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@mid90smovie  @A24 presents #Mid90s, from writer-director @JonahHill. Now Playing! ➭listen➭ spoti.fi/Mid90s ♪

1 hour ago

No skateboarding. #Mid90s hits digital on Friday. Pre-order now.

2 days ago

Look out. Pre-order #Mid90s now

3 days ago

Don’t forget to rewind. #Mid90s - Digital drops 12/21, DVD and Blu-ray 1/8 Pre-order now (link in bio)

6 days ago

"Skating is the perfect air dry." Outtakes from @olanprenatt 's Guide to Grooming — more at the link in bio 📸 @nathanielwood

2 weeks ago

“Both TIMELESS and firmly entrenched in its own era.” Written and directed by @JonahHill — don’t miss #Mid90s while it’s still playing in theaters! ➯ ➯ ➯

3 weeks ago

“It's a time capsule, an immersion in the sights and sound of a pop-cultural moment.” ( @NYTimes ) — Watch @JonahHill talk landing the authenticity of #mid90s in a new behind-the-scenes featurette⇗⇗⇗

4 weeks ago

Jonah talks #Mid90s and breaks down his most iconic characters for @GQ → link in bio

1 month ago

"With #Mid90s , @JonahHill is primarily in search of transcendence: This is what the light looks like at the end of an LA day. This is what it feels like to make a friend. This is what it's like to be known." ⁣ ⁣ Jonah’s @GQ MAN OF THE YEAR COVER STORY link in bio. 📸 @jason_nocito_studio

1 month ago

"With #Mid90s , he proved to the world that he's as sharp a filmmaker as he is a star in front of the camera." Congratulations to @JonahHill , @GQ DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR.