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@sashamade   📍 Toronto Booking: March - TORONTO April- EDMONTON 🚫NO DMS // EMAIL ONLY🚫 🌐 🐶 @davincidobermann 📷@meaculpics

22 hours ago

♠️ Leo ♠️ Available for tattoo. Email: sasha to book

23 hours ago

♠️ the Godfather ♠️ Wanna do this one really badly! No crazy backgrounds or anything- this will simply be a single needle realism piece. Forearm preferred, but open to other placement. EMAIL to book: sasha

1 day ago

♠️ Warthog ♠️ Fourth session on a sleeve collab between @thehalfdecent and I! Thanks for being a G @pecorarij 🙏🏼 🍆

5 days ago

♠️ Hedy Lamarr ♠️ Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.

5 days ago

♠️ Sophia Loren ♠️ Can be done on another body part. Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.

5 days ago

♠️ Elizabeth Taylor ♠️ *Can be done on other body parts* Doing a little flash collection of classic Hollywood starlets; women who embodied the powerful yet feminine, sexy, alluring essence of being a female. Women who were babes... before the filters and fillers! 📧 EMAIL sasha to book

6 days ago

♠️ Overgrown baby ♠️ Holding dogs that are too big to be held is the new black. 📸 @thehalfdecent

1 week ago

♠️ Fur Family ♠️ Interacting with animals daily is a very grounding and almost spiritual experience. It’s so simple and it’s so complex. They don’t talk to you, don’t really understand the real intricacies of your thoughts- but they know you. They see right through you and have their own important things to teach you, to tell you, in a very unique way. I feel so grateful to get to part board Nike, the coolest horse ever, at the coolest place ever @natures_run . He teaches me patience and acceptance, and that being a giant weirdo (literally... he’s huge) is pretty great. My once/twice a week visits are perhaps one of the more important things I do every week. They muffle out the pressure of everything else and let me have fun and enjoy the moments with some pretty special friends.

1 week ago

Celebrating love 24/7 365 with this one!💛But today I can coerce him into photos and fancier restaurants😏 Thanks for being my best friend, love, and partner in crime every god damn day. TFP FOR LIFE.

1 week ago

♠️ Solitude ♠️ Hiking is, without a doubt, one of my favourite activities. Going out into the woods, with no real purpose other than to reconnect and seek a pure adventure creates such a deep seeded happiness. We get so preoccupied while living in the city; our brains are busy with ambition, our thoughts are silenced by the sounds of car horns and chatter. Our emotions are drowned out by waves of anxiety. In the forest there are only thoughts of moving forward. The only sounds are those of the trees crackling, and the birds chirping. There is nothing there than you and the earth beneath you (and perhaps some wild company). Your gratitude spreads to the simplest tasks and endeavours; to your legs for trudging you forward, and your lungs for devouring the fresh air. I think hiking is, without a doubt, one of my favourite activities.

1 week ago

♠️Es-tu diabolique ou divin?♠️ Available for tattoo. Email sasha to book.

1 week ago

♠️ Taking on MARCH bookings. ♠️ Email with size/ subject/ placement as well as 3-5 references of my work that has elements you like, and the subject matter you want tattooed. If you’ve emailed in the past two weeks regarding March, I will be answering emails today! 📧 sasha

1 week ago

♠️ Switzerland ♠️ Flashback to last year with my favourite shit disturber. So stoked for another year of building our empire, having crazy adventures and offending the sensitive everywhere! 😂 U da best. #houseofdoberman