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1 day ago

On March 2, we will be hosting the fourth annual fundraising concert benefitting @rubysrainbow and let me tell you, it’s an amazing time!! Rubys provides adults with Down syndrome scholarships to attend college and 100% of your ticket goes directly to them. . @the_wheelwrights and @westernyouthtx will be rocking the house while you enjoy beverages donated from @titosvodka , @thirstyplanetbrewery , and @hopsandgrain ! @birdbirdbiscuit will be open so bring your appetite! . Swipe to the left to see pics from last years barn burner then 👉🏼 click the link in our profile to get your tickets! 🌈 💃🏼

2 days ago

You know you’re doing something right when the kids think you’re cool. Highest compliment, EVER! As always, thank you for sharing your reviews with us! #pridesocksreviews

3 days ago

As the founder of Pride Socks, I am asked all the time, what my proudest moment is. Like you, it changes as I conquer and chase more dreams. A few months ago, we officially moved into our first 'office' after being in business for 8.5 years. This has been a huge accomplishment for many reasons. When I started the business, our spare room stored the inventory for 2 years, then I moved it into a storage facility for 6 years. After 6 years, we decided it was time to get an office where we could all work together. I am proud of this because in the almost 9 years of being in business, I also taught Special Ed High School for 4 of those years(12 years total), coached cross country and track for 2 years, developed and ran a school wide work based program for students with Intellectual Disabilities, supported my partner as she traveled back and forth from Austin to Cali for 2 years so she could be there for her father who was diagnosed with cancer, traveled back and forth to Houston and continue to, to be an advocate for my Deaf parents when they have doctor appointments, traveled all over the US selling Pride Socks at various events, and finding balance for myself. I tell you this because it's not easy being an entrepreneur and I am so proud of myself for what Pride Socks stands for and what it has become. Most importantly, and above all, none of this would exist if it wasn't for YOU! Thank YOU for being brave, showing up and sharing your stories of courage of what it means to be proud of who you are. Together, we can and will do this. Because of you, I am here. Thank you, you make me proud. 👊🏻 🙌

4 days ago

To all you mommas out there celebrating together, we love you. Find your tribe, connect, fall in love and never let go. 👉🏼Tag your mom tribe and let them know you love them. #momlife

1 week ago

You live 24 hours a day in your own skin. What does La Buena Vida look like/feel to you? 👊🏻 Be PROUD. 👊🏻 📸 @manuel89tx

1 week ago

Who are your favorite online stores and/or local boutiques you like to shop at? 🏷 Tag them below- we would love to be sold at your favorite places and spread more love. There can never be too many rainbows, am I right?! 🌈 📸 @posey.roe

1 week ago

Hold on tight to your dreams. The journey will take work but it’s also in that journey you become YOU. Drop a 🙌 if you’re workin’ deserve it. 📸 @lauraiz

1 week ago

Happy National Girls and Women in Sport Day! Giving women and girls the opportunity to play sports is a basic human right. It empowers individuals and emboldens communities all over the globe. “Thank you to the young women who have brightened my life through the beautiful game. Let’s keep moving - this world needs us!” - @joannalohman15

1 week ago

What you see, is YOU coming together, showing up and supporting @rubysrainbow by purchasing Ruby's Dream Big socks. We could not thank you enough. March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day and is celebrated by wearing fun socks. 👉🏼 Click our link in profile to get your pair to rock and know when you buy Ruby's sock, $5 goes back to Ruby's Rainbow. So far, you've helped us raised over $10,500! 🤟

1 week ago

Valentine's Day is approaching and word on the street is socks are the most desired item for your loved ones. We won't take your credit but we have your back this year. 👉🏼Click the link in our profile and enter love when checking out for 15% off. ❤️❤️ 📸 @mistymclendonphoto #shoppridesocks

1 week ago

You get us emotional every time. You are our everyday why. Drop a 😘 if you feel the love. 🤟🏼🌈 #pridesocksreviews

1 week ago

Donna, "A little after 3AM on March 31st, 2017, my husband and I headed to the hospital to meet our third child. When we got to our room my contractions were about 90 seconds apart and I was dilated to a 5. We called our family to let them know that today was the day we would meet our little one. Everyone started showing up and within the hour we had all the grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, cousins, a big brother and newly promoted big sister ready to meet this little human. We were team green so the sex of the baby was going to be a surprise for all of us. At about 6AM, after a couple pushes and an amazing epidural, we met our son, Porter David Smith. Our family grew by one heart that day and a countless amount of memories since!” We all have our unique birthing experiences. What was your experience like? Share your story and shine light on how amazing you are. You just gave birth to a human. You are one incredible and powerful woman! #momlife @donna_smith21

2 weeks ago

Go ahead, make it a 3 pack!! 😘🌈😘

2 weeks ago

Who else needs this entire outfit?!?! 👉🏼 Does your style speak more to the blue or orange? #shoppridesocks @wendology

2 weeks ago

You know that feeling when you envision how something is going to turn out and most of the time the extreme opposite does? When we decided to collaborate with Ruby at @rubysrainbow I knew magic was gonna happen but I wasn't prepared for the intensity of magic she would bring to the table. For one, we quickly learned to take the back seat and allow Ruby to lead. When she led, the world unfolded and people came together. To see this in action, watch our collaboration video, then click the link in our profile to support Ruby as we approach World Down Syndrome Day, March 21st. Can you imagine everyone you know wearing her Dream Big socks on WDSD? We can, let's do this! 👉🏼 click link in profile. 🌈

2 weeks ago

Peggy, we are over the moon proud of you!! Tag a friend you are proud of and give them a 👍 or 👊🏻. #proudestmoments_ps