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@noblewood  SLIM NOBLE got sick w his shit ni$$a gave the mic SARS...

2 days ago

NOBLE VIBES #7 @Stevexwood What's your childhood nickname? How my big bro @theonlysteveharris got his childhood nickname is hilarious. It's funny what you learn about the ppl closest to you. WHAT'S YOUR CHILDHOOD NICKNAME and do ppl still call you that... I have a few nicknizzles.. noble is my favorite. Slim Noble is dope Wood is cool... What about you? #nickname #game #brothers #lol

1 week ago

Noble Vibes #7 #magic #fly Before you say it... nope you're wrong. No cards were dumped in my lap. Try not to stare at the herringbone... but Watch closely. You still won't see a thing. But watch.... what do you see?

2 weeks ago

Noble Vibes #7 Watch closely. No special fx. NVRDIE JAN 7TH EVERYWHERE Made some changes and decided might shit gotta drop now not then... fsx all day #gotbars

2 weeks ago

Noble Vibes GOT BARS? JAN 7TH...

2 weeks ago

Steve×Wood We talk about everything. I'm not sure how this subject popped up but it did. As usual I'm right. What're your thoughts on the topic. Show Out with my bro and me #family #talk #skincare #brothers

2 weeks ago

Noble Vibes 7 Best wishes in the new year. This year should be restorative. The past 2 years have been odd and hard to accept but the coming year will hopefully bring a resurgence of likable ppl. Lol This year revealed many ugly faces and troubled souls. The political scene is a mess. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. #happynewyear #fightthepower

1 month ago

NOBLE VIBES #7 GOT BARS!!! search: FSX NVRDIE on, YOUTUBE Spotify Itunes Tidal... etc "Pack of Black Wolves Bunch of black sharks In a pool Eatin on all my food Crap on shoes molotov pop in my room Shittn out, shittn out. Shittn out tunes!!!"