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@rubysrainbow  Mama to two amazing girls,one who is rockin' an extra chromosome. Dedicated to helping those like her achieve their dreams of higher education!!

2 days ago

Picked Ruby up from school today and she was just goofing around with her friends and they were all talking excitedly about her birthday party tomorrow. It made my heart smile so big knowing not only how much her friends truly care about her, but how they see her as an equal peer. I’m not going to lie, I was worried about this year as the gap continues to grow, but Ruby shows me every single day that she’s got this. ❤️ . . Also... for those of you following along in stories, this little lady NAILED her heritage poster presentation on Poland and got the highest score of 4!!! So proud of this little lady and all the joy and light she brings into this world!! . . Happy Friday peeps! We sure do love you all❤️❤️❤️ . . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow #theluckyfew

2 days ago

Janai is rockin' her first year at VCU!!! She sent me this quick update: . . "I'm taking History of Motion Pictures, Curiousness/Marketing and Introduction to University. I love everything about college my classes, my professor are awesome and my student coaches that is apart of my support team from ACE-IT program at VCU ! I have Student Advisor Jan, Seb, Chelsea, Aliza and a Job Coach/Advisor Jaclyn and I have joined some clubs on campus and have made many new friends. It's the coolest in my life!! I'm also doing an internship part-time on campus Child Development Center working with Per-School age kids that I love. So I just want to thank you all for making it possible for me to go to college I feel so bless for this opportunity. Thank you!!!" . . You are SO WELCOME!! We are SO PROUD of you!! . . #RockinRecipientsRule #RubysRainbow #TheLuckyFew #DownSyndrome #DownSyndromeRocks

4 days ago

Yep, that’s Rockin’ Recipient @jessicabeeps on top of that pyramid! She’s for sure having some fun heading into her last semester at @svsucardinals !! She someday wants to write her own children’s book and I have a feeling she might just make that happen❤️❤️ See the full cheer in my stories!!! . . Keep on rockin’ it Jessica! We can’t wait to see where your dreams take you! . . #rubysrainbow #theluckyfew #rockinrecipientsrule

5 days ago

Who wants a holiday card from these beauties?! I went to pick our cards up last week and the lady couldn't find them and had started to reprint the order and over 100 extra had printed before finding them!! So she just gave them to us and I can't stand the thought of potential holiday cheer waisted....SOOOOO...WHO WANTS A CARD of us all in our ridiculous matching jammies!?! 😂 😍 . . If so, comment below so I can keep track and then go to the link in bio and leave your address. We have 130 of these bad boys that need to find homes and make hearts smile (and probably chuckle) this holiday season!! . . #MatchingJammiesRule #rubysrainbow #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest

6 days ago

This was my grandmother's piano, her great grandmother she never met. My dream is one day for her to be able to play beautiful music on it, and seeing the accomplishments of our recipients and other rockin' that extra chromosome...I know that all things are possible!! I know regardless of what dreams she decides to pursue, my grandmother would be so proud of the lil' lady she is becoming ❤️ Happy Monday, y'all!! Let's rally! #lifewithrubydoobs #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow #downsyndromerocks

1 week ago

These two are as thick as when Fiona’s bday party had a conflict with their hip hop recital, her amazing dance studio made an exception and let them do a duet at tonight’s performance instead of the class performance tomorrow. . . These girls are so freaking brave though. They had only practiced the duet version once this week before performing tonight...and I won’t say they nailed it, but they sure as heck got out there and had some fun which is really the only thing that matters. The confidence I see growing in Ruby every single day just shoots my “mama pride meter” sky high and truly makes me look at myself and the world in such a different way. It’s hard to explain but I surely hope someday everyone in the universe gets a glimpse into what I see on the daily. You can catch tonight’s duet in stories (for reals it’s adorable) and be sure to catch her class performance tomorrow before she rushes out to make Fiona’s party!!! . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow #theluckyfew #rubyandfiona #hiphop

1 week ago

Wahoo!! Brennan was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (University of Cincinnati Chapter)! Eek!! Congrats!! She is maintaining a 4.0 grade point average and lovin’ the college life!❤️❤️ . . And whose ready for some Ruby Hip Hop Spam later?!? Her and Fiona have their first performance tonight and oh Lordy you guys are gonna DIE! . . Happy Friday y’all!! . . #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow #rockinrecipientsrule #downsyndromerocks

1 week ago

You guys!! Just like her, Ruby's Dream Big sock has exceeded our every expectation!! We have raised almost $8,000 through the sale of her sock she helped design with @pridesocks ! Who knew so much awareness and funds could be raised by keeping your toes inspired, stylish and warm?! So all you sock wearing homies please take pride next fall when we announce the "Pride Socks Award Recipient!!"" . . And a big shout out to @msrachelhollis and friends whose support on Giving Tuesday through sock sales helped double our total and get us to $8k! We are so pumped and excited to help more peeps in 2019...and as you can tell by this video of her opening one of the checks, Ruby is VERY excited and SO GRATEFUL to each of you!! She truly does love seeing you guys in her socks and is so proud of her design!! . . These are the perfect stocking stuffer that gives back and has a special meaning, so go on and get ya some if you haven't already!! . . Ok peeps, as always I am eternally grateful to ALL of you!! It takes a village and I am so glad you are in mine!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow

1 week ago

WOW you guys!! Thank you SO MUCH for the bday love for Ruby yesterday!! She was smiling from ear to ear listening and reading all of your messages in stories and on the post. And I was for sure tearing up all day long❤️ Thank you for making our girl feel so special and loved on her bday!!! We thought we would thank you all with this smiling face of one of our recipients, Brittany who is rockin her second year in the @clemsonlife program❤️❤️ . . She has been busy at school this year, learning new skills that will help her transition into independent living. She also works at Walgreens as well as serving as cheerleader manager. Outside of her regular course schedule, she also participates in ballroom dancing, yoga and Bible study! Sounds like a full, well-rounded and wonderful college experience to me!! We are so proud of you, Brittany!! . . #KeepOnRockinItBrittany #RockinRecipientsRule #TheLuckyFew #NoLimits #CollegeLife

1 week ago

I don't remember the exact time you were born because it was such a whirlwind, but I remember the exact time eight years ago when I I met you like it was yesterday. (Swipe to see❤️) They had to whisk you away right after taking you from my belly and the only thing I could think about was getting back to you. The moment I held you in my arms it was like the whole world was right again and my heart was complete... and since then you have exceeded my every expectation. What you bring into this world cannot be measured by any gauge, test or chart...because that "thing" that you bring to us all is far too extraordinary and grand to fit into any mold. I love you to the moon and back, my love, and am so proud to call you mine. . . Happy Birthday my sweet Ruby Doobs!! Keep changin' the world just by being you. ❤️ . . Ps...if y'all wanna personally wish Ruby Doobs a Happy Birthday we invite you to tag us in a pic or video in stories with your Dream Big Socks on (if you got em- if not just a beautiful HBD message!!) and I will share it in our stories and show them all to her tonight!! She will FREAK!! . . Have a wonderful day, y'all!! . . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow 📸 @manuel89tx 😍

2 weeks ago

Our Recipients are forever blowing me away and amazing me! This is Izzy in her “I Am Becoming” video that will be featured in the opening montage of @michelleobama ‘s “Becoming” tour ❤️ Regardless of your political beliefs (we LOVE EVERYONE over here at RR❤️) I think we can all agree that Izzy is pretty freakin’ awesome and becoming the best version of herself she can possibly be!! . . We are so proud of you Izzy and can’t wait to see where your dreams take you!!! . . #rockinrecipientsrule #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow #downsyndromerocks

2 weeks ago

Once a hot mess...always a hot mess 😂 😍 #fbf . . Happy Friday, y'all! I don't know about you but I am ready to put on my new matching family holiday jammies and force my family to do the same!! 😂 😂 . . #theystilllovemethough #lifewithrubydoobs

2 weeks ago

I get so nervous when I have to get my blood the point I have passed out before.😂 Anyone else? 🙋🏼‍♀️ And there have been so many heart-breaking times I have literally had to hold Ruby down over the years while she is screaming bloody murder so they could get what they needed to to be sure she was ok. . . BUT NOT TODAY. The last two times she has been excited as she walks in the doors (ok maybe I bribed her with the promise of @maudiestexmex and ice cream after- but still) when we got back to the room today and it took A LOT of coaxing, a mama’s familiar, squishy lap, a big sister’s hand to hold, a room full of encouraging nurses and her proclaiming “I’m scared!” more times than I can heart started to hurt a little again for her. But this girl always amazes me with her bravery. After talking with her about it (for like 20 minutes 😂) she finally stuck her arm out and let them do what they needed to do. I think it is so cool now that we can talk her through things and she can communicate her concerns. I loved so much today seeing her think through things and make the decision for herself to do it...and then to see the pride on her face when she was done ❤️❤️ . . And don’t you worry, I’m a mama of my word...she got much deserved fave dinner and Daiquiri Ice topped with M&M’s after. (And mama got some much deserved wine😂) I just love this girl so ding dang much, y’all.❤️ . . #lifewithrubydoobs #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow

2 weeks ago

Guys!! Want to celebrate Giving Tuesday AND keep your feet warm and stylish this winter?!? Ruby’s BIG DREAM socks are still available and are the perfect, meaningful treat for you or an amazing stocking stuffer for a loved one this holiday! Give the gift of DREAMING BIG!! . . Head over to @pridesocks ( to get your pair today! $5 of every sock goes directly to Ruby’s Rainbow and we have already raised almost $5k!! . . And if you are already rockin’ the socks (THANK YOU!) please post a pic and tag us in it! We are gonna do a fun little video with everyone in them!! . . #givingtuesday #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow #dreambig #downsyndromerocks #lifewithrubydoobs #pridesocks

2 weeks ago

It’s #givingtuesday , y’all ❤️ And first off- I just want to say how ding dang thankful I am for each of you and this community of peeps we have here. It takes a village, and if not for each of you we literally would not be able to do what we do! . . Second, if you are in the position to give today, we hope you consider adding us to the mix❤️ I promise to continue working my booty off to help as many peeps as we can while shouting as loud as I can that people with Down syndrome are capable and amazing!! . . AND...when someone donates any amount today, we will be sending a special little certificate to your inbox tomorrow that you can give to a loved one to show that you gave the “gift of a Dream” in their honor. Could you think of a more touching and meaningful gift? . . As always, love you guys so much and my heart is so full with gratitude and love for each of you!! Happy Giving Tuesday,y’all!! . . And just how beautiful is Shanika!?! Oh my goodness!! . . #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow #rockinrecipientsrule #givingtuesday #downsyndromerocks

3 weeks ago

Gracie came knocking this morning and the girls decided to have a “Book Picnic.” They were both so giddy and excited. I just love breathing in all the “little things” that make them so happy❤️ . . Happy Sunday, y’all!! . . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubyandgracie #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow