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1 day ago

HUGE shout out to @southwestair crew Sammie, Dawn and John on flight 2437 from #Austin to Nashville who made celebrating my partners birthday in air the most magical moment ever! We never doubted why Pride Socks is loyal to you @southwestair and this solidified why we love you!

1 day ago

Wherever your travels take you today, to family, a quiet walk in the woods, craziness of malls, doing something for someone else, we hope you’re practicing self-care & patience with yourself. Have a beautiful day everyone! ✨ #shoppridesocks 📷: @posey.roe

2 days ago

Let’s be honest. Derby girls are bad*ss. There’s no one kind but they’re all special & you know you wanna be one, know one or see one in action. Is it hockey? Football? WWF? We don’t know. It’s totally imperfect & that *might* just be the best thing about it. 💥Shout out to the rowdy moms, professors, doctors, tattoo artists, childcare workers, teachers, accountants, athletes & teammates of all body types, heights & personalities body checkin it up & resurrecting a sport which was birthed by women early in the last century. You know you wanna be one. Or know one. Or watch one in action. *extra special love to those who’s armor includes #pridesocks gear. 💥🌈⚡️ >>>Swipe to see additional badassery in action. #shoppridesocks #yolo 📷: @spaghetti_skates

5 days ago

This morning I thought, there’s gotta be a rainbow wreath out there. To my surprise, there are several! Look at this beauty made out of antique kugels, discovered via @midcenturychristmas. Where do you turn for decorating inspo & holiday traditions this time of year? #christmaswreath #rainbow #wreath #vintage

1 week ago

People are always observing. Absorbing. Learning & in quiet ways, mastering & overcoming. It often takes a long time. Years. Anything worth fighting for should. Anything worth overcoming, will. Here at Pride Socks, we celebrate you. From your tiniest achievements to your biggest. We see you. Go get ‘em @skybrown 📷: @mikemillerphoto 📸 @hello.scout #custom4cause #girlpower #dwtsjuniors

1 week ago

The FINALE is HERE!!! Make sure to tune into @dwtsjuniors on @abcnetwork tonight to watch team @skybrown and @jt_church. We can’t wait!! Special words and life lessons from Sky, “my bond with my Team is so special. I love how much we have grown together. It’s been an amazing experience for me and I will never forget it. I just want to do our best but MOST of all let’s just enjoy it and have FUN!! @jt_church and @alanbersten you guys know I love you so much you are my Family and I will always be thankful for all of the experiences with you both on this journey.” -Sky

1 week ago

At Pride Socks we encourage and empower individuals to take pride in who you are. From @jt_church , “something that really means a lot to me is inspiring other boys to #dance. Recently, I got a letter from a Dad whose son had been called names and teased for being a boy dancer. Sadly, I know exactly what that feels like, and if you are a boy dancer, you probably know too.” Check out @danceonchicago to show your support of boys who dance and take pride in being dancers and who they are. I’m happy to know that @jt_church continues to #DanceOn no matter what people say! We are proud of you JT and all the other dancers who support #danceon !

1 week ago

How’s everyone doing out there? Nose to the grindstone over here but all good things, all good things. 🤙🏼🤙🏼 #tgif

1 week ago

📣AUSTIN!! And anybody who knows someone in AUSTIN! Order by the 19th & we’ll hand deliver your order to your house or office on Friday the 21st! It’s our fave day of the year bc we get to see you IN REAL LIFE. 🙌🏼 You all make pridesocks possible & if I could come meet all of you it would be incredible! Wait. Isn’t that what #santa does.🤔 Am I part Santa. Part reindeer? Mrs. Claus?😱I’m coming for you, #Austin. Enter “AUSTINDELIVERY” in the promo code at checkout so I can add you to my list! We are capping out at 20 deliveries so order fast! Fair warning: we will take a #selfie. Check the vid.🎄 #shoppridesocks #pridesocks #specialdelivery