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2 days ago

Model Awakening.

5 days ago

Architect Victoria new 2019 summer issue - Appreciative of the profile @elizabethkaye___ and @architecture_vic and more broadly, the excellent architecture community that makes working in Melbourne so fulfilling personally and professionally

2 weeks ago

Stoked to see our Kew Villa renovation on Archdaily today. A compact project for a young family finding a property sweet spot. When your home is cosier than a detached house, but a bit larger than an apartment.... read a bit more about it on our link in our bio. 🛠 @themelbournebuilder 📸 @emily_bartlett_photography

3 weeks ago

Reflecting on each project is a great privilege. So many options, conversations and fine tuning, before the final outcome is revealed at the hands of an adept builder. A new venture of a close friend, @tartisanmelb was a great collaboration, delicious (with freshly baked muffins at site) and insightful to be a part of. We completed design and documentation in a short 60 days. 🛠 by @commercialandcorporatecon , 📸 by @gretajeane

1 month ago

Holiday accommodation of a different kind. Anyone know who wear i can get these sliders from?

2 months ago

Looking forward to seeing the timber coat real soon over this bunkered beauty. 🛠 happening quick by CVS Constructions

3 months ago

Exciting to see this up and comer today in the soggy and boggy wet. The idea of home as shelter will be all the more appreciated once roof and timber cladding go on. 🛠 by CVS Constructions

3 months ago

When Fi's dad Morgan helps get your home reno free of dust and freshly painted, so you can move back home. Gem.

4 months ago

Happy to get struck by the lovely sight of a sea of turquoise being installed at our Hawthorn renovation this morning. 🛠 taken care of by @frame_works_melbourne

5 months ago

Underneath the clerestory - you're doffing your hat and in the moment breaking a boundary, bringing in soft light, ventilating and making a space for plants to cohabit. From our St Kilda House. 🛠 by @ardlieprojects , 🌴 by @kate_ardlie_design , 📸 by @nikoleramsay

5 months ago

Noticing the first interactions between a project in construction and the sun is always a great reward. At these winter site visits i was always struck by the beautiful light. Sunny winter breakkies ahead. 🛠 by @frame_works_melbourne

6 months ago

Today we've been rugged up for winter with the finest of wools by master tailors @frame_works_melbourne . Thanks for keeping us warm for days to come.

6 months ago

Inserting multiple uses into a tight space and keeping it neat. A bright corridor in our Kew Villa project, houses a closable study nook, bookshelves and laundry hampers , with practical access to put out the washing. 🛠 by @themelbournebuilder . 📸by @emily_bartlett_photography

6 months ago

To all archifriends and those that value it, please check out the worthwhile RAsP link in my profile to contribute to Research for Architects in Small Practice. Need-to-get-this-ovvver-the-line and we're so close. Thanks for supporting others like me who would benefit from real research into small practice.

6 months ago

Another shot of our Kew Villa. With an abundance of integrated cabinetry offering lots of function whilst maintaining openness, a simple material palette brings harmony internally and sits in well amongst the humble existing 60s building stock. 🛠 by @themelbournebuilder . 📸 by @emily_bartlett_photography