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13 hours ago

Stop using your creativity to find excuses and use it to be creative.

20 hours ago

Women who run with wolves...

1 day ago

What’s the right amount of alcohol to drink during a photoshoot? Bianca and I go through all the stages... (yes, that’s a fresh bruise on her knee) Watch “SHOULD WE BE DRINKING?” exclusively on LNPTV. link in bio.

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1 week ago

I wanted to share this picture with you today that tumblr flagged as pornographic. Has the internet really become that puritanical? What would you flag it as?

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

Waiting for the stars to align.

4 weeks ago

All teachers know at least one librarian.

4 weeks ago

"Why do models flake?" is probably the #1 question I get from student photographers. But my latest librarian looking muse @katiesue__ gives them a really good reason. Watch us dive deep with some real talk in the latest lesson (and eye-opening podcast interview with 3 professional models) of the FEMINISM FOR BOYS online course... exclusively on LNPTV. link in bio. #feminismforboys