the most empathetic, compassionate kids in class, rather than the smartest. But at the same time- no parent wants to see their child struggle.

4 days ago

We had to make a quick @target run last night and, as usual, Scout needed a photo with Bullseye 🎯

6 days ago

Anybody else feelings less than inspired lately? I’m in the middle of a huge creative funk. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s life with an autoimmune disease, maybe it’s stress- or maybe just a culmination of a bunch of little insignificant things. What do YOU do to get back into your groove?

1 week ago

Scout went to her first kindergarten birthday party! 💕 She even broke the piñata!

1 week ago

These faces 😍 How could you ever tell them no?! (Jk, I definitely tell them no all the time 😂)

1 week ago

DIMPLE!😍 Obviously on a serious rainbow kick right now and we aren’t even sorry. 😂🌈

1 week ago

The happiest dress in existence 🌈😍

1 week ago

How is the weekend almost over?! 💔