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6 days ago

Hunstville, Alabama! We coming! 🚨 So excited to see you guys for the Forever Royal Celebration Gala. Check the flyer for details. #junesdiary

1 week ago

Just in case you missed it, our song “Take Me” playing on @empirefox 🙌🏾 We’re still on a high! - Be sure to request #TakeMe on @iheartradio ❣️

1 week ago

So Excited to announce that our song “Take me” was just integrated to 30 radio stations around the country! Call your local station and request to hear “Take me” NOW!! 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞 A huge THANK YOU and shout out to our team for making this happen!! @iheartradio @frankgatson @jussiesmollett

1 week ago

Tonight! Catch our song “Take Me” on this weeks episode of @empirefox !!! 😱 🎵🌴🌸🎶 - Send us a video of you watching the episode while our song plays! Trust, it’s one you don’t want to miss 💜 Thank you @junesdiarypromo for the image💚

1 week ago

Happy Monday! Do something everyday to nurture your talents work on your dreams and goals! Don’t ever get lost in routine ❤️🐞

1 week ago

There’s no greater feeling than using our voices to uplift people all while doing what we love. Music brings us all together We, as the youth of this nation, have an even more important voice that needs to be heard to make our country a greater place. So lift your voices & VOTE on Nov 6 ❕❗️

2 weeks ago

Happy Halloween from us 🐞SUPERHEROES here to save the music industry one song at a time 😂 “R&B superhero theme music plays”

3 weeks ago

Gang gang 👯‍♀️

3 weeks ago

Presence is more than just being there...✨ - Rehearsals start in 2 days 😱😝😜

3 weeks ago

Had sooo much fun at @uwmadison last night! Thank you everyone who came out to see the show we hope the rest of your homecoming weekend is bombbb 🖤❤️ thank you @spiritairlines for getting us to our destination safe ✈️ #music4miles