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@skateistan   We are an award-winning international NGO that empowers children through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

12 hours ago

Want to represent #Skateistan in one of the most stylish ways this winter? This logo fleece will do the job! It won’t only keep you warm, but will also keep our students on boards and in school at the same time. Follow link in bio and it could be yours for less than €40! #skatebording #shoptodonate #winter #fleece

1 day ago

“I support Skateistan because it utilizes skateboarding as a great teacher of inclusion and navigation” - Elissa Steamer, Citizen of Skateistan. Head over to the link in bio to read on why Elissa thinks we're teaching our students one of the world’s most important lessons! #Skateistan #CitizensOfSkateistan #inclusion #community #children

4 days ago

Every three months, we start a new curriculum topic for our Skate and Create students. In the last three months of 2018, our curriculum topic was Act Local. Learn how we provided an opportunity for our students to explore the resources and challenges in their local communities. Link in bio!

6 days ago

If you want to promote peace-building and you believe in what we do, you can support us by buying the Dove Hoodie or the Dove Longsleeve! Your gift will help us create more safe spaces for children worldwide and change their lives for the better! #Skateistan #shop #peace

1 week ago

In places where peace cannot be taken for granted, the dove symbol takes on a deeper significance. In places of conflict, it's important for us to start an open conversation with our students about what peace means to them and their hopes for the future. Read more about this over on our blog - link in bio. #Skateistan #Afghanistan #culture #peace #children

1 week ago

Today we're saying a huge thank you to the team at Google in Dublin for their amazing fundraising efforts! Last year they raised an incredible $10,000 by holding a Tony Hawk Pro Skater competition - donations were generously matched by the company as part of their Giving Week. Thank you for helping to #KeepSkateistanRolling ! #GoogleDublin

1 week ago

Today we celebrate the achievements of women, known and unknown, who have forged the way for the rest of us. Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science, everyone! 🤲💞👩‍🚀👩‍💼👩‍🔬 #Skateistan #Cambodia #girlpower #womeninscience