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1 day ago

This is now my favorite video. i’ll try again one day🤣

1 day ago

Happy Birthday to My Momma a real one my mentor My teacher (at life) My hype man My jukebox My psychic (literally she knows everything before it happens no cap) My business partner She does a lot for me I can go on forever lol... Love u❤️✊🏾

4 days ago

💙Hussle & Motivate🏁

1 week ago

⚠️Attention⚠️: Mr. @kenyabarris has bought out the 4:15 pm showing of @littlethemovie at the Sherman Oaks Arclight Theater ... say #blackish is the code word to say at the box office. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE *** If you loved it, let folks know on Rotten Tomatoes ***

1 week ago

If you told this little girl from Little Elm Texas that she would have ONE MILLION people following her journey, she probably wouldn’t believe you. Wow....I can’t thank y’all enough. Let’s all continue to strive for greatness (like this 6-year-old performer) Much love❤️

1 week ago

Name that girl group🤣

1 week ago

“They asked to see the boss so they sent me dawg” 🔥I am forever grateful❤️ Little - tomorrow ...

1 week ago

HBD @willpowerpacker 🎉💥🔥 Man.... I can’t even explain all the incredible things that you’ve done for my family and I. Thank you for believing in me and making sure my voice is heard. I can’t believe everyone gets to see the magic that we have worked on for so long Tomorrow! Happy Birthday Will! Thank you for leading by example❤️

1 week ago

Here’s some of my favorites looks from the press tour for @littlethemovie 🔥💗 Thank u to my whole squad for all the bomb looks that I wore. PS: Little comes out in 2 DAYS!! Go get tickets now!💥