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@rubysrainbow See full size profile   Mama to two amazing girls,one who is rockin' an extra chromosome. Dedicated to helping those like her achieve their dreams of higher education!!

1 day ago

Peace out ✌🏼 second and fourth grade! You were AMAZING ❤️ So thankful for a team of peeps that believe in my lil ladies!! AND SO proud of Ruby for getting a Super Reader Award and for Ella Mae being chosen for the Fifth Grade Leadership team next year!! Can’t wait to see how high these girls will fly! But first....SUMMER!!😍❤️😍 . . #ellamaeisthecoolest #lifewithrubydoobs #grateful #rubysrainbow #summer

2 days ago

"I was just accepted into the Advanced Program at @clemsonlife for my Junior and Senior Year!! I am working at the Fike Req center and the Clemson Fire Department right now. I just joined a service fraternity on campus Alpha Phi Omega (APO). I am playing STAR Basketball right now with my friends." . . GO DALTON!!! We are so proud of you dude!!! . . Can't wait to hear about your next two years in college!! . . #KeepOnRockinItDalton #RockinRecipientsRule #TheLuckyFew #DownSyndromeRocks #RubysRainbow #DownSyndromeAwareness #NothingDownAboutIt

4 days ago

This girls love for slime is no joke. She caught the stomach bug Ruby had yesterday (so fun🤢) and in between running to the bathroom every 30 minutes she found the energy to actually make a batch of slime. I literally had to wipe her hands of slime so she wouldn’t get it all over the potty while holding her hair back at one point. Mommy multitasking at its finest 😂😂😂 Anywho, Happy to report she is feeling SO much better today and Ruby Doobs went back to school today so everyone is on the mend!! WAHOO!!! . . Also, glad we got all of that out of the way because I am so excited to have an Ella and Mommy weekend at the @slimepopevents convention. And YES, there are actual CONVENTIONS for slime enthusiasts 😂😂 I *may* or may not be just as excited as she is. . . #ellamaeisthecoolest

1 week ago

Only FIVE more days of making lunches. Only FIVE more days of packing snacks. Only FIVE more days of peeling them out of bed in the morning and making sure they don’t have crust on their face and their hair doesn’t look like they were in an 80’s rock band. (No offense to Poison, I for sure had Brett and gang hanging in my room- anyone else?😂) . . Only FIVE more days before they are bugging me constantly at home for these things😂😂 I’ll take it though cuz I get to see their beautiful faces all day long!! COME ON SUMMER!!!❤️❤️ WOOT!! . . Happy Second to last Friday of the school year!!!! (But who’s counting?😂😂) . . #rubysrainbow #lifewithrubydoobs #grateful #downsyndrome #theluckyfew #bringonsummer

1 week ago

"I am very happy and proud that I graduated from UNCG and have finished my 4 years of college!! I AM PROUD TO CALL MYSELF A SPARTAN!!!!” . . Taryn (she has already changed her handle to @uncg_alumni 😍) is going to continue working her job at the Regal (that she loves!) while she packs her stuff up to get ready to move into her new apartment with a roommate. She says she "can't wait to start my new life as a UNCG Alumni and continue to enjoy my life!!" . . I have had the honor of watching her grow through her four years in college and feel so blessed to have been a tiny little part of it all❤️❤️ . . These pics truly do make my heart BURST!!! TARYN!!! We are ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! 👏👏 Let’s show her some ❤️, y’all!!👇🏼 . #rockinrecipientsrule #theluckyfew #rubysrainbow #downsyndromerocks #graduation #college

1 week ago

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ruby’s first independently written poem about Honeybees. And they buzz A LOT😂😂 . . Seriously though, super proud of her for many reasons! Her handwriting for one, and of course her creative writing!!❤️❤️ Her teacher said she was only prompted with a few questions and BLAMMO! A masterpiece was born!!! 🐝🦄😍 . . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow #grateful #downsyndrome #theluckyfew

1 week ago

THIS is why we do what we do, y'all. This pic is everything!! My heart is smiling so big right now!!!! How about yours?!?! EEK!!❤️ . . Congrats to Jordan who just graduated from the University of Georgia's Destination DAWGS Program!! Let's show @jordan_huffman20 some love and encouragement!! 👇👇We are SO PROUD of you!! . . #rockinrecipientsrule #rubysrainbow #grateful #theluckyfew

1 week ago

Ruby’s new thing is to cup her hands like a heart and say “Mommy, I love you with my whole heart.” And it’s true, I feel her unconditional love I know it’s Mother’s Day today, but I believe this day is truly for everybody. It takes a village of aunts, uncles, daddy’s, g-ma’s and g-pa’s, friends, teachers, and a whole community of people that love and believe in our kids to raise them the best we can. It also takes a village of amazing people and organizations to help give our kids their best life, and it makes me feel good to know that @globaldownsyndrome is out there doing all their incredible research ❤️ And thank you for including us in your #globalmoms campaign ❤️❤️ And can we just talk about Eli’s makeup job?!😍😂😍😂 . . So...Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of you peeps out there! I hope you have a special day and know you are making a difference just by being YOU!!!❤️❤️ . . #lifewithrubydoobs #grateful

2 weeks ago

SO PROUD of these girls!!! Despite not having their hip hop teacher able to make it today...these girls NAILED their performance!!! And Ruby, oh sweet Ruby. You are the perfect combo of SASS and AWESOME. If only doctors could pair videos of you dancing the way you do (with your whole heart) along with a new diagnosis. Until then, I will keep sharing your sweet spirit in hopes that others will find you❤️ . . Best early mama’s day gift ever. ❤️❤️ I have the dance in stories or highlights. You’re welcome.😍😂 . . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow #rubyandfiona #downsyndrome

2 weeks ago

Ruby’s version of heaven right here. A BFF on each side❤️ She gets to have a play date and hip hop with Fiona after school and THEN ice cream and sleepover with Gracie tonight for her bday. It’s basically her DREAM DAY!! 😍😂 . . Ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend 🎶🎵🎶 . . Happy Friday friends!! I hope y’alls day is looking as good as Ruby Doobs!!!😍 . . #lifewithrubydoobs #rubysrainbow #grateful

2 weeks ago

Today marks 44 years of life on this earth and I am right where I never knew I wanted to be. Life is messy, beautiful, hard and perfect in all the right ways. ❤️ #grateful

2 weeks ago

Dang I missed these girls. I was only gone for 4 days but I feel like they have changed and grown just in that short time! Ruby was chatting with me on our way to therapy after school about her weekend and was telling me ALL about it. We have been working on memory and recall for so long I literally almost started crying as she was telling me all the games and activities she was playing at her sleepover (and that I better be getting her the game “Headbands” for her birthday 😂), and then even told me how everyone got in their jammies to lay down (she said there was 10 of them!) and they were watching a "girl movie about two girls" (DETAILS!!!😍 ) but everyone was being "so loud" and she was tired so she asked her parents if she could call her daddy and come home. SO MANY cool things about that conversation, but one of my favorite things is that she advocated for herself!! The hubby said when he picked her up she was totally happy, but just was ready to come home and sleep 😂 ❤️ . . And Ella Mae, oh my sweet Ella Mae. Gosh I just love her BIG heart. I got the best morning snuggles this morning (I got in at 3:30 last night 😫 ). We even let them go in late to school so we could snuggle as a family for a little longer. It's those little times that my heart will forever remember. 😍 . . It was so great to connect with friends this weekend for some much needed respite time to recharge...but it sure does make that homecoming all the sweeter!! . . #theluckyfew #lifewithrubydoobs #ellamaeisthecoolest #rubysrainbow

3 weeks ago

Got THE SWEETEST email from @mermaid_maryborman !! "I am happy to start my third year at the university of Arkansas! I have learned so much in my life. I could not have done it without the help of @warriorsforwalt and Ruby’s Rainbow. I know college costs a lot of money and I am glad I can get the opportunity with your support. Thank you Ruby’s Rainbow!" . . Mary's a 2-time Rockin' Recipient attending the University of Arkansas, where she swims with the Regional Special Olympic Team and recently won 1st place in the 100-yard back and 100-yard freestyle❤️ . . Going through all of these AMAZING applications now and CANNOT WAIT to help more peeps this fall!! EEK!!! . . #RockinRecipientsRule #TheLuckyFew #DownSyndromeRocks #RubysRainbow